The Best Electric Skillet

An electric skillet is basically like a regular pan that has been enhanced. It’s nothing more than it sounds – the best type of frying pan that cooks food without a stovetop.

All you need to do is plug it into an outlet, and you can use it to cook a wide range of foods. One of the advantages is that it provides an even heating surface, which isn’t always possible when using a stovetop.

Modern electric skillets can be square or round, and they can make cooking very enjoyable. There is a variant called a wok, and it’s used to make stir-frying very easy.

Traditionally, stoves came with a center griddle pan, which was perfect for French toast and pancakes. However, that feature was removed because manufacturers wanted to save space.

TOP-5 Electric Skillets Reviewed

NamePresto 06852Oster CKSTSKFM05Proctor Silex 38526Cuisinart CSK-250WSNesco ES-08
Dimensions23 x 13 x 9 inches19.8 x 13.4 x 6.8 inches16.3 x 11.2 x 7 inches17.2 x 18.2 x 7.3 inches12 x 10 x 6 inches
Weight9 pounds4.24 pounds4.9 pounds14.15 pounds3.5 pounds
BrandPrestoOsterHamilton BeachCuisinartNesco

An electric frying skillet can be used for a wide range of foods, but the real question is: why do you need it? Have you been searching for the best electric skillet?

We have spent time creating this top-three list to save your precious time. We looked at several criteria to determine the TOP five products for sale today.

#1 Review: Presto 06852 16-Inch non-stick Electric Skillet

It didn’t take too long to determine that this is the best electric frying pan for the money. Although the price is low, you get an amazing amount of value from it. It’s the Presto 06852 16-Inch w/glass lid, and it has several features that will make it hard for you to believe that it’s so cheap.

For starters, it has a tempered glass cover and high sidewalls, which makes it perfect for breakfast, dinner or lunch. It’s a great frypan for entertaining at a small party. Since the cover is made from tempered glass, you’re able to watch as the food cooks, which is the best part about cooking!

The inside has a non-stick coating, so you don’t have to worry about food sticking and messy cleanup. This particular fry pan is dishwasher safe, but you have to remove the heat control. There is a built-in Master Control for the heat, which ensures the skillet is always at the optimal cook temperature.

One reason why we like this electric fry pan is that it saves energy. It’s much more efficient than using an oven or range burner. It packs as whopping 1,000 watts, 120 volts of power.

With the temperature control setting, you can choose a temperature between 200 to 400 degrees F, and there is also a ‘warm’ setting. There is a decent amount of cooking space, but you might want a larger skillet if you want to cook for a larger group of individuals.

Keep in mind the center of the frying skillet gets hotter than the rest, but it’s not so bad that it burns food. Overall, this is an excellent mid-sized skillet – the perfect choice for two adults. In terms of value for the money, this product is #1 on our list.

Presto 06852 16-Inch Skillet Overview

Presto 06852 size23 x 13 x 9 inches
Presto 06852 weight9 pounds
Presto® Electric Skillet with Glass Cover

Presto 06582 is a 16-inch frying pan that’s big enough for party cooking and the preparation of family-sized meals. The high side walls make cooking a clean process and reduce the risk of a serious mess, regardless of the ingredients being prepared in the nonstick skillet.

The electric skillet features a non-stick coating and a glass lid. It’s powered by a 1,500-watt motor and the functioning of the appliance is very energy-efficient. it can be used to cook meals and to keep them warm during parties and other social gatherings.

A few other practical features that Presto 06582 is equipped with include cast aluminum construction, master heat controls, stay-cool lid and side handle, fully dishwasher-safe and suitable for a vast range of food preparation methods (roasting, frying, stewing, grilling, baking, casserole preparation, etc.).

This large electric skillet measures 23 by 13 by nine inches and its weight is 9.6 pounds.

Presto 06852 16-Inch Advantages

Opting for Presto 06582 will enable you to enjoy a wide range of benefits. People that have already given this TOP electric skillet a try report the following advantages:

  • Big cooking surface, compact design: the frying skillet brags a massive cooking surface and it’s great for the preparation of family meals and for cooking food during parties. At the same time, the overall design of the appliance is small enough for counter-top placement.
  • High sides: the high sides of the pan reduce the risk of having food splatters all over the kitchen surface. It’s one of the most convenient and practical design features of this appliance.
  • Nonstick interior: the non-stick electric pan simplifies the preparation of all kinds of meals. Also, the cooking skillet is very easy to clean because there will be no stuck or burnt food on the bottom.
  • Even cooking: the entire food preparation surface gets heated evenly. As a result, all of the ingredients are thoroughly cooked and the food will taste delicious.
  • Warm setting: after the food preparation process has been completed, leave the skillet on the warm setting. It will maintain the food warm, which is a great feature for use during parties and celebrations.
  • Heats up quickly: Presto 06582 doesn’t require a lot of time to get thoroughly heated. Making food in the skillet is a quick and easy process.
  • Easy to clean: once the temperature control is removed, the electric skillet pan becomes 100 percent dishwasher safe. Needless to say, this characteristic simplifies the cleaning process significantly.

Presto 06852 16-Inch Shortcomings

The cons of the electric skillet aren’t numerous and most of them don’t interfere with the functioning of the appliance. Some of the frequently mentioned shortcomings in customer testimonials include:

  • Feet aren’t rubberized: which isn’t a big problem because the stainless steel electric frying pan is pretty stable, especially when it gets filled with a larger amount of food.
  • Leg screw issues: with prolonged use, the leg screws may get loose. Some people that own the electric skillet and use it regularly report that screw tightening is required occasionally.
  • Controls located very close to the skillet: the temperature control knob is found close to the skillet, which means that it gets heated during the heating process. As a result, readjusting the temperature could be a bit of a challenge.

Presto 06852 16-Inch Verdict

Presto 06852 is a quality, durable appliance that is made to last. Its body is solid and the skillet is large enough to prepare sufficient quantities of food. The non-stick coating that the appliance is equipped with and the high sides simplify the cooking process even further and make it perfect for everyone, regardless of experience level.

The benefits of Presto 06852 far outweigh the shortcomings. If you find the size of the skillet and its functionalities suitable, you should go ahead and give this product a try.

#2 Review: Oster CKSTSKFM05 16-Inch Electric Skillet

We ended up going with the Oster CKSTSKFM05 for our second choice. It’s a bit more expensive than the TOP pick, but it has plenty of value to offer. It’s a larger, 16 by 12-inch electric pan, so it gives you plenty of cooking surface.

The temperature probe makes it very easy to set and adjust the cooking temp. It is dishwasher safe, so you don’t have to worry about scrubbing it clean. The handles are ‘cool-touch’, so the chance of getting burned if slim to none.

Like most other stainless electric skillets, it has a tempered glass lid, so you get to enjoy the experience of watching the food cook. This skillet makes it very easy to cook a wide range of foods from your home. You can make grilled-cheese sandwiches, BLTs and much more. It’s especially good for cooking small meals.

The only problem some people have had is the lid not fitting as snugly as they’d like. However, we certainly don’t view this as a deal-breaker, so we’ve continued to keep this as our #2 top pick.

Oster CKSTSKFM05 16-Inch Skillet Overview

Oster CKSTSKFM05 Size19.8 x 13.4 X 6.8 inches
Oster CKSTSKFM05 Weight4.24 pounds
Oster Electric Skillet Unboxing

Oster CKSTSKFM05 has a large cooking surface of 16 by 12 inches. It’s great for use during parties and the preparation of large family meals. The skillet itself measures 6.8 by 19.8 by 13.4 inches and its weight is nine pounds.

The interior of the appliance features a non-stick coating for easier food preparation. This is a versatile pan and it allows for food to be cooked in a range of different ways. There’s accurate temperature control for added precision and simplicity of use.

A couple of additional noteworthy characteristics include cool-touch handles that aren’t going to get heated during cooking, tempered glass lid, stainless steel body and dishwasher-safe design for easier cleaning.

Oster CKSTSKFM05 16-Inch Advantages

Going through numerous customer reviews, it’s easy to spot a pattern. Many people write about the similar positive experiences that they have had with Oster CKSTSKFM05. Some of the biggest advantages include:

  • Versatile: the skillet can be used to grill, broil, bake, steam, and even deep fry foods. It all depends on the amount of oil placed inside and the food preparation preferences of the cook. Since it’s such a versatile appliance, Oster CKSTSKFM05 can be used daily for food preparation.
  • Easy temperature controls: the temperature control probe allows for easy adjustments. The appliance can work on both low and high settings. Just choose the temperature that’s right for the type of meal you have in mind and give the skillet a little bit of time to get heated. The temperature markings are available both in Celsius and Fahrenheit scales.
  • Sturdy and lightweight at the same time: the electric pan is well-made and the quality materials used in the construction give the appliance the sturdiness that it needs. At the same time, the skillet has a lightweight design. It can be moved around the kitchen and taken out effortlessly.
  • Stay cool handles: the handles are made of a material that remains cool throughout the cooking process. Thus, lifting the electric skillet and moving it around will be easy and there’s no need for additional safety precautions.
  • Easy to clean: the appliance is suitable for regular use because it’s easy to clean and maintain in a pristine condition. The construction is dishwasher safe after the temperature probe is removed.
  • Deep and big: the pan is very deep and the cooking surface is large. As a result, it can hold and prepare large quantities of food.

Oster CKSTSKFM05 16-Inch Shortcomings

People that have bought this appliance report experiencing a couple of problems. The most commonly mentioned shortcomings include:

  • Problems with hotspots: some people experienced issues with uneven heat distributions. Some of their food happened to be burned while the rest was cooked perfectly. Some reviews mention even and perfectly satisfactory heat distribution. Still, the issue is something to keep in mind.
  • 50-degree increments of temperature dial: some people weren’t that happy with the fact that the temperature dial comes in 50-degree increments. A few individuals would have liked to have more precise controls.
  • Some issues with nonstick coating: a few reports mention problems with the quality of the non-stick coating. This isn’t a common concern, however.

Oster CKSTSKFM05 16-Inch Verdict

People in need of large and easy to use electrical skillet will be happy with Oster CKSTSKFM05. It has some cool characteristics and the pan also features an excellent price to quality ratio.

One of the biggest concerns is about uneven heat distribution. It’s been mentioned in a couple of the testimonials, though many other people report their complete satisfaction with the electric frypan. Regardless of this issue, Oster CKSTSKFM05 is a quality appliance that’s perfect for the quick and safe preparation of meals. If you’re looking for something a bit more affordable that will still get the job done, you’ll be perfectly satisfied with this electric skillet.

#3 Review: Proctor Silex 38526 Electric Skillet

This was a difficult choice to make because of the price, but we ended up going with the Proctor Silex 38526 as our third choice. It has 1200 watts of power, and it has a cooking surface of 11 by 14 inches, which includes a non-stick coating.

The temperature control dial makes it very easy to choose the exact temperature. There is an indicator light that adjusts from warm-up to 450 degrees F. The glass cover has a stainless-steel handle and rim, and the handles make safe transport a breeze.

The entire skillet is housed inside of a beautiful brushed stainless-steel compartment. It’s safe to wash in a dishwasher, and it comes with easy-to-read instructions and a recipe book that has over 30 different recipes. It’s built to meet the North American Electrical Standards.

This is truly one of the most versatile electric skillets that we’ve researched. You can adjust the temperature to as high as 450 degrees, so you could technically deep fry food if you wanted. This is a great product for the money.

Proctor Silex 38526 Skillet Overview

Proctor Silex 38526 size16.3 x 11.2 x 7 inches
Proctor Silex 38526 weight4.9 pounds

As the name indicates, Proctor Silex 38526 is a 1200-watt electric skillet that has a 11 by 14-inch cooking surface. The skillet’s non-stick coating simplifies the preparation of all kinds of foods and it also makes cleaning the appliance an easy task.

Some of the other great characteristics that the electrical pan is equipped with include a functional temperature control dial in the range from zero to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, glass cover with a stainless steel rim and handle, two side handles, a brushed stainless steel body and dishwasher-safe construction.

For some added convenience, the electric skillet is provided with a booklet that features 30 recipes. If you’re making those first steps in the world of homemade food preparation, you’ll find the culinary suggestions quite beneficial.

The skillet measures 11 by 14 inches and its weight is 4.89 pounds. Proctor Silex has followed North American standards in constructing the appliance.

Proctor Silex 38526 Advantages

Proctor Silex 38526 has gotten an overwhelmingly big number of positive customer reviews. There are a few outstanding beneficial characteristics that get mentioned in more than one buyer testimonial:

  • Versatile: the skillet can be used to cook a vast range of ingredients in several different ways. The fry pan is even suitable for deep frying because of the high temperature it can reach.
  • Easy to clean: the non-stick frying pan is dishwasher-safe both contribute to easy and effort-free cleaning. The non-stick surface also simplifies the preparation of some trickier meals.
  • Solid construction: the skillet is made of tough stainless steel and it features a solid base. The construction extends the longevity of the appliance and it increases the level of safety during the food preparation process.
  • Excellent return on investment: as some buyers describe it, this electric pan is a “workhorse.” It’s suitable for everyday use and the appliance isn’t going to suffer serious damage as a result of frequent cooking. If you intend to prepare daily meals in an electrical skillet, you’ll need a solid square frypan like Proctor Silex 38526.
  • Durable nonstick finish: some non-stick coatings aren’t particularly long-lived. Some reviewers have reported that after a few years of frequent use, Proctor Silex 38526 maintained the impeccable quality of its coating and there was no cracking or peeling.
  • Food cooks evenly: the nonstick electric skillet is ideal for individuals that are making their first steps in the culinary world. The entire cooking surface will get heated up evenly, which will contribute to food getting cooked all the way through. The ingredients will be cooked evenly, resulting in delicious meals.

Proctor Silex 38526 Shortcomings

There are just a few minor shortcomings that have to be mentioned about Proctor Silex 38526. The most important cons mentioned in a few testimonials include:

  • Relatively expensive: Proctor Silex 38526 is more expensive than some other electric pans on the market. As already mentioned, however, the appliance is very tough and long-lived. The fact that it will remain in an excellent condition for years to come justifies the upfront expenditure and brings a high return on investment.
  • Side handles made of steel: the side handles that the skillet comes equipped with are made of stainless steel. This means they’ll get heated during the cooking process. It’s not a good idea to touch them during the cooking process.

Proctor Silex 38526 Verdict

Proctor Silex 38526 is a versatile and user-friendly cooking appliance. It can be used to make a wide range of meals and the process remains simple, regardless of the recipe’s complexity. The quality non-stick coating that the skillet is equipped with is one of its biggest advantages.

The benefits of giving Proctor Silex 38526 a try far outweigh the shortcomings. If you are looking for a durable piece of meal preparation equipment, you’ll be perfectly happy with the purchase. Get ready to spend a bit more on the purchase of the electrical skillet. Once you buy it, however, you’ll forget about the purchase of similar appliances in the years to come.

#4 Review: Cuisinart CSK-250 GreenGourmet Electric Skillet

Anyone looking for a relatively big electric skillet will be happy with what Cuisinart CSK-250 has to bring to the table. The 14-inch cooking surface is big enough for the preparation of a family-sized meal. Also, this round electric skillet is equipped with a couple of other cool and practical functionalities.

Cuisinart CSK-250 Skillet Overview

Cuisinart CSK-250 size17.2 x 18.2 x 7.3 inches
Cuisinart CSK-250 weight14.15 pounds
Cuisinart Electric Skillet (CSK-150)

Cuisinart CSK-250 GreenGourmet is powered by a 1,800-watt motor and it can reach a temperature of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. The adjustable temperature dial makes it relatively easy to select the optimal food preparation temperature.

A stainless steel body and non-stick coating add to the toughness and the practical appeal of the electric skillet. Cuisinart CSK-250 can be used to prepare a wide range of meals and none of the ingredients will stick to the bottom of the appliance.

There are a few additional noteworthy characteristics like petroleum-free and ceramic-based griddle, a tempered glass lid with a handle, two side handles made of stainless steel, dishwasher-safe body, and construction that’s coordinated with North American Electrical Standards.

The skillet measures 7.28 by 17.17 by 18.2 inches and its weight is 11 pounds.

Cuisinart CSK-250 Advantages

The big size of the skillet is one of its biggest advantages. Such an appliance is perfect for a bigger family because it can hold sufficient quantities of ingredients and because of the food preparation versatility. A few other benefits are also worth mentioning:

  • A recipe book is provided: if you’re making your first steps in the world of homemade meals, you’ll be glad to find out that Cuisinart has included a recipe booklet in the product kit. The instructions are easy to follow, helping you acquaint yourself with some great meals and techniques.
  • Dishwasher safe: Cuisinart CSK-250 is dishwasher safe and very easy to keep in great condition. The non-stick interior keeps ingredients from getting burned and stuck to the surface, which simplifies the cleaning process even further.
  • Excellent heat distribution: all Cuisinart electric skillets are known for the even heat distribution. As a result, all ingredients will be cooked thoroughly and all the way through.
  • Temperature control dial and indicator light: the temperature control dial can be used to select the optimal cooking temperature for the meal you have in mind. Once the temperature has been reached, the light indicator will get turned on.
  • Glass lid: if you like to keep an eye on the food while it’s getting cooked, you’ll like the glass lid. You can observe the food preparation process without taking the lid off.
  • Very tough and long-lived: the body of the electric skillet is made of tough stainless steel. The product has a solid construction and it’s meant for heavy-duty use. Even if you cook meals in the electric frying pan daily, you’ll still get to enjoy it for years to come.
  • Long-lived non-stick coating: apart from being made of quality stainless steel, the electric skillet also features long-lived non-stick coating. It’s not going to get cracked and it’s not going to start peeling off because of intense skillet use.

Cuisinart CSK-250 Shortcomings

We need to mention a couple of product shortcomings to make the review comprehensive and unbiased:

  • Side handles made of stainless steel: the skillet’s side handles are made of stainless steel, which means that they’ll get heated during the cooking process. An insulating material would have been a better pick.
  • Small vent hole: some buyers complained about the vent hole on the glass lid is too small to be practical. Steam accumulates in the top part of the skillet and eventually starts dripping from underneath the lid.

Cuisinart CSK-250 Verdict

Cuisinart CSK-250 is a high-quality electric skillet for large families and people that like to cook bigger meals for friends and loved ones. The skillet is very easy to use and its versatility enables the preparation of a vast range of meals.

Most importantly, Cuisinart CSK-250 is made of high-quality materials. These guarantee the toughness and the usability of the skillet. Cuisinart CSK-250 is designed for long-term use and even if you rely on the skillet every single day, you’re not going to see signs of wear and tear. The frypan comes with an excellent price to quality ratio and it’s worth considering.

#5 Review: Nesco ES-08 Electric Skillet

Nesco ES-08 is an electric combination skillet that carries the name of one of the world’s most popular chefs. Does it live up to its popular brand? The following review will help you figure out if this appliance is the right one for your culinary needs.

Nesco ES-08 Skillet Overview

Nesco ES-08 size12 x 10 x 6 inches
Nesco ES-08 weight3.5 pounds
Cooking with our 12″ skillet

Nesco ES-08 has a cooking surface of 10 by 12 inches. The product is defined as a small electric skillet, fryer, and roaster. The cooking surface is covered in a non-stick coating that simplifies the food preparation process and the cleanup after you’re done.

The high-domed lid provides a bit of additional convenience, as well. It has a steam vent that’s adjustable to correspond to individual cooking preferences. Also, the skillet has stay-cool handles, an adjustable temperature control probe, a baking rack, and a dishwasher-safe design after the probe is taken out.

Because it’s a three in one appliance, the combo skillet is great for smaller kitchens. It reduces the need for having three individual appliances positioned on the countertop and the pan itself is relatively small. It measures 10 by 12 by 6 inches. The weight of the skillet is 3.5 pounds.

Nesco ES-08 Advantages

This appliance comes with many cool characteristics and reviews are mostly pleased with its functioning. Here are some of the advantages that get mentioned in multiple testimonials:

  • Big and sturdy: the design and the construction impress right from the unboxing of the product. The electric skillet is made from quality materials and it’s meant to remain in an excellent condition for a very long period.
  • Cooks evenly: this is the most important characteristic of an electric skillet and Nesco ES-08 performs beautifully. There are no hot or cold spots and all ingredients will be cooked through for a finger-licking meal.
  • Easy to clean: the skillet is very easy to clean, whether you decide to put it in the dishwasher or wash it by hand. The nonstick surface doesn’t allow food to get burnt and stuck. As a result, no scrubbing will be required to get rid of leftover meal prep residue.
  • High dome: many other electric skillets get disapproval because of the low lids that aren’t domed. This appliance has a high-domed lid that’s perfect for the preparation of larger items like a whole turkey, for example.
  • Small enough: the cooking surface is sufficient for the preparation of a family meal but the skillet itself is relatively small. The fact that it’s a combo appliance adds to the convenience even further, making it perfect for placement in a smaller kitchen.
  • Stay cool handles: the side handles aren’t going to get warm during the food preparation process because they’re made of insulating material. This is a convenience that small electric frying pans having stainless steel handles are missing.
  • Heats up quickly: you don’t have to dedicate a lot of time to get the skillet heated. Just a few minutes will be required to reach the desired temperature.

Nesco ES-08 Shortcomings

The disadvantages of the appliance aren’t that many. Here are the ones that get mentioned in multiple buyer reviews:

  • Expensive: the electric skillet is quite expensive in comparison to what the competition has to offer. If you’re looking for an inexpensive appliance that will get the job done, this one isn’t right for you. Still, the quality of the electric frypan increases its longevity, which contributes to a higher return on investment.
  • Markings on temperature controls fade away: a couple of reviewers have experienced this issue after a couple of uses. Though far from a big problem, it can get inconvenient.

Nesco ES-08 Verdict

Nesco ES-08 lives up to its name. The frypan will satisfy even the pickiest of culinary experts because it cooks evenly, it’s safe and it’s easy to use. Numerous types of ingredients can be prepared in it due to the skillet’s adjustable functionalities and versatility.

If you’re prepared to spend more money on the purchase of an electric skillet, you’ll be happy with this item and its performance. The shortcomings are far too minor to discourage you from making a purchase. With a big number of positive customer reviews, Nesco ES-08 is worth considering.

Electric Skillets Buying Guide

CooksEssentials 12×12 Nonstick Electric Skillet on QVC
What are Electric Skillets Used For?

Electric skillets are commonly used to make French toast and pancakes. However, they’re also used for Chinese cuisine, stir-fry and several different types of food, which is why every consumer should own one.

It can be difficult to make pancakes or French toast in a cooking pan because hotspots are common, so a skillet can be a better option because it heats evenly. Some electric skillets are 12×12 inches and square.

Others are round with a 12-inch diameter. There are certainly many larger pans, which can be as large as 18 inches. The larger sizes can be extremely useful because they provide significantly more space for cooking.

What about Features of Electric Skillets?

A modern electric skillet can come with a variety of features. Some of the newest pans have a non-stick surface and temperature control and might also be dishwasher safe.

One of the latest and coolest features keeps food warm after the initial cooking is finished. Much in the same way you would leave your stovetop on low after cooking, the electric skillet can do the same but in a safer way, using the keep-warm feature.

What is Electric Skillet Made Of?

Most of them are usually made from aluminum and have a non-stick coating, which makes cleaning very easy. However, some electric skillets are made from stainless steel and still have a non-stick coating.

Regardless of what electric pan you end up purchasing, you should always remember to never use metal utensils on non-stick surfaces – you don’t want to eat that stuff!

How to Coose a Size of Electric Skillet?

One of the first steps to choosing the best rated electric skillet is deciding on the size. You will find that most are much larger than a typical stovetop pan, but some electric skillets are jumbo-sized and can be as large as 16 inches across. You need to think about how many people you’ll be serving regularly.

If you have an entire family to cook for, you’ll probably want to go with the jumbo size. A smaller skillet is great if you’re single or prefer cooking small portions of food at a time.

Also, make sure you have enough countertop and storage space for the frypan you end up buying because most pans take up more space than their diameter.

How to hoose the Shape of Electric Skillet?

This is pretty straightforward, but it’s still an important consideration to make. They’re available in a few different shapes, and depending on what you want to cook, one shape could be better than another.

Square and oblong are the most common shapes for electric skillets, but you can also find certain skillets that are round. You will find that the oblong and square-shaped pans provided more cooking space than those that are round.

Should I Buy an Electric Skillet with High Sides or Not?

Believe it or not, some have VERY small sides, which can make it nearly impossible to cook certain types of food correctly.

If you plan on using it to braise and deep-fry, then you’ll want to go with a pan that has high sides, which also accommodates more food. The higher sides make it easier to cook large roasts and whole chickens.

How to Set the Temperature of Food Cooking?

If you’ve done any amount of cooking, then you understand the importance of temperature. In most cooking situations, the right temperature is the difference between a poorly or superbly-cooked meal.

To do any amount of deep-frying, you need a electric skillet that can reach 450 degrees F. Many skillets can only reach a max temperature of 400 degrees, which isn’t suitable for deep-frying food.

However, 400 degrees is certainly hot enough for pan-frying, so if that is all you plan on doing, then you don’t need a skillet that can reach 450 degrees.

What Cooking Methods are Available?

Almost all electric skillets can be used for deep-frying, braising, sauteing and frying. However, some skillets have special inserts that make baking, grilling and roasting possible, so if you plan on doing any of these, then you might want to consider a pan that has the capability.

How to Chose the Lid of Electric Skillet?

An important aspect of the frypan is the lid. You’ll probably want to choose a glass lid because it enables you to peer in on the food as it cooks, which is one of the best parts about cooking. If you want to see the food with a metal lid, then you need to lift the lid, which causes heat to escape.

You might also want a pan that has an adjustable vent on the lid because this will release pressure and force liquid to overflow the skillet. The height of the lid is also important. You’ll want a higher lid for cooking and roasting large food items.

How to Chose the Handle of Electric Skillet?

It’s a very good idea to buy an electric skillet that has heat-resistant handles. You don’t want to be that person using a t-shirt or washrag to lift and move the skillet.

Aside from making cooking safer overall, handles that can resist heat offer great convenience. Another consideration to make is the actual pan material.

Most are made from aluminum while others use stainless steel. If you have the money, you should try to avoid aluminum. One last consideration to make is whether or not the skillet separates from the heating element.

Most have the skillet and heating element permanently attached, and these cannot be washed in a dishwasher for obvious reasons. For easier cleaning, go with a product that has a detachable skillet.

Bonus video: 5 Easy Meals to Make in the Electric Skillet

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