Wolfgang Puck 4 Piece Deep Pie & Pastry Baker reviewed by Skillet Director
Wolfgang Puck Pie Maker Black reviewed by Skillet Director
Wolfgang Puck 4 Piece Deep Pie & Pastry Baker
Wolfgang Puck 2 Piece Pie Maker
Wolfgang Puck
Wolfgang Puck
Prime Benefits
Wolfgang Puck 4 Piece Deep Pie & Pastry Baker reviewed by Skillet Director
Wolfgang Puck 4 Piece Deep Pie & Pastry Baker
Wolfgang Puck
Prime Benefits
Wolfgang Puck Pie Maker Black reviewed by Skillet Director
Wolfgang Puck 2 Piece Pie Maker
Wolfgang Puck
Prime Benefits

Wolfgang Puck Pie Maker Review

morning I’m gonna be doing another
recipe from my French meaning just doing
something with what I have on hand I’m
going to be using my wolfgang puck pie
maker to make breakfast quiche this is
actually a pretty cool little gadget
it’s made as I said by Wolfgang Puck and
it has two pie wells inside and the nice
thing about this is that the Wolfgang
Puck version has a really deep pie dish
a lot of the others on the market have a
shallower pie dish so you’re getting
more filling than you are or less
filling than you are pie crust and this
one as you can see it’s pretty deep so
I’m going to be using this this morning
and let’s go ahead and get started as I
mentioned this is just what I have on
hand in my refrigerator which is often a
way I cook I’m going to be using sharp
cheddar cheese a little bit of whipping
cream and then some eggs this morning
probably gonna be adding some salt and
some pepper now if you have some
leftovers of some kind you could add a
little bits of meat maybe a little bit
of chopped broccoli or some green onion
a little bit of ham and you kind of
cooked meat bacon would be really good
in this but this is what I have this
morning I have my Wolfgang Puck pie
maker preheating in the background and
I’ve just rubbed the wells a little bit
with some olive oil and then I have a
store-bought pie crust that I have left
come to room temperature
you just certainly make your own but I
don’t always do that and since it’s room
temperature you’re going to want to be
careful with it you don’t want to break
and pull apart you’re just going to go
ahead and gently coax it into unrolling
the reason you want to let this come to
room temperature is that if you do it
right out of the refrigerator your pie
crust dough is probably going to crack
and break as you try to work with it so
just about 15 minutes or so is all you
need now this particular pie maker did
come with this little accessory and what
this is is just a little cutter here so
on one side it’s got a larger cutter for
the bottom and then on the other side
it’s got a smaller cutter that you’ll
use for the top of your pie today we’re
just going to do a bottom pie so
I’m going to see if I can’t get to
bottom crests out of this one and you
might have to fudge a little on the
other one you could probably just roll
this together and then maybe roll it out
flat but I don’t like to mess around
with my dough too much it tends to make
it hard and has problems so we just
leave it as simple and not messed around
with as possible and you’ll notice that
this has all these little cuts in the
side and that’s just to help it fit into
the pie well alright so I’m going to go
ahead and set those aside I have four
eggs here and a little third street tip
here for eggs that you’ve probably heard
somewhere else is I don’t crack them
directly into this bowl what I do is I
crack them one at a time into a small
bowl and just pour them in here that way
if you get a bad egg or you get shells
in there that you just can’t get out or
something you don’t ruin all the eggs
you can just toss that one out or dig
something out of just that one so here I
have my eggs and then to that I’m just
gonna add a little bit of whipping cream
here not too much and I’m gonna go ahead
and incorporate them probably use a
whisk but I’m using a fork
I’m gonna add whatever ingredients you
want if you wanted to put some I think
some shredded zucchini would be good
your little bits of bacon or ham or
whatever we’re gonna add a little bit of
the cheese I’m gonna be using about a
cup of cheese here good tablespoon of
Parmesan cheese fresh Parmesan cheese is
always better but we don’t have that
there’s a little Parmesan cheese in
there all right my pie maker is heated
and I’m ready to get started oh look at
alright now here’s another little tip
this is actually a Wolfgang Puck tip
I’ve cut these strips foil and just
gonna press them into the pie well and
that will help to remove these when
they’re cooked this works actually in
any sort of a baking dish we even use it
in your pressure cooker to get chickens
out or whatever works out really well
you’re gonna want to be gentle about
this so I’m gonna go ahead and gently
sort of get my pie crust in here I’m
gonna start kind of melting right away
so you don’t want to mess around with
this any more than you have to
so there we go through that I’m gonna
add my egg mixture
even it out as much as possible now this
would also work with a nice like 8-inch
pie as well you could just do a large
one in your oven I’m gonna add more
cheese back to the top all right close
this down and see you in a few all right
it’s been 13 minutes let’s have a look
and see how we did whoo oh those look
delicious they’re nice and golden-brown
on the top I can see that the crust is
cooked let’s get one of those out of
here and have a look at it you might
want to do a few more minutes when you
have like broccoli or something that
takes a little bit more although it
should probably be precooked before you
get it in there ooh this is hot so here
it is out of the machine and I actually
broke some of the crust off removing the
foil but no big deal and I want to just
show you just how beautifully browned
and cooked and crispy this is all the
way through so it’s done a fabulous job
of cooking that we’re gonna go ahead and
cut into this and see how this looks on
the inside and that is just beautifully
cooked all the way through just gorgeous
you can see how the egg is nicely done
and it’s fluffy the cheese is sort of
oozing here in certain places the top of
the crust is browned gorgeously the pie
crust isn’t burnt anywhere it’s nice and
crispy and not gooey on the bottom so
this has actually done a really good job
we’re gonna get in there and have a
taste test my fork here
piece of oil there let’s see
mmm the eggs are moist they’re not over
dried so somewhere between 12 and 13
minutes on this machine is great
whatever brand machine you have you kind
of want to play with that a little bit
until you get them at the timing right
but this is perfect for this machine mmm
very flavorful this is really good so
right out of the refrigerator with
ingredients that I had I made a great
breakfast I took the other one out just
to make sure it didn’t overcook in there
and you can actually see just how nicely
these pop up beautiful right
so I didn’t really feel like it would be
fair to review this pie maker without
actually making a real pie as well so as
a quick little bonus here we’re also
gonna make a cherry pie so there’s my
little foil strips and I’m gonna go
ahead and carefully place my pie crusts
in next one I’m gonna do is I just have
some canned cherry pie filling I’m
actually not going to top these pies if
you top these with pie crust it would
take a little bit longer to cook the top
and then the bottoms would overcook you
really want to use something like maybe
a puff pastry or something a little bit
lighter and a little bit quicker to cook
on the top for that alright those look
pretty good and then just for fun I just
have a little cut out I put out there
and we’re gonna go ahead and put these
in and I’m gonna check these and about
maybe eight minutes maybe ten we’ll have
to see so I actually ended up on the
side of 12 minutes believe it or not
because I just a little worried about
that crust so let’s see how I did oh
those look beautiful
and you can see here the problem that
I’m talking about let me get this in see
the crust around the edges are really
well done beautiful and this little
heart here is not cooked through that’s
the problem with putting a crust over
the top when you have these little
machines like this and why puff pastry
really works best for topping your your
pies we’re gonna go ahead and get one of
these out on a plate and this is a
convenience of these little strips here
whoops and let’s have a look
you can actually see how beautifully
golden brown this crust is and it’s
going to be done all the way through to
the bottom so I’m going to go ahead and
let this cool before we’re able to have
a look at it it’s just too hot to handle
see you in a few
so let’s actually the cherries have been
warmed through all the way through now
this is cooled for about two hours and
it’s just gorgeous now I don’t really
mean beautiful or gorgeous in the sense
I made it really rustic looking so it’s
not necessarily and it’s got a beautiful
lattice work or anything I just kind of
made me more or less the beautiful in
beautifully cooked all the way through
the dough is not doughy it’s nice and
crisp and its really wonderful
mmm just really tasty so that’s pretty
much a quick and easy way that you can
go ahead and make yourself a delicious
quick and easy pie to have for dessert
and I’m gonna make some coffee and I’m
gonna go ahead and have this

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Author: Emily Howard

I have about 300 different recipes in my collection, and I try to look for new tastes every week. I love to learn dishes from around the world and pamper my big family with a signature Italian cheese pie and my favorite Ukrainian borsch.