T-fal B36262 Specialty Total Nonstick Dishwasher Safe Oven Safe Stockpot Cookware, 12-Quart, Black reviewed by Skillet Director
Cook N Home NC-00335 Stainless Steel Saucepot with Lid 20-Quart Stockpot, Qt, Silver reviewed by Skillet Director
Cuisinart 744-24 Chef's Classic Stainless Stockpot with Cover, 6-Quart reviewed by Skillet Director
Cooks Standard 02490 Lid 7 Quart Hard Anodized Nonstick Dutch Oven Casserole Stockpot, 7-Qt, Black reviewed by Skillet Director
Farberware Classic Stainless Steel 6-Quart Covered Stockpot reviewed by Skillet Director
T-fal B36262 Stockpot
Cook N Home NC-00335 Stainless Steel Saucepot
Cuisinart 744-24 Chef's Classic Stockpot
Cooks Standard 02490 7 Quart Stockpot
Farberware 50005 Classic Stainless Steel Stock Pot
Cook N Home
Cooks Standard
Prime Benefits
T-fal B36262 Specialty Total Nonstick Dishwasher Safe Oven Safe Stockpot Cookware, 12-Quart, Black reviewed by Skillet Director
T-fal B36262 Stockpot
Prime Benefits
Cook N Home NC-00335 Stainless Steel Saucepot with Lid 20-Quart Stockpot, Qt, Silver reviewed by Skillet Director
Cook N Home NC-00335 Stainless Steel Saucepot
Cook N Home
Prime Benefits
Cuisinart 744-24 Chef's Classic Stainless Stockpot with Cover, 6-Quart reviewed by Skillet Director
Cuisinart 744-24 Chef's Classic Stockpot
Prime Benefits
Cooks Standard 02490 Lid 7 Quart Hard Anodized Nonstick Dutch Oven Casserole Stockpot, 7-Qt, Black reviewed by Skillet Director
Cooks Standard 02490 7 Quart Stockpot
Cooks Standard
Prime Benefits
Farberware Classic Stainless Steel 6-Quart Covered Stockpot reviewed by Skillet Director
Farberware 50005 Classic Stainless Steel Stock Pot
Prime Benefits

Choosing a Stockpot

welcome to Amy learns to cook on the
show today we’re gonna talk about my one
of my favorite topics cookware
specifically we’re looking at the
stockpot now I’ve gotten a lot of
questions about cookware recently and
we’re going to look at the features the
sizes and what you should consider in
purchasing your next stockpot so join me
as we look at the stockpot
it is a very important tool in
your kitchen that is because you will
create one of the foundations of many of
your dishes in a stockpot and that is
stock right that is what a stock pots
primary purposes is to create stock and
I know that we are all used to buying
stock in a box or stock in a can from
the car to start and it’s good enough
but if you really want to take your
cookie to another level you look into
making your own fresh stock this would
require some chicken parts some beef
parts roasted beef bones or some
vegetables in the case of vegetable
stock and what what is great about
making your own stock is you control
everything that’s in it you control the
meat of the vegetables that you use and
you control the level of salt because
one of the problems with stock in a box
is the salt contact content is so high
that you know you really can’t control
that in your final dish most of the time
when I use stock in a box I don’t really
put a lot of salt in because it already
comes with a lot of salt even though
sodium comes with a lot of salt so the
primary purpose of a stockpot is to make
stock but a stock pot is so versatile
that you can use it for a whole lot of
different things besides stock you can
boil pasta in it you can cook a bunch of
corn you can make a soup you can make
all kinds of thing in the stock pot so a
stock pot is going to be one of those
foundational tools that you have in your
so what do we what do we look for how do
we buy a stock pot we all probably have
some kind of stock pot but if you want
to invest in higher quality equipment
there are some things you should look
for when you’re shopping to help you get
the best pot for your dollar okay so one
of the things you guys know is I love
I could talk about it all day long one
of the things in terms of materials we
talked about in my sauté pan video is
the types of materials that cookware is
made out of and if you would like go
ahead and review that it’s called
Amy’s pan room saute pans right and I go
through the types of materials used in
what’s good what’s bad in terms of
materials for sartet pans which equally
apply to stock pots so we have sort of
stock pots and all kinds of different
shapes and sizes they’ve run anywhere
from 5 quarts all the way up to 40 and
50 cords and what size you need for the
home cook you know you probably want to
stay in the 6 8 quart size range for the
home cook so sort of in the low end of
stock pots this is kind of a wide stock
pot this stock pot is made out of
aluminum and it is very inexpensive this
is I bought this set to use in my RV and
I probably paid $50 for the entire set
it’s a very thin it heats up very fast
as a matter of fact it heats up way too
fast you can’t really control it well it
works good in my RV because my RV the
stove in there does not have a lot of be
Tia’s so it doesn’t really get out of
control on my stove in the RV because my
it can’t even handle anything too much
more than this so if you have a low
output stove like a camping stove or
something like that
this piece of cookware is ok this one is
nonstick it is made out of aluminum it
aluminum is painted this is because if
this is raw aluminum
everything would react to it so they
have to treat it with something and this
one they enamel it they basically paint
it and you can see from the bottom this
is raw aluminum down here and look at
how discolored it is I clean it
regularly with bar keeper’s friend but
it gets pitted it looks just bad just
because it’s raw aluminum the painted
part doesn’t get quite that bad because
it’s treated but this is really a
low-end cookware you can tell it’s thin
it does have a see-through lid that
makes it nice you can see how things are
moving along in there it’s not the lid
is not oven safe I would say this whole
thing is not oven safe so if you’re just
looking for something basic to use on a
camping trip this is great but okay so
as we move up the line in terms of
quality and cost right there are some
things that you need to take into
consideration when you’re buying a
now I know most of you are thinking that
I’m just going to use my stock pot to
boil water and cook pasta and that kind
of thing why do I need to invest in
something that’s really high-end and yes
that is a consideration for you when you
purchase a stockpot because to be honest
with you a fully clad stockpot of any
size can cost you 250 to 350 dollars for
a fully clad nice top-of-the-line
stockpot and if you don’t want to invest
in that you may not necessarily have to
because if you’re just going to use your
stock pot for boiling water and pasta
and doing a stock with a lot of water
you don’t really need to move up into
those higher-end stock pots so why you
would move up into a higher-end stockpot
really depends on if you are concerned
with the consistency of your final dish
if you’re cooking
a dish in a stockpot and you’re really
trying to get to a certain consistency
you want to be able to control what’s
going on with your stockpot a lot more
than if you’re just boiling water for
pasta this is because stock pots like
this believe it or not people say oh you
know it’s all about the heat stock pots
like this get way too much heat this is
so thin that all the heat coming from
your burner goes into this pot and it is
just a firecracker and the products
great if you just want to boil water but
if you’re trying to control the
consistency of your final dish like in a
stew or in a chili you really want to
control that heat because you can’t get
this to simmer properly it won’t simmer
it’s just either cold or hot and that is
the problem with this kind of cookware
if you want to use your stockpot for
more than just boiling water for pasta
or making a basic really liquidy soup
you need something that you can control
the heat they always talk about in saute
pans when you talk about saute speed it
can heat up and cool down really fast
and that’s what’s great about saute pans
the problem is is when you can’t control
that heat with it it is just hot or it
is just not hot enough that’s a bad
so as you move up on the spectrum you
really get a better quality cook out of
your cookware the more money you invest
and the more quality of materials that
are in the cookware okay so one perfect
example of this is I was me my husband
where I had a chili cook-off and we were
cooking two pots of Shelly I had a fully
clad pan and he had a little cheap dis
bottom Macy’s house brand and that made
his house brand is a nice pot however
when you’re trying to get to a certain
consistency with your chili we could not
control the thing it was it was too slow
of a boil it was boiling everywhere
there was
nothing in between and it really can
affect your ultimate outcome of your
so this pot is what we call a disk
bottom pot and it is made out of
stainless steel in stainless steel as we
know is a really bad conductor of heat
it’s uneven
it’ll be just raging hot it is not good
by itself so they bond a disc of
aluminum down at the bottom this happens
to have copper as well as aluminum in
this disc on the bottom so copper is one
of the best conductors of heat so they
try to use that copper to equalize the
heat and make it more evenly even this
is kind of a low-end pan this is an
Emeril and it’s fine it’s probably in
the 4550 dollar price range it’s it’s an
okay stockpot for basic things it’s not
great it does have a lid that’s glass so
you can see what’s going on in there you
can’t put this into the oven obviously
with glass it’s an okay stockpot it’s a
middle of the road this is 8 quarts
perfect size for the home cook but it’s
also you know it’s it’ll perform
decently but it will won’t be great okay
so the next jump up in quality is what
we call fully clad pans and the same
thing with saute pans these pans are
stainless steel on the outside but they
have a core of aluminum all the way
through there’s no discs on the bottom
you can tell a triply or fully clad pan
there’s no discs on the bottom it has a
lit of stainless steel a sheet of
aluminum and a sheet of stainless steel
that are bonded together and then formed
into the pan so this is ideally what you
want a fully clad pan unfortunately
to be a little bit more expensive these
two are not that bad this one here is a
log of steena it’s really great it’s one
of my favorite brands next to all clad
individually I’m not exactly sure how
much it is the set of a set of laga
steena which would include this pot runs
you about three hundred and fifty
dollars a little bit more expensive but
definitely worth every single penny this
is also a fully clad stockpot this is an
8 quart this is by Calphalon this pot
will run you about $100 you can buy it
as open stock so you don’t need to buy a
whole set the benefit of this is it has
a glass lid as opposed to a stainless
steel lid this allows you to see what’s
going on in there this you can’t but
this can go in the oven and this really
can’t so if you want to cook a pot of
beans and you want to start it off on
the stove and move it to the oven this
is what you’re gonna want you’re gonna
have problems with this because this lid
really can’t go into the oven like that
so you would have to put a piece of foil
or something like that
to go into the oven obviously I have one
of each because I used them most of the
time I’m cooking multiple pots of chili
and I equally love both of these pants
if you are going to invest in a stock
pot this is the way to go they’re not
overly expensive there are two great
brands Calphalon triply and laga steena
triply definitely definitely would be
worth every penny okay so now we’re
getting into my favorite kind of
cookware this is all clad this is my
favorite brand and all clad does
something interesting when it comes to
stock pots these are fully clad pans
100% clad all the way top and bottom one
thing that all
does is they have sort of two different
stock pots they call this a tall stock
pot and they also call this a stock pot
it’s a lot wider a lot shorter and it’s
a lot different than what I think of as
a stock pot but then you call it a stock
pot this stock pot you can buy it by
itself it is fairly expensive this stock
pot generally comes as part of a set
called the pasta pentola which runs
about three hundred and fifty dollars it
has an insert in here that you can drain
your pasta with but I believe you can
get this by itself just as a tall stock
pot this is ideal if you want a really
fabulous stock pot that you can use to
make pasta and stews and soups and
chilies this will boil perfectly you can
get a classic two three four eight
bubble boil when we’re talking about
chili and your consistency be
consistency will be really great so this
is really what’s ideal it is expensive
but it is definitely an investment this
the same it’s very wide whoops and you
will get a lot more reduction in this
kind of pan then you will in this kind
of pan because this one is really tall
and narrow it won’t reduce a lot but
this one it will reduce a lot more
because you have a lot of surface area
that is just open for the steam to come
off so you will get a lot more reduction
in your dish in this then you will in
this but this too is fabulous and what’s
great about this is you can make a big
old gumbo in here you can make jambalaya
and you can do pretty much anything this
is fully clad this is and not an
inexpensive pan
pen is in the 250 275 price range you
can like me the super shop or get these
on sale I probably got this about $100
off it was a great deal and this is a
great stockpot okay so some of the
specialty stockpot you might find this
is really versatile it is an all clad
what’s neat about this is it has an an
insert in here that you can use to drain
so when you’re cooking your pasta you
have your pasta in here you have your
water in here and when it’s done you
just lift it out it drains it it’s a
great feature I don’t know if I really
use it that much because it takes up a
lot of room in the dishwasher so when
you’re done sometimes I just use a
strainer but it is great and it’s a
great thing to have it’ll come as a set
this one here is not fully clad this is
all clad but it is a disc bottom pan but
it’s still it’s a really good high
quality pan certainly more eye quality
than the Emerald where even though
emma.ware is made by all clad I just
really like this a lot better comes with
the lid so you can take this to the oven
this is a really good offer and this is
relatively inexpensive this whole set is
about $100 okay so lastly we’re gonna
talk about the Grand Daddy stockpot of
them all this is a 40 quart virtuoso and
this is Eric’s baby so he’s gonna come
and give you the lowdown on this baby
but one of the things that gets me
excited about this pot besides of size
and just see how deep it is it’s pretty
deep I mean this thing’s huge
yes it’s heavy so all kinds of good
things going to happen when it’s heavy
it’s not going to dent it’s gonna be
very sturdy you can put heavy stuff in
it so what it may not be the greatest
for unfortunately is maybe frying
deep-frying turkeys because turkey
fryers tend to be narrower and of course
very tall so that way you can just go
ahead and pull the turkey straight out
here you could do it but it’s going to
take way more oil so you probably put
the turkey sideways and then I don’t
know not have the traditional thing that
goes straight so I don’t know how that
works we might try that and if we don’t
burn the house down
then we’ll film it how’s that but
otherwise I’ve seen reviews on different
pots and one of the biggest things is
when they ship they get dented because
they’re very thin so what’s most I guess
to kind of think this stuff put in
perspective is you get turkey fryer the
whole base part cheap by itself maybe
thirty dollars then you put in a pound
mostly they come with raw aluminum Amy
disgust raw loon will stain if you deal
with acids or other things then it can
leach into your fluid that you’re
cooking with your meat and you don’t
really want that and it’s horrible to
have to clean but if you’re just doing
water it’s not bad
turkeys are fine to a degree with all
that but we like stainless steel because
it’s you know you don’t run too much of
a risk of any of that kind of stuff
going on that makes sense but then that
costs way more money so when you’re
looking about hundred dollars for a
whole kit that includes a stainless
steel they’re really thin and a lot of
bad reviews I’ve seen on the different
online sites because of that well we did
was first of all and we’re gonna do
another review in the future here that’s
going to cover all this good stuff but
Amy bought me this monster outdoor fryer
I mean it’s a hundred thousand plus B to
use it’s insane okay that’s what kind of
guys on the idea but putting this guy on
it but the bottom line is you can cook
gumbo boil a lot of hot water so I
imagine you can do probably you know
eighty thousand ears of corn in here and
it’s not going to miss a beat it’s gonna
be great
it’s got a disc bottom that’s not
super thick but I think because the
surface is a the surface area is so huge
it probably doesn’t matter I think it’s
going to transform it pretty good you
don’t really need a fully clad and if
you did this would probably be a
thousand dollar pan or pot we got this
guy at a ridiculously sale for about a
hundred dollars I would probably say a
quality like this would be closer to 300
dollars to possibly 500 dollars I’ve
seen some as high as 600 dollars so this
is a virtuoso it came from a really good
place that we buy some more stuff they
supply high-end hotels with things so
the fact that they sell it means it has
its own you know level quality built
into it I really believe the reputation
but we’re definitely going to try stuff
in here and we I’m just looking forward
to it this is big it’s huge and I think
I can have lots of fun and I think we
can all have fun with this thing I mean
look how huge it is it’s big that’s an
example look huge okay so that’s pretty
much stock pot it’s a great versatile
tool that will be a workhorse in your
and there’s a lot of great stock pots
out there at a reasonable price just
shop around and get the best for your
money you can go to discount stores
outlet stores I’m always hitting the
outlet store and you can get a really
nice pot for a decent price if you liked
this video please visit my web site at a
meal urns to cook calm I’m also on
Twitter and Pinterest at Amy learns to
cook and don’t forget hit the subscribe
button because there are more videos on
the way

Stock Pots Buyers’ Guide

What is a stock pot?

The stock pot is a generic name for a very common type of cooking pot. Traditionally, stock pots are used to make broth or stock, which are later used as the base for more complex recipes. A stock pot is a wide pot with straight sides, a flat bottom, an opening to the full size of the pot, two side handles, and a lid with a handle. A stock pot is used to make stock which is usually made by adding foods such as meat, bones, fish or vegetables to simmering water for a few hours. This slow simmering helps transfer flavors and nutrients to the water, to blend, and a new mixture of aromas and flavors is created. The most common materials of stock pots are aluminum, stainless steel, copper and enamel on metal.

What size stock pot do I need?

Stock pots do not come in standard sizes, they are larger as a larger batch of stock is usually required. The size of a stock pot should be determined according to your cooking needs. A smaller 6-12 quart is the perfect size for any home-cook. They are perfect for cooking larger food such as lobsters and crabs but are also great for more everyday cooking needs. For cooking large animals such as turkeys or very big batches of stock, you can get a 20-quart pot. But remember to keep in mind that big stocks require much more storage space, are heavy, and require a lot of heat for all the water used. So, before you purchase a stock pot, ask yourself what you are going to cook and how much of it, and then decide the size.

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Author: Mark Miller

I have graduated The Culinary Institute of America in 2013 and became a chef assistant in one of New York city restaurants. I began to move up the career ladder – just a few years later I've worked as a chef in a 4* restaurant.