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6303 Great Northern Popcorn Commercial Quality Cotton Candy Machine and Electric Candy Floss Maker reviewed by Skillet Director
VIVO Pink Electric Commercial Cotton Candy Machine, Candy Floss Maker CANDY-V001 reviewed by Skillet Director
Clevr Large Commercial Cotton Candy Machine Party Candy Floss Maker Red reviewed by Skillet Director
6303 Great Northern Popcorn Commercial Quality Cotton Candy Machine
VIVO Pink Electric Commercial Cotton Candy Machine
Clevr Large Commercial Cotton Candy Machine
Great Northern Popcorn Company
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Product Page
6303 Great Northern Popcorn Commercial Quality Cotton Candy Machine and Electric Candy Floss Maker reviewed by Skillet Director
6303 Great Northern Popcorn Commercial Quality Cotton Candy Machine
Great Northern Popcorn Company
Prime Benefits
Product Page
VIVO Pink Electric Commercial Cotton Candy Machine, Candy Floss Maker CANDY-V001 reviewed by Skillet Director
VIVO Pink Electric Commercial Cotton Candy Machine
Prime Benefits
Product Page
Clevr Large Commercial Cotton Candy Machine Party Candy Floss Maker Red reviewed by Skillet Director
Clevr Large Commercial Cotton Candy Machine
Prime Benefits
Price not available

Professional Cotton Candy Machine Demonstration Video

hi this is Peter and I’m going to
demonstrate our cotton candy machine
when you receive your dip you receive
this bowl the actual unit and the little
bag full of acessories which includes a
little scooper for your this the sugar
that you’re gonna go ahead and insert it
into the machine when you before you use
your machine make sure that you wipe
down and clean your bowl and if you look
on the bottom of the bowl there’s
actually little brackets right here that
are held on with little clamps on on the
actual unit itself so once you go ahead
and put this in Center it differently
Center your unit
okay once it’s secure
what you need is a little bit of cotton
candy sugar and item to go ahead and
catch the cotton candy
for this demonstration I could use the
scooper but to make it easier I’m just
gonna get in pour the sugar directly
into this unit right here so we’re going
to tilt this supposed to little bit on
the side on we’re going that up
and once you do that make sure yeah when
you turn on the unit there’s a little
on/off switch here in the front right
here and this actually controls the the
voltage to go in down in which heats up
the unit so when you turn this on this
the little metal piece on top will start
spinning and you want to make sure you
look away because some of the sugar
might fly back at you so go ahead and
turn this on and as you see it starts
spinning and if you look in the front
you want to go ahead and turn this on
all the way
let’s turn it all the way you’ll see
that it goes to a hundred about 110
most you want to keep it at this point
until you start seeing string coming out
of the unit
however once you start seeing a string
come out on the unit you want to drop it
back down a readjust the knob right here
make you over 90 so make you go to 90
like walk there
and that’s when you run it at that unit
if you future turn off the power so you
know we’ll stop spinning however if this
knob is in this position it will keep
the cotton candy melt it down so you can
go ahead and turn it on and continue
making the cotton candy so it makes it a
little bit easier to control
so right now I’ll go ahead and pump it
back up to 110
and at the unit warm up be careful who’s
very dangerous make sure no kids around
this make sure that if when you do use
it that an adult uses it or you use it
with adult supervision
if you hover your hand up over the unit
you can feel that it’s slowly heating up
but since this unit it’s very thick it
takes a couple several minutes for it to
actually heat up until you start seeing
the screen come out
when you actually make the string
you got it once you do it several times
probably make about like ten cones
you’ll you’ll refine your technique and
you’ll go ahead and
get better and better at it
the wafers unit heat up right now could
smell that the sugar is melting
and as soon as you see some strength
amount remember drop it down to about 90
degrees and that’s workable
so I’m going to get my
cotton candy corn ready
right now string is slowly coming out
right now so I’m gonna go ahead and see
the strings already out by my drop-down
box to 90
right here’s when you gotta get your
technique down
could actually see the
come can you come out I’m just spinning
the phone as I for hidden
wrap the string around the after unit
I’m use the side of the wall to actually
round off the
be careful not to make it too big
and that’s one cotton candy unit right
holder’s off
to be making another one
I’ll hold it at an angle keep a basic
structure of them all
round it off
be careful when making it
who’s great for parties fundraising
it’s a good unit overall to have around
once you’re done go ahead make sure you
shut off the machine and turn off the
temperature see me two cotton candies
right here when you do clean this unit
make sure that you go in detach the bowl
and take it outside and rinse it off
however this unit remains really hot the
centered unit so make sure you unplug
the unit you let it cool off and then
use a wet napkin and just wipe the
inside of it out and then it’s ready for
so once this unit is running
you’re gonna wait till the sugar comes
up we start seeing string come out
CVC inside the string is slowly for me
but one to wait for my wait for a little
bit more before I drop the temperature
and I’m gonna catch that tree and I’ll
start calling the ball on my coat
right now it’s a string come out it’ll
come off in the middle like that drop it
down drop it down a little bit about a
cap son
you catch it while the string is coming
from the middle
we’re going to spin your cone
for employment
the ball
yeah makes you know I’m sure it’s not
too big
the side of the walls we put in form the
when this cone is almost done it looks
like it’s almost done right now you grab
another cone and caps
well it’s fairly easy to use
forming a nice good ball
you want some on top flip it straight on
you decide the log make it one more
I first might get the string although
all around you but once you get the
technique down
it’s what I make it really big whoever
it gives this one they’d be really lucky
turn off your cheek so I made these snow

Cotton Candy Machine Buyers’ Guide

How to make cotton candy at home?

Cotton candy is a guilty pleasure for many people, no matter what age. Once you have chosen the cotton candy machine you are going to use and have it all set up, you will need a cone or a stick to make the cotton candy on, and flavored sugar. First, put in the sugar to the middle of the cotton candy machine. Then, make sure to twist the head of the spinner in order to get the sugar evenly in the headpiece. After this, turn the motor switch on and activate the heat switch of the machine. Have your cotton candy cone ready in your hand and spin your hand in the machine to catch the cotton candy with the cone as it is being made. Once you are done, turn off the machine and enjoy it!

How does a cotton candy machine work?

Typical cotton candy machines consist of a spinning head that has a small bowl into the granulated, and colored sugar is poured. Sugar and food coloring can also be separately added. There are heaters located near the rim of the head, which melt the sugar. Then the melted sugar is squeezed out through tiny holes by a centrifuge-like force. Colored sugar that is packaged for cotton candy machines have melting characteristics, and a crystal size optimized for the head because rock sugar is too large to be properly heated. The melted sugar is then solidified in the air and is caught in a larger bowl that is around the head. After a period, the product builds up on the inside of the larger bowl, and then the user twirls a stick or cone around the rim, gathering all the cotton candy.

How to clean a cotton candy machine?

When you are done using the machine, start to clean the machine by running all the sugar out of the floss head. When the head is empty, turn heat to the highest possible for around one minute to clean the head by taking off the remaining sugar. Then turn off the machine and let it cool down. Make sure never to put water in the head of the machine. Wipe away all the moisture from the pan or the bowl. Then, using a clean and damp washcloth, thoroughly wipe the floss head, but be gentle. Check to make sure all sugar is cleaned off. Let it dry off properly before using it again to avoid malfunctions.

Cotton Candy Machine Review

There are a few things that you can do if you are looking for cotton candy machines that you can get parts for. First, you can take the parts from the candy machine that you are in the process of buying. Second, if the machine that you are looking at is a vintage model then you should look into antique candy machine parts, this is a good way of getting something that you do not have to pay a fortune for.

The best cotton candy machine parts that you can get will have to be the ones that you can assemble. If you are not comfortable with doing this then you should look into getting a machine that has a manual. However, even if you are able to get a manual that has all the necessary information, you should still do some research before getting the parts that you are looking for.

You should also look into the different brands of the cotton candy makers that you can get. You should look for the best brands available and this can help you make the most out of your money. You should also look into the amount of money that you can spend on the parts. If you are looking to spend a few hundred dollars then you should be able to get all of the cotton candy maker that you are looking for.

If you are willing to spend more money then you can get the best cotton candy machine that you need, but you can also look into buying some parts on eBay that are made to last longer. If you do this then you will be able to use the machine for years and not have to replace the parts often.

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3 Verified Buyer Reviews to “Best Cotton Candy Machine”

  1. Dale K. review:

    So I don’t write reviews very much, but this machine much surpassed my hopes. Having previously used cheap machines that took nearly 20 minutes for almost nothing but a sore arm, this machine produced a large amount of cotton candy in seconds. I literally poured in the sugar and the cotton candy webs just shot out, and hard candy works just as well. I looked at a few different machines, but this one seemed to get the best feedback, and for good reason. Customer service also responded quickly to my query. I’ll try to keep this updated as I use it more, but it’s certainly worth having. I don’t use it for commercial purposes; instead, I use it for personal purposes and for family activities whenever possible. The bubble shield they also sell for it is fantastic; I purchased the shield and the floss stablizer net together but have yet to use the stablizer.

  2. C.B. review:

    I almost didn’t buy it because of the poor feedback, but I’m glad I did. To begin with, this is not a carnival-style, heavy-duty cotton candy gadget. If that’s what you’re looking for, go out and spend several hundred dollars on one! Operator error is a major source of failure. If you try to put the stick vertically in the machine and roll it around the heating element like the fair/carnival/circus man, you will burn your sweets, yield nothing, and be disappointed. When you start to see webs form, keep the stick horizontally about 2-3″ above the heating element across the opening. Slide the stick to each side to catch the webs and begin spinning. Continue rolling the stick in your hand until you’ve grabbed each side of the web. The faster you spin, the more the candy condenses, resulting in a slight yield. If you move too slowly, webs will fly everywhere. To generate a lot of volume, you must maintain a steady pace. I let the device heat up for 15 minutes at first and only used 2 candies per time, as instructed. Cotton is formed in around 2 minutes or less by 2 candies. Switch off the device, wait for it to stop, then add two more candies and continue. I used 10 candies to make the candy in my picture, and it took me about 10 minutes total. People who believe that is too long should simply go out and buy premade cotton candy. I didn’t bother with floss because the manufacturer claims that not all floss is compatible with the machine and recommends only Nostalgia brand floss. But the candies are fantastic! I did experiment with rootbeer barrels. However, they spun into a mini cotton candy rope at first, so I cut the candy in half and tried again… it worked perfectly! Because of the shape of life savers, the candy melts and webs really well. We haven’t tried Jolly Ranchers yet, but if you’re having trouble with them, I’d break them up smaller as recommended in the instructions. It was easy to clean up. Remove the candy ring and use very hot water to melt the remainder. Since the heating element had been trapped with candy after cooling, it was a little difficult to remove it to wash. However, we used approximately 40 candies in the machine during the hour that we used it before washing it. I wholeheartedly recommend this unit; the whole family enjoyed it!

  3. L. Puckett review:

    I won’t go into detail about how well it performs because the other reviews do a good job of that. It does produce cotton candy that tastes just like what you’d get at a carnival, and after a few uses, you’ll get the hang of making pretty cones (I’ve discovered that spinning the cone right above the middle is easier than rotating it around the outsides). The only reason I deducted a star is because of how much sugar it wastes. Every cone I make sends about a quarter of the sugar to the machine’s sides, where it sticks and builds with each cone. I’ve tried many methods, but they all waste about the same amount of time. I’ve never seen a commercial tool do this, so I’d say that’s the only difference. Overall, it’s a fantastic device. I wish they’d included the cover as well. It’s not a big deal if you use it outside, but when you use it inside, you end up with spider web-like strands all over the place, from the light fixtures to your eyelashes!

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