Wolfgang Puck 8-piece Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Set with Silicone Bases reviewed by Skillet Director
Wolfgang Puck 12 Piece Bistro Elite Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl and Prep Set, Includes Multi-Function Cover with Grating and Slicing Inserts, Black reviewed by Skillet Director
Wolfgang Puck 6-piece Non-Skid Stainless Steel Mini Mixing Bowl Set reviewed by Skillet Director
Wolfgang Puck Bistro Elite 12-piece Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl and Prep Set reviewed by Skillet Director
Wolfgang Puck 8-piece Non-Skid Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Set reviewed by Skillet Director
Wolfgang Puck 8-piece Non-Skid Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Set
Wolfgang Puck 12 Piece Bistro Elite Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl and Prep Set
Wolfgang Puck 6-piece Non-Skid Stainless Steel Mini Mixing Bowl Set
Wolfgang Puck Bistro Elite 12-piece Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl and Prep Set
Wolfgang Puck 8-piece Non-Skid Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Set
Wolfgang Puck
Wolfgang Puck
Wolfgang Puck
Wolfgang Puck
Wolfgang Puck
Prime Benefits
Price not available
Wolfgang Puck 8-piece Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Set with Silicone Bases reviewed by Skillet Director
Wolfgang Puck 8-piece Non-Skid Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Set
Wolfgang Puck
Prime Benefits
Wolfgang Puck 12 Piece Bistro Elite Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl and Prep Set, Includes Multi-Function Cover with Grating and Slicing Inserts, Black reviewed by Skillet Director
Wolfgang Puck 12 Piece Bistro Elite Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl and Prep Set
Wolfgang Puck
Prime Benefits
Wolfgang Puck 6-piece Non-Skid Stainless Steel Mini Mixing Bowl Set reviewed by Skillet Director
Wolfgang Puck 6-piece Non-Skid Stainless Steel Mini Mixing Bowl Set
Wolfgang Puck
Prime Benefits
Wolfgang Puck Bistro Elite 12-piece Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl and Prep Set reviewed by Skillet Director
Wolfgang Puck Bistro Elite 12-piece Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl and Prep Set
Wolfgang Puck
Prime Benefits
Price not available
Wolfgang Puck 8-piece Non-Skid Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Set reviewed by Skillet Director
Wolfgang Puck 8-piece Non-Skid Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Set
Wolfgang Puck
Prime Benefits

Wolfgang Puck’s Mixing Bowls

chefs can’t survive without all the
right prep material Thank You Gregory
so what we did now we in our pressure
cooker we made mashed potatoes but
because that’s a nonstick Bowl we don’t
want to mash them in there so we put
them in our stainless steel bowl this is
where that nice wide rim comes into play
Richard it’s heavy this is five pounds
of potatoes because I can hope my hands
underneath there it’s so secure of a
grip for me to hold on to and lift it
also makes it really secure when you’re
pouring let’s say you made a cake and
you’re pouring the cake mix into the
pans I love that nice wide lip where I’m
not holding on for dear life like this I
can cut my hands around it and hold on
and let that the gravity of that push
down against me it matters I love that
there’s measure marks I love the
silicone because of these mashed
potatoes I can either use a hand mixer
or I can use just a masher like this and
I don’t have to have it be a two-handed
operation the silicones hugging in the
counter and it’s just gonna stay put
while I go to the next task of mixing
the ingredients in for the mashed
potatoes well if you already own the
Wolfgang Puck grill/griddle and you’re
making up a great big batch of you know
pancake mix or or or you know waffles I
mean you have a great you need a great
big bowl look at that everything is
right there for you with all 12 that
you’re receiving here all 12 pieces and
what I love I love to you know have the
day before to do things so I can spend
more time with my company like I said
when it comes to entertaining 90% of
their time in the kitchen is prepping
for that meal and for that evening with
the wonderful silicone lids that you’re
getting you could be prepping a day or
two ahead because everything will stay
so nice and fresh especially something
like mashed potatoes they can be done
ahead mash them in the bowl put the lid
on and then set them over a pot of
simmering water like a double boiler
style or you can even have them be
completely cold you know make them today
put them in the fridge and then bring
them back the same way
leave them covered put it over a double
boiler or something that’s nice and hot
where it’s gonna be get heat from the
bottom give them a stir nut now and then
and you’ve got a lovely way to keep
something the mashed potatoes are always
the most beloved part anyway and when
your stove is full it is so hard to keep
them hot now this see how soft these are
this is how Wolfgang serves them in the
restaurant they’re soft they don’t
a huge pile they kind of spread out but
I challenge you if you don’t love the
mashed potatoes you make it home you’re
probably making it a little bit too dry
extra cream butter how did you put that
as a cream first butter first so butter
first you want the the fattiest part of
the thing that you’re adding to coat the
starch of the potatoes
that helps to keep them from getting
gutter first okay so we are ready now
for the rest of this meal because what
goes better with mashed potatoes than
meatloaf and wait till you see this this
is going to be mozzarella this is
mozzarella stuffed okay do you know how
many people have already got their name
on this one
everybody already not gonna have
breakfast tomorrow because she’s waiting
for a big piece of this imagine that was
made remember these bowls go in an oven
up to 400° well that’s gonna be easy to
clean so we mix it in here we baked it
in here and it’s got bacon on the
outside but you know what what we have
here is as well as a great mixing bowl
is a stainless steel vessel that can
handle whatever you throw at it it’s
gonna stand up to whatever you want to
do with it just like our equipment in
the restaurant that’s how you know it’s
the right thing for you copy Wolfgang
listen to him he knows what we need in
the kitchen and it’s always best
whatever he makes us just turns out
great so there’s a nice thick slice and
look we’re getting to the cheese now oh
my gosh I’ve never seen such big smiles
in our crew it’s so good we’ll put a
slice over yes I’m gonna have to wipe
your chin over there in a moment they’re
all salivating they just can’t wait that
looks gorgeous
done in your prep set everyone up to 400
degrees in the oven it’s freezer
dishwasher refrigerator 12 pieces
remember there’s two graders there’s a
slicer that goes on top I just think
it’s one of the coolest designs for many
of you that say you know what it’s time
to get rid of those bowls of shame well
here’s your chance everybody five one
four six seven three six seven five is
your item number and it’s an
unbelievable value and you know it just
serves a whole lot of purpose and I hope
you’re getting enough of these that you
can wrap up for the shower gifts
housewarming gifts because this is the
time of year we’re in wedding season
there’s gonna be a lot of showers you
guys are gonna be going too and I love
having something like this at the ready
where I can have it in a closet
I can even wrap them ahead of time in
neutral paper or get those gift bags
which makes it even easier but have them
ready I was so amazed when we got them
at first how much we love them and then
we bought five sets in the green to give
as gifts but what’s been so wonderful is
when you give a gift that people
actually appreciate because they will
tell you and what’s so neat when you get
pictures from people’s smartphones with
the creation since I’ve made saying
thank you that was the best gift ever
you know I’ve gotten so many Wolfgang
Puck over the years to give his gifts
but this is way up there with what
everybody needs it and it’s so classy
you couldn’t have you know written 21
books without folds I mean come on all
the recipes I just want to give you a
heads up though we have also the cutest
little rice cooker that you are
absolutely it’s it’s adorable and it’s
under $25 I’m just saying so if you want
while you’re on the phones waiting if
you want to get the rice cooker it cooks
one and a half cups of rice dry but that
becomes three cups of rice there it is
right here look at this this is so cute
it’s coming up on the show
I have never featured I’m so looking
forward to it but for a lot of you that
are gonna be doing a lot of thinking a
lot of prep in the kitchen you know it’s
but she’s a summertime there’s a lot of
garnishes there’s hot dogs or steaks
there’s burgers there’s all kinds of
things you want to keep all things fresh
with those pizzas that you and the kids
like to make this is the perfect spot
but you have to show everybody again
because I mean I think I’ve never seen
anything like this until tonight
potatoes in here and let’s say you want
to keep them warm we can put it over a
double boiler because that stainless can
go right on a double boiler if you
wanted to you could pop on the lid and
grate in some cheddar cheese or one of
Wolfgang’s favorites because he’s from
Austria this is what Wolfgang did let me
show what is he like I like to see I
like a big dollop of horse run that’s
what he does but he grates it in fresh
oh that’s fresh horseradish
that’s the course one two okay I got it
we got one thank you Greg so put the
fine one because it’s kind of strong you
wouldn’t want to know that’s true just
we just wanted that little bit of a pike
fresh horseradish onto your homemade
mashed potatoes it’s so delicious and
fresh and people will say oh my gosh
amazing that can do it take off that lid
and that oh can you smell it
oh my gosh Richard oh my gosh I put
another little doll out there because
Alicia one of our lovely planners wants
to come and get that meatloaf dinner
okay told me today that she didn’t bring
any food with her because so homemade
meatloaf and homemade mashed potatoes
we’ll get a fork
this one had butter on it so it’s even
better right here there we go okay give
it a try give it a try hon what do you
amazing amazing of course it is you
don’t have to say anything okay you’re
welcome you’re welcome
you know what none of us bring our lunch
anytime chef Marian and Wolfgang and
Greg are in the house here but continue
along everybody again I do apologize I
know it’s extremely busy on the phones
right now if you can’t go to our website
T Seca now I understand is it still the
the red in the lead Leslie I think red
is in the lead okay and okay
followed by the green and then black so
we have but this time I think you only
brought two colors the first time with
no silicone bottoms now and only eight
pieces okay perfect perfect shower give
perfect housewarming gift if you think
of all the bowls of shame up at your RV
campers and your cottages get rid of
them put them away but recycle them and
guess what now you have stainless steel
from Wolfgang Puck with all 12 pieces no
I do want to remind you there’s a
colander that comes with this there’s
three graders and a slicer yep slicer
grater colander we’ve never done that
before and that was at your request
because you wanted something that nested
down into a small footprint it did a
little bit more and that’s what I love
about well
he is a genius at listening to you you
are such smart shoppers and you asked
for more and he listens and delivers and
I think that’s part of why we have such
a wonderful relationship and a trust
between you you’re smart shoppers you
know what you want and he listens and
I’m lucky enough to get to show you so
Father’s Day is coming up wings men
everybody loves wings but they’re so
easy we roasted these in our Wolfgang
Puck oven
we added some wing sauce to the top add
a lid give a toss remember you want
sauce but you don’t want too much
because it’s kind of better and when you
do this don’t get nicely coated so chef
would do it in a skill at all fancy-like
but at home we don’t really do that a
few of us maybe know how but you know
what the chance of making a mess is
pretty good when you do that a good
chance so this is how we do it toss them
in that wing sauce they get all lovely
and coded and then out onto a platter
and you serve that up for Father’s Day
and it’s just amazing it’s so fun having
the right tools in your kitchen and
these have everything that you need I
had to try since I put the spoon back in
those are all mine this is on believe
it’s not too much actually fresh
horseradish has a kind of a sweetness to
that’s lovely that’s not big it doesn’t
happen in the bottle time amazing but I
love that you can make it a day ahead
why in stainless steel you put it over
that double boiler you’re not gonna put
plastic over a double boiler you were
not gonna put glass over a double boiler
stainless steel your 12 piece prep bowls
from Wolfgang Puck you can put over a
double boiler
there are tons and tons of uses with
this over there don’t forget about
things that you can do in the freezer
with the Bulls too because remember they
can go into the dishwasher into the
freezer into the oven up to 400° but
here’s a really fun one when you want to
entertain on a budget but you and you’ll
splurge a little bit but you don’t have
a ton of money this is what we did with
two of the Bulls okay Chuck are you
catering that that you know rehearsal
dinner that wedding in the backyard are
you having your is it your daughter your
granddaughter your nieces
take a look at this know whatever you
done you do it this is the 3 and the 1
quart I took some masking tape and taped
it off kind of just held it sort of
evenly so it would kind of be okay and
then down the side I tucked lemon and
parsley you can tuck whatever you want
so then with this bowl as it starts to
end you’re gonna pour water in here okay
okay and then as this one starts to rise
maybe pour some water in here or put
some pennies or something heavy in there
but what you get is this and it’s so
pretty and what you’ve done is create a
beautiful Bowl you can do this for a
punch bowl – I love to do rose petals in
there and then put berries in the center
and float this whole thing in a punch
it’s stunning so now you’ve got
something you can either fill it this
way with the shrimp or you can pour them
directly in but now your party doesn’t
look like everyone else is store-bought
already cooked so but your party looks
better than other peoples and you watch
people go how did you do that and that’s
my favorite thing when people say how
did you see this is why I said you have
to tape the show every time chef Marian
is here she has the most coolest ideas
excuse the pun here idea so now you’re
not having to get something especially
forum ice mold you’ve got a multitasker
in your kitchen that also makes you try
and get that out of a plastic bowl a
glass bowl you know it’s gonna crack in
the freezer like we’re trying to do that
you have stainless steel but you know
the ideas just keep coming and coming I
know it’s busy we’re looking at almost
600 all ready out the door
48 dollars and 80 cents and I thought
this was so cool and Alicia buy away by
the way who took that beautiful meatloaf
dinner she’s our planner and I was
shocked that we actually got the great
thank you very much another idea we
lined that this is the one quart we
lined it with plastic wrap and so that
was in the bowl like this put in weep in
this case we did sorbet and we did three
different colors and then we put on the
bottom some store-bought pound cake so
you can serve it like this this and this
would be called an ice cream bombe if
you did it this way or if you want to
get fancy you can take your big 5 quart
and this so this meringue is egg whites
and sugar it is so simple but the bull
has to be
you cannot do this in a plastic board
why because that bowl is made out of
petroleum which is oil and if it looks
like that one with the pasta sauce
where’s the pasta sauce one I can’t tell
you how many times you’re gonna make a
nice meringue
when you’re in college and you want to
make macro chip cookies you go to the
grocery store you buy the cheapest bowl
you can which looks like this right then
so the chocolate chip cookies were great
but then later you heat up the pasta
sauce in it and this is what happens
yeah even years later it still smells
like a little bit it’s so oily you
cannot get this out I don’t care how
much you spend how many people say you
know chef I can’t make homemade
meringues and whipped creams well if
you’re in a plastic bowl gave an
award-winning pastry chef mixer so in
this case because I did it by hand
you’re whisking with this motion see how
I’m tipping the bowl but it’s not
skating because I’ve got silicone so I
can tip it up hold it and then whisk and
then this goes right over the top of our
ice cream ice cream bombe now what are
we turning this into we’re making this
into Baked Alaska so these are spatulas
that you can buy in addition and I
highly recommend it because silicon
spatulas are amazing and now you just
play you just swirl and the idea here is
to coat the ice cream completely so that
it’s kind of like insulating it kind of
like putting on a parka so I’m gonna put
it underneath the broiler for a minute
or two well we’re gonna be even better
than oh I see oh I see what we why we
have this in front because as Julia
Child says every kitchen should have a
blowtorch she’s right that’s done you
kind of make it as fancy as you want all
right and then you just take a bow torch
to it
okay you’re gonna impress everybody and
you know what what was the big help you
had the right tools in the kitchen the
12 piece prep set all stainless steel up
to in and oven up to 400° freezer knife
in a play bridge it goes into the
dishwasher I know a lot of people ask if
we can go in the dishwasher
absolutely absolutely a restaurant
wouldn’t have them if they didn’t go in
the dishwasher and here’s a trick if you
listen to a chef and you watch what
happens in a restaurant those are the
kinds of things that you need in your
kitchen at home if there’s the size
that’s made available for you at home
that’s made after what happens in a
restaurant it’s always gonna make your
food to not better it’s always going to
be just a better way to go you’re never
gonna find a plastic bowl or a glass
bowl in a restaurant why because they
won’t stand up they will just say
they’ll be broken to fall apart I worked
in a restaurant I was a dishwasher as a
young kid I never cleaned any glass you
know glass or plastic for the chefs in
the kitchen no everything was stainless
steel you’re right absolutely and the
cup pretty inside Oh see that was done
in the one quart Bowl and you can do
this it’s all about having the right
tools oh my gosh that is one meringue
like that is its torch like that it has
this whole s’more thing that’s so darn
good and it’s simple its store-bought
ice cream and then egg whites and sugar
that you beat in the correct Bowl it’s
so easy but you just made Baked Alaska
last time I had Baked Alaska was on a
cruise I always honor you know something
special or at a wedding or something but
child’s play to make when you have the
right tools when you have bowls that are
stainless steel that are professional
quality and that’s what these are is
professional quality workers when they
have a silicone bottom so they don’t
skate all over your your counter when
you’re working with measuring marks
inside so you’re not searching for that
extra set of measuring cups just to make
something as simple as a salad or a
vinaigrette but I love that he made that
lid where you can grate the cheese into
your mashed potatoes if there’s if
that’s what you want to do or if you
want to make the best scalloped potatoes
of your life here’s all you need a
vessel to go in your nice big five quart
our potatoes that we’ve got in our
colander because we washed them and
watch how easy this is the slicer just
that I’ve added to get a slicer you get
two of the great of the graders with
this everybody very busy I thank you all
for being so patient with us you were
gonna love love all the wonderful things
that can do for you so that easy and
remember they’re going into the bowl
where they belong so we’ll do a couple
more but nice even slices it would take
a long time to do that with a knife but
with this this wonderful set not only do
you get the bowls that are so versatile
but you’ve got the ability to grate and
you know I added a little water in there
so they don’t go dark and away you go
we’re heading off to almost 800 sets red
still in the lead followed by the green
everybody and then the black I hope
you’re getting enough of these for how
many you ladies it’s you know usually
the ladies when there’s a wedding to go
there’s many of you that end up going to
two and three showers well guess what
how about wrapping these up they come
nicely boxing and you know what you’re
thinking 12 pieces they all nest into
each other doesn’t take a whole lot of
room to you know to store these if you
don’t have a whole lot of room that’s
fine you don’t need a lot of room with
this that’s for sure and look at that
easily done you get the slicer you get
the traders you get all the silicone
lids you get all the different sizes
from the one one and a half two and a
half colander there’s a colander that
also comes with us that you can also use
as a steamer a strainer however you want
to use it it’s entirely up to you I love
that you can if you just want to make
even a few of them just for yourself a
few you just feel like you don’t having
a hankerin for some scalloped potatoes
that night great idea beautiful you
deserve these please pick them up I
can’t you do with yours go to the
website look at some of the recipes that
we posted so you can get some ideas but
these are amazing I’m so proud of
Wolfgang for making oh you should be I’m
just gonna go grab my notes over here
five one four six seven three as your
item number we have some other cool
items now if you were watching chef Tory
chef Marian and she was using that
silicone spatula to make that Baked
Alaska there they are
they are a must-have also in the kitchen
because you can use them okay it’s only
a quick mention we have three pieces
five one four six seven four is your
item number we have the small the medium
and the large spatula and the large ones
my favorite because it’s shaped like a
spoon so it does double duty in yellow

Wolfgang Puck Mixing Bowls Buyers’ Guide

How to correctly store Wolfgang Puck mixing bowls?

The best way to store your Wolfgang Puck mixing bowls depends on your own and your kitchen preferences. If you have minimal space, then you can place them together, inside each other, and in a cabinet with your other utensils. If you would like to place your mixing bowls on display, you can use them to store food in open spaces and tables. A good trick is to place your mixing bowls in a cabinet that is close to your working space, so you can reach for them easily if necessary. You can also store them with your other measuring utensils, such as spoons and measuring cups. Always make sure they are clean and fully dry before you store them in a cabinet or a drawer.

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Author: Mark Miller

I have graduated The Culinary Institute of America in 2013 and became a chef assistant in one of New York city restaurants. I began to move up the career ladder – just a few years later I've worked as a chef in a 4* restaurant.