The main secret of ideal pancakes is cottage cheese should be rubbed through a fine sieve and wrung out from moisture. Fat content is preferred no more and no less than 9%. The dough should be elastic, so that when pressed, the cheesecake does not crack in the pan, but retains its shape. If done correctly, you will get gentle homogeneous pancakes under a dense golden crust. Pancakes can be baked in the oven or steamed. The recipe does not exclude experiments with stuffing-dried fruits, nuts, fresh fruits, and even potatoes will not be superfluous.

Energy Value Per Serving

223 kcal16.4 gram6.6 gram24.3 gram
cottage cheese pancakes

Ingredients (4 Servings)

  • Cottage cheese – 250 g
  • Chicken eggs – 2 pieces
  • Sugar – 2 tablespoons
  • Wheat flour – 5 tablespoons

Cooking Instruction (20 minutes)

if your kid says ooh I hate cottage
you need to make cottage cheese pancakes
they’re the third most popular recipe on
weelicious it’s been there for about
eight years and there’s a reason why
because they’re super delicious here’s
how you make up you’re gonna start by
taking a bowl putting in flour baking
powder and salt and whisking it up in a
separate Bowl you’re going to put three
large eggs go ahead and give them a good
whisking two tablespoons of honey
teaspoon of vanilla and a cup of cottage
cheese whisk it all up and then you’re
going to put the flour mixture whisked
into that cottage cheese mixture and
this takes really about 20 seconds super
easy and delicious now you’re going to
take a cast iron or non-stick pan put it
over medium heat add a tablespoon of
canola vegetable or coconut oil once it
gets nice and warm you’re going to put
about 1 to 2 tablespoons of that cottage
cheese pancake batter
all over your pan and let them cook for
about 3 minutes total about a minute and
a half on each side when they’re
finished your cottage cheese pancakes
are going to look like this how does
cheese pancakes are so delicious
high in protein because of the cottage
cheese and eggs and I guarantee even
that cottage cheese hater will become a
cottage cheese lover more fast fresh and
easy recipes like this one more check
out weelicious com
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comment below telling me what do you
like to see on top of your cottage
cheese pancakes

  1. Add sugar to the bowl, drive in eggs and mix them with a mixer until a homogeneous thick mass to prepare the dough for the pancakes.
  2. Next, put the cottage cheese and whisk it as well.
  3. Then add the flour, mix everything thoroughly with a mixer. The dough with cottage cheese and flour should be soft, but not liquid and not tight.
  4. Start to make cottage cheese pancakes from the resulting dough.
  5. I pour a little flour to the cutting board. Then with a tablespoon dipped in water, I take the cottage cheese dough and put the resulting ball of dough on the board. I do the same with the rest of the test.
  6. When all the dough balls are laid out, lightly sprinkle them with flour.
  7. I put a frying pan on the stovetop, pour sunflower oil. When the pan is well warmed up, put your pancakes into it.
  8. Fry cottage cheese pancakes on both sides, periodically turning from one side to the other for about 5 minutes on low heat.