Cooking is one of the activities enjoyed by most people. When you get down to preparing your dinner or lunch, it is always good to have convenient and quality kitchenware that will make this process more joyful. As an artist needs the best brush, a real fan of cooking needs the best carbon steel pan to create masterpieces that will impress every guest!

Even if you are not a chef or even dislike cooking, having quality pan is paramount. Equipped with all the appliances, it is much easier to have your delicious meal done quickly. To assist you with this task, we provide you with the TOP-5 carbon steel pan reviews to help you choose the best product on the market!

TOP-5 Carbon Steel Pans

Best Carbon Steel Frying Pan
Matfer Bourgeat 62003, Gray 062003 Black Steel Round Frying Pan, 10 1/4-Inch reviewed by Skillet Director
De Buyer 5610.26A Mineral B Frying Pan, 10.2 Inch, Silver-Grey reviewed by Skillet Director
Lodge CRS10 Carbon Steel Skillet, Pre-Seasoned, 10-inch , Black reviewed by Skillet Director
Winco CSFP-12 Polished Steel French 11-1/8" Fry Pan reviewed by Skillet Director
De Buyer 5110.28 Carbone Plus Round Lyonnaise Frying Pan, Heavy Quality Steel, 28 cm Diameter reviewed by Skillet Director
Carbon Steel
Carbon Steel
Carbon Steel
Carbon Steel
Carbon Steel
10 inches
10.2 inches
10 inches
7-12 inches
7-15,7 inches
Steel Thickness
2 mm
2.5-3 mm
3 mm
2,5 mm
2 mm
Matfer Bourgeat
De Buyer
De Buyer
Prime Benefits
Best Carbon Steel Frying Pan
Matfer Bourgeat 62003, Gray 062003 Black Steel Round Frying Pan, 10 1/4-Inch reviewed by Skillet Director
Carbon Steel
10 inches
Steel Thickness
2 mm
Matfer Bourgeat
Prime Benefits
De Buyer 5610.26A Mineral B Frying Pan, 10.2 Inch, Silver-Grey reviewed by Skillet Director
Carbon Steel
10.2 inches
Steel Thickness
2.5-3 mm
De Buyer
Prime Benefits
Lodge CRS10 Carbon Steel Skillet, Pre-Seasoned, 10-inch , Black reviewed by Skillet Director
Carbon Steel
10 inches
Steel Thickness
3 mm
Prime Benefits
Winco CSFP-12 Polished Steel French 11-1/8" Fry Pan reviewed by Skillet Director
Carbon Steel
7-12 inches
Steel Thickness
2,5 mm
Prime Benefits
De Buyer 5110.28 Carbone Plus Round Lyonnaise Frying Pan, Heavy Quality Steel, 28 cm Diameter reviewed by Skillet Director
Carbon Steel
7-15,7 inches
Steel Thickness
2 mm
De Buyer
Prime Benefits

Modern Carbon Steel Pan Comparison

hey carbon steel fans in this video I’m
going to show you four brands of high
carbon steel skillet and let you be the
judge of which features you like the
best I’ll give you a close-up view and
my overall impressions but whether
you’re experienced with carbon steel or
considering making the jump from Teflon
or stainless to carbon steel maybe this
video will help you make a decision and
also decide on on which brand would be
best for you I can I can tell you just
to share a little bit about my
experience with carbon steel there is no
other way to get vegetables crispy
crunchy but yet slightly charred on on
one side or a steak perfectly seared but
yet still rare in the middle
and one of the reasons why is because
you’re cooking on a disk of Steel it
doesn’t have any heating properties
laminated into the middle of it the
foragers have done nothing to cause it
to hold heat better or worse it’s just a
piece of steel and it heats up very very
quickly and it cools down very very
quickly and that enables a cooking style
which you can’t replicate with with a
traditional Teflon pan I find it really
enjoyable if it really makes my
experience in the kitchen much better
and I’m able to craft dishes that I
normally wouldn’t be able to or frankly
probably wouldn’t even think of until I
started cooking on steel so so with that
let me show you these pans let’s start
with solid technics this was my first
experience with carbon steel these two
pans were actually my first pans and
they got quite a bit of heavy use in the
beginning and after I realized that I
was addicted I then moved into handmade
in which we’ll get to later but this pan
had served me well one of the unique
characteristics of a solid technics pan
is that it’s stamped from one piece of
steel so there’s no rivets here to catch
food it also has a cool handle these
this fluted design here keeps the handle
nice and cool which is really a nice
feature if you’ve gotten used to this
type of steel you you never have to grab
a hot pad before you grab the pan and
less of course you put it in the oven
but under most circumstances it stays
nice and cool all the solid technic pans
have a nice core lip so if you are
pouring the outer juice out the pan
tends to not drip like some of the other
pans and this radius here is fantastic
for flipping or ladling juices up on to
say a piece of fish or meat in the pan I
mostly use this size for heating up you
know single servings
maybe grilled cheese egg things like
that smaller dishes I do use this on my
barbeque grill as well but mostly on the
stovetop this pan is exactly the same it
just has a little bitty less use as you
can tell and it’s larger they’re eight
inch and then this is their 10-inch same
features relatively lightweight it’s got
a stance out of Australia here for the
hook eye which is kind of neat and on
the bottom they tell you about their
brand a little bit about the pan they
call it a scion which is their trading
for high carbon steel last year solid
technics came out with a different type
of pan surface basically what they did
is they took their existing pans now I
got this side because it was the larger
of the collection and in this size it
has a nice handle here it shaped like a
heart which is kind of nice I guess same
handle design stays cool but the main
difference in this pan is its textured
so when I got it it had kind of a matte
finish as opposed to a slick finish and
what they did was sandblasted it or
shotted with some kind of metal shot to
cause a very very fine pitting texture
well what that’s done is it’s caused the
seasoning to stick way better I’ve had
some situations where the seasoning
builds up in this pan and flakes off and
you just have to kind of wipe it out
before you use it
that doesn’t happen at all on this hand
because the texture holds the seasoning
so well that that it just performs
better so that was a really nice upgrade
it causes the pan to season slightly
differently you know it’s kind of a
bronze color versus of black and the pan
has gotten quite a bit of use so pretty
sure that it’s the color that it’s going
to stay but anyway that’s a close-up
also the last of my solid technics pans
I do have a couple solid technics cast
iron which I reviewed in a different
video but this is what started it all
this company for me these were my first
pans mostly because they were affordable
I got them on Amazon they are kind of
hard to get now they seem to always be
out of stock but this was my first
experience with test iron I mean I’m
sorry with a high carbon steel so I
realized I was hooked and I decided to
go ahead and purchase a hand forged pan
and this was my first one it is made by
christ-centered forgers a rather small
company and you can check them out on
etsy on Facebook and leave they have a
website but I purchased this through
Etsy and it was kind of pricey for what
you get you know it’s just a simply bent
disc of steel there’s not an incredible
amount of work in it you know they do a
really good job of keeping the hammer
marks out and the handle is very very
simple and it’s just hammered flat and
then rivet it in place but this pan I
use it now primarily for quesadillas it
fits a tortilla perfectly and because
it’s slightly thicker
and has a more uniform shape than some
of my other pan it heats really evenly
so I’ve been real happy with this pan I
used it a lot when I first got it for
you know searing vegetables and and
meats and eggs and different things but
now it has become kind of my family’s
quesadilla pan and it makes a mean
quesadilla so that is a close-up view of
that and it is probably one of the
simplest designs that I have seen and it
definitely served its purpose really
well it’s got unbelievably sloped that
makes it great for the quesadilla but
for flipping eggs and stuff you can get
just right up in there I’m sure you can
tell from the video but this is really
angled out and almost nearly flat so
that’s the christ-centered
foragers pan and it’s a it’s about an 11
inch so then I decided to get my block
creative skillet which was this one
my very first pan and I’m going to I’m
going to finish up at the Blanc creative
pans because I use them the most and
I’ll give you more detail on these this
is a blue iron or blue skillet iron
works it’s a couple in Seattle that
they’ve got a pretty neat story on
YouTube and they started making pans and
people started buying the pan and
they’re kind of amazed according to
their YouTube video that people buy
their pans but they have kind of made
themselves an exclusive niche in the
market and the reason for that is they
don’t make very many they put them on
sale twice a year on their website at
lusco and iron calm and they sell out in
ten minutes last October I think it was
they put these pans for sale 500 pans
they sold out in 10 minutes and
a shift my tan in late December so I did
get it in time for Christmas but it was
about a three months turn around so I
decided on this size because I don’t
have an R gratin pan or a big chicken
fryer so that’s why I picked this one
and I’ve been really really happy with
it they do an incredible job forging the
pan it is flat on the bottom it has most
of the hammer marks have been hammered
out it’s got big beefy handles you can
see their logo is stamped on one of them
and that’s the only margins on the whole
pan they’re riveted in with very sturdy
rivets I can fill this completely with
oil the rivets don’t leak it makes a
great chicken fryer it’s rather heavy so
most of the time this is my tie a a pan
I’ve made steel skillet lasagna it would
if this would make an awesome cornbread
but but anyway I mostly use this for
larger dishes if I’m cooking a bunch of
vegetables this is the pan that I’ll use
it’s gotten really high sighs it’s very
sturdy it doesn’t wobble around on the
stove and if it needs to go in the oven
it’s easy enough I do need to remember
to use hot pads the rest of these hands
have cool handles this one does not I’ve
been burned a couple times forgetting
but for this design this is really one
of my favorites I use it on my barbecue
grill a lot also and I’ve even I even
have a charcoal smoker that I’ve used it
in and it just keeps getting better with
time I mean it really is an amazing pan
so that’s a close-up of the blue skillet
iron work and really neat company I will
absolutely buy another one of these pans
it’s a slightly heavier gauge than the
blog creatives and it does have a more
finished design although I have to admit
I really love the hammer marks of the
Blanc creative but I’ll get another one
in this size because
to compare and have the two of them I
found that this is my daily pan okay so
now I want to feature the block creative
panel because I use them the most and
it’s a really neat company you know they
make they make all kinds of stuff they
make wood you know bottle openers they
have some really neat arts and crafts
they they sell t-shirts you can check
them out on YouTube under blanc’
creatives and I saw about that I heard
about them through I think it might have
been Anthony Bourdain or somebody else
did a special on them and that’s how I
first heard of them and so I went online
and I ordered this pan and at the time
they would stamp your name in it so I’ve
got my name stamped in this pan that was
kind of cool and I love the pan it took
about two months to get since then they
turnaround time is uh is about the same
most of these hands are about two months
and the handle is really long and
comfortable and it stays cool to the
touch thanks to this gigantic fork that
they used to rivet it you know in the
design it is great for french toast eggs
if I’m cooking for you know larger meal
for a family I use I cook vegetables in
this this was my my go-to pan I used it
pretty much daily as you can tell by the
color and it’s got a handle on this
other side in case you do need to lift
something heavy so this was my first
experience with them and I liked them so
much that I bought this pan and this is
basically the same design however it’s
got more of a cupped rim same handle
this is a ten inch and no markings they
stopped putting the name on it they put
their logo right here on the handle but
this pan I use every single day whether
it’s any any type of food I use this pan
every day and it’s mainly due to the
size the balance
it heats evenly it cools down quickly it
seasoned perfectly
I love the design when you bring this
pan to the table with addition it
everybody comments it is a work of art
if you look closely you can see all the
hammer marks that they’ve left in it
now I cook on a glass top and if you
look at some of my older videos you’ll
see that I’ve heated up all three of
these long creatives pans and the blue
skillet and I’ve hammered down the
middle with a board check out one of my
videos actually reviewing the blog
creatives and I think it was this one
maybe but check out that video and
you’ll see what I’ve done and the reason
for that is I have a glass top and when
these heat up they change shape slightly
so what I’ve done is hammered down on
the center so that it’s slightly concave
on the back when it’s cold and when it
seeps up it flattens out perfectly so it
sits nice and flat and it doesn’t wobble
or spin on my glass table but that’s a
close-up of their ten inch and I believe
they call this the fryer and they call
this the saute because it has shorter
walls and a slightly steeper angle than
the fryer which is angled more and as
far as flipping anything the spatula
gets right in there I wouldn’t change
anything about this pan and if I could
only have one pan this would be the one
that I take okay this is my latest and
the folks over at blanc creative made
this for me special which is really kind
of an honor this pan originally was like
this pan it was a gratin pan it had
handles on both sides like this and I
asked them to put the long handle on for
me because I really wanted a gigantic
fryer that I could shake on the grill or
on the stove top I wanted to have a long
handle on one side the that stays cool
to the touch and they warned me about
the weight and
I agree it’s heavy it’s difficult to
just hold on to out there but I don’t
ever do that and I’m really glad that I
got it it’s a it’s a great compliment to
this pan from glute skillet so you can
see this pan hasn’t been used as much
it’s starting to season out in the
middle this will work its way out of it
all the way to the edge and then
eventually this blue color will turn
black but until then I get to enjoy this
beautiful blue patina the way that this
occurs is they polish the pan and then
they heat treat them when they heat
treat them it causes the steel to turn
blue and that adds this really unique
color and this is another pan you know
you bring this to the table it almost
doesn’t matter what’s in it it instantly
gets more attention and and I think it
even tastes better cooking in these
types of pans with that seasoning in
there but anyway there’s a close-up of
my largest carbon steel you can see that
the rivets kind of build up some grease
and seasoning process and that just adds
to the character of the pan but but
there you go that’s the that’s the last
one Oh series here so you know if you go
to these websites and you check out
these pans you’re going to you may be
shocked by the prices and you have to
remember that this is made by hand they
turn out an incredibly low number of
these pants especially the blue skillet
folks so you’re you’re buying a
one-of-a-kind and you’re also buying
something that could last forever if if
you give or pass down these pans to
anyone who is committed to cooking and
carbon steel and they care for the pan
it’ll last forever there is nothing to
wear off it’ll just keep getting better
and if it’s ever you know screwed up by
neglect or lots of acidic cooking you
know for instance if whenever I’m
cooking fish you know that is actually
what happened to this one I
some fish recently was to really
beautiful chunks of tuna and I squeezed
lemon juice all over it and it pulled
the seasoning off a little bit so in
time that’s easily no build back up and
and they last a lifetime
they last a lifetime and they last
through every generations lifetime that
is willing to keep up with them so
anyway that is my current collection of
high carbon steel I can’t wait to get
another blue skillet so that would be my
next purchase I think they go on sale in
June maybe so I’ll be waiting online and
if you get into this please leave a
comment if you have any comments I would
love to hear them and if you have any
brands that you love that I have yet to
discover please leave those in the
comments because I just really love new
stuff so thanks for watching I hope this
video was was informational for you
please subscribe to my channel I post
new videos all the time and I would love
for you to be a subscriber thanks for

Matfer Bourgeat Black Steel Round Frying Pan

Size (diameter)10 inches
Steel thickness2mm.

Matfer brand is already known for its high-quality cookware that is beloved by users around the world. Bourgeat Black Steel Round Frying Pan is an example of a pre-seasoned product that is suitable for cooking meals in any conditions starting from a spacious kitchen and ending up with a campsite. This carbon steel cookware is perfect for cooking at low and very high temperatures. Regardless of whether you are going to have a steak for dinner or seafood, the product is versatile enough to make it delicious.

One of the primary benefits of Matfer Bourgeat Black Steel Round Frying Pan is its quality. All the items are manufactured in the USA and comply with all the international standards. Judging from clients’ reviews on Amazon and a few other resources, the producer promises and really provides good value for money. Another advantage of this carbon steel frying pan is that the handle is conducive and adjustable, so you can fix it to your height and needs.


  • High-quality 12 carbon steel metal makes the cookware more durable.
  • US-based manufacturing serves as a guarantee for high quality.
  • This carbon steel frying pan easily handles both low and high temperatures, which helps you to cook even the most complicated dishes.
  • Regardless of your location, you can order this frying pan as the producer provides delivery to any part of the world. 
  • An adjustable handle allows you to fix the pan to your needs. 


  •  The product might be too heavy for some users.

De Buyer Mineral B Frying Pan

Size (diameter)10.2 inches
Steel thickness2.5-3 mm.

De Buyer is another manufacturer known for high-quality kitchenware. Since the 20th century, the company has been delivering products to the best restaurants and organizations around the world. Its new De Buyer Mineral B Frying Pan is considered to be the best carbon steel skillet on the market. Being made from 99% pure iron, this steel frying pan impresses its user with durability and ease of use. Moreover, if you want to get the product that will serve you for years, you have bumped into the right cookware. De Buyer was one of the first manufacturers to discover the unique qualities of beeswax that protect the pan from oxidation. With such coverage, you can be sure to get a high-quality product.

If you usually have difficulties with fixing details and maneuvering the pan, with De Buyer you can get rid of all the issues. An additional handle comes as a skillet to the steel cooking pan, which makes the process even more joyful. Furthermore, customers, who have already tried the product, claim that nothing sticks to the pan’s surface.

At the same time, De Buyer Mineral B Frying Pan is still not the perfect pan to buy since it has several drawbacks. In particular, rust is the main enemy of all steel cookware products. You should follow the recommendations provided by the manufacturer to avoid this problem. Additionally, the idea of providing an extra handle to allow greater flexibility is excellent. Nonetheless, it requires additional improvement. Both handles are epoxy-coated, which means they cannot be put into the oven.


  • High-quality 90% iron material ensures that you get a quality product.
  • An additional handle is provided to allow greater flexibility, which means that you can adjust all parts to your needs.
  • Dishes do not stick to the pan.


  • The product is vulnerable to rust, so you should stick to all the recommendation to avoid such issues.
  • The handle cannot bear high temperatures, which means you should mind it while preparing a meal in the oven.

Lodge CRS10 Carbon Steel Skillet

Size (diameter)10 inches
Steel thickness3 mm.

Carbon steel has become more popular in recent years due to its weight and features. This material allows producing elegant carbon steel cookware that is capable of bearing both low and high temperatures. The steel skillet goes together with factory pre-seasoning that is meant to avid rust and keeps the pan in good condition for a long time. In most cases, this procedure is beneficial and contributes to the product’s durability. Lodge provides pre-seasoning, but judging from customers’ reviews, it does not always go with decent quality. Buyers claim that users should be careful with the product while washing to avoid damages.

One of the primary benefits provided by the manufacturer is the ease of use. This steel cooking pan is convenient since it is light and flexible. The handle is adjustable, so you can fix it as you want. Nevertheless, users claim that the handle levels up very quickly, which makes cooking inconvenient. You should continuously fix the parts and adjust them to gain some stability.

The versatility is also ranked rather poorly. Unless you cook in the oven or have a good adjustable gas stone, you have a risk of getting your meal burnt out. This steel skillet does not work well on low temperatures, so you will have to wait long until your pan gets heat up.


  • The product is light and elegant, so you won’t have major problems while maneuvering and managing the pan.
  • This steel frypan has an adjustable handle that can be fixed as you need.
  • Factory pre-seasoning is provided to avoid rust.


  • Pre-seasoning is provided at low quality, so you should be very careful while washing your pan.
  • The handle quickly levels up, which might be very irritating when you cook complicated dishes.
  • If you frequently cook at low temperatures, you’d better choose another item. The carbon steel cooking pan performs better at high temperatures. 

Winco French Style Fry Pan

Size (diameter)7-12 inches
Steel thickness2,5 mm.

While composing the list of the best frying pans, we could not but mention this product. On Amazon, there are dozens of buyers raving about the product and we were interested in their motivation. Indeed, this steel frypan is super light and suitable for daily usage. If you were searching for a one-size-fits-all solution, you bumped into the right item. The pan’s design suits equally well for cooking both deserts and main courses, which means you can prepare dinner for all your family having just Winco Pan in your kitchen!

The quality is pleasantly surprising. The product is made from high-quality steel, so it is quite durable and rough. Although the handle is reverted, it does not goes off or levels up. You can manage the pan as you wish and enjoy the cooking process to the fullest. The carbon steel skillet goes without pre-seasoning, so you should do it yourself. While some users might view it as a disadvantage, others prefer doing it themselves. You should follow all the instructions and perform the process as the manufacturer describes it. Otherwise, you might spoil the surface, and your products might get sticked to the pan.


  • High-quality material prolongs the lifespan of the product.
  • The carbon steel pan is very light compared to its rivals.
  • You can cook both desserts, side dishes and main courses with this skillet.


  • Pre-seasoning have to be done by the buyer, which might be a bit of a hassle.
  • The pan might be too small for the use in restaurants or other corporate purposes.

De Buyer Carbon Steel Frying Pan

Size (diameter)7-15,7 inches
Steel thickness2 mm.

One more representative of De Buyer is featured on our list. The company has an extensive product range, which allows it to target a broad audience. You can also look at carbon steel pots in their online store if you want to complement your kitchenware with elegant and useful products.

The primary advantage of this pan, which is highlighted almost by every user, is maneuverability. This carbon steel cookware can be easily managed even when you operate with one hand. It allows you to bring food from the pan to the plate easily. The factory pre-seasoning also comes at high quality. If you value your time and effort, you would definitely be glad to hear that your dishes won’t get burned even at high temperatures.

The minor drawback is the diameter of the cookware, which is 10.2 inches. Such a size might seem inconvenient to some users. On the one hand, this feature restricts buyers in flexibility as you cannot cook for a big group of people. Thus, when you have to host your relatives on all the holidays, you’d better opt for another model. On the other hand, such a steel cooking pan is convenient in usage since it is light and easy to maneuver.


  • User-friendly design allows you to cook quickly and conveniently.
  • Easy to the season, so you do not have to allocate much time and effort to this process.
  • A reliable manufacturer which provides return policy.
  • The product is made of high-quality material that contributes to its durability.


  • Might seem overly small and thin for people, who cook for a big number of people.

Carbon Steel Pan Buyer’s Guide

How to season a carbon steel pan?

There are two major ways to season your new pan: with the help of an oven or stovetop. We recommend using an oven as it may help you to season your cookware faster and easier. First, you should heat your pan to 400 degrees and put your new pan into it. After 10 minutes, remove it from the oven and wait until it gets cooler. Pour oil on the pan and put it again into the oven and leave it there for an hour. As a result of this procedure, your cookware gets seasoned.

How to re-season a carbon steel pan?

When you’ve just bought cookware, it looks perfectly well and makes your cooking more joyful. Until you keep your carbon steel pan far from soap and water, it remains appealing. However, even the most durable device is vulnerable to rust. When it loses its initial look, you have two options here: to throw it away or re-season it to prolong its lifespan.

Since the second alternative looks more appealing to most buyers, let’s discover how you can improve the state of your carbon steel pan. Follow four steps to get your cookware to look great again:

– poor water into your pan;
– heat the pan until all the water evaporates from it;
– sprinkle the cookware with a mixture of salt and oil on;
– rinse the pan with hot water.

How to clean a carbon steel pan?

There is a common misconception that washing a carbon steel pan is a pain. Nevertheless, you just need to follow a set of simple rules to prolong the lifespan of your cookware. In particular:

– steer clear of soap, rough materials, and harsh chemicals;
– when your pan is dry, sprinkle it with oil;
– wash your carbon steel pan in slightly warm water;
– keep your cookware in the dry and cool place.

How to care for a carbon steel pan?

Rust is the primary enemy of all the steel cookware. Therefore, you should stick to the producer’s recommendations to keep your pan functional for a long time. Do not wash your pan with soap as it can damage the coverage and factory seasoning. Furthermore, dry pan thoroughly and make sure you keep it in the cool place. In this environment, rust is unlikely to be formed.


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