Wolfgang Puck 1700-Watt 23-Liter Air Fryer/Oven with Rotisserie Model 669-175 reviewed by Skillet Director
Wolfgang Puck 1700-Watt 23-Liter Air Fryer/Oven with Rotisserie Model 669-175 reviewed by Skillet Director
Wolfgang Puck 1700-Watt 23-Liter Air Fryer/Convection Oven with Rotisserie, Stainless Steel
Wolfgang Puck 1700-Watt 23-Liter Air Fryer/Convection Oven with Rotisserie, Red
Wolfgang Puck
Wolfgang Puck
Prime Benefits
Wolfgang Puck 1700-Watt 23-Liter Air Fryer/Oven with Rotisserie Model 669-175 reviewed by Skillet Director
Wolfgang Puck 1700-Watt 23-Liter Air Fryer/Convection Oven with Rotisserie, Stainless Steel
Wolfgang Puck
Prime Benefits
Wolfgang Puck 1700-Watt 23-Liter Air Fryer/Oven with Rotisserie Model 669-175 reviewed by Skillet Director
Wolfgang Puck 1700-Watt 23-Liter Air Fryer/Convection Oven with Rotisserie, Red
Wolfgang Puck
Prime Benefits

Wolfgang Puck 5-in-1 Air Fryer & Rotisserie Oven Review

hi guys so today I just got in the
today’s special from Home Shopping
Network which is the Wolfgang Puck like
five and one air fryer convection oven
type of thing I just want to show you
the one I had before and I bought two it
well this one and one other one the one
before this one was big and it was
awesome and I loved it if it 13 by nine
pans it was great
I stopped working I don’t remember why
it stopped working if it just didn’t
turn up something was wrong with it
after a few years so it took a while and
they’re not super expensive they can be
a hundred two hundred three hundred it
depends on the model I think this one
was like in the 170s 180s I don’t quite
remember but the problem with this one
now is I love it it works great and it
does pressure cooking that’s why I like
this one so you seal it up here and you
can push down that handle and you can
cook meat really fast just like any
pressure cooker but it’s like a
convection oven but something happened
to where they’ve timer now if you can
hear it it won’t stop even if it’s
unplugged and sometimes that happens
with like you know the regular toaster
oven and you leave it yeah you unplug it
and if that timer is going it goes tick
tick tick tick but you don’t wanna get
to the end it just keeps ticking so I
have to go stay on and listen no more
ticking and unplug it because if you
leave I’ll stay on it’ll be on all right
so I have to unplug it every time it’s
so annoying and the only starting that
couple months ago and it’s just it’s too
much so like I said I just got my box in
I’m gonna open it up I’m going to switch
this out for this and we’ll talk about
it a little bit I’ll get this a camera
on a tripod and I’ll make some brownies
I always say whenever I get a convection
oven or one of these toaster ovens the
first thing I do is cook brownies if it
doesn’t not cook my brownies well then
it’s going back to the store because I
want it to bake cakes really quickly
well and that’s the other thing people
say oh you cook it in half the time or
you save you 25% no if it’s a cake or a
bread or whatever I don’t really make
cookies in them cookies are very small
and they can burn quickly and this is
such a small space I just I’ve never
really made cookies in these guys but it
doesn’t cook it in half the time or less
than for me yes maybe about half the
time but it’s still like a quarter of
your time I’ve never had
this cook brownies or a cake faster it
just doesn’t um I don’t know who comes
up with that or they always say that but
I’ve worked with these for like a decade
now and they don’t it just takes the
same amount of time but it’s just a
smaller space in that instead of heating
up like your whole oven right at my
kitchen a double oven I’ve never even I
baked it at one time since I got them
put in him about a year ago so hopefully
using more often now but that’s you know
winter’s coming up but this thing is
amazing and I don’t even use it so let
me open that up switch it out and let’s
try it up and I’ll show you when I open
the box it’s literally just right here
there is no other packaging I do think
that’s a bit of a bummer especially cuz
the box was damaged a little bit but
hopefully the paint is okay color and
I’m sorry faint rose a little bit long
talking about other convection ovens I
just want you guys have some tips in
case you’re looking for one or if you’re
thinking about getting one that’s
normally how I work with them let’s see
how heavy this thing is that’s it’s not
heavy at all really which is kind of a
bummer because the one I just got moved
over is super heavy and I love that the
other thing I love about the one I just
showed you guys is that the door doesn’t
just close like this it locks in and I
always look whenever I look for a
toaster oven or a convection oh but I
prefer for the door to lock in but
anyway I’m gonna put this on the counter
and then I’ll show you the accessories
that came with okay a few of the things
I like about it just picking it up right
is that it has like little handles on
the sides so if you need to move it or
even just push it to the side it’s easy
to do it has something you can grip onto
on the back I was wondering where the
vents are cuz my other one vents out the
top a lot and it kind of bothers me cuz
it’s right under my um cabinet which is
typical anyhow you have obviously have
your cabinets
I have other areas where I don’t have
cabinets but I don’t want to just put
this by the window or whatever so I did
like that the vents are on the side
either side but in the back there is one
it’s not concerning for me it has this
little kind of tray but there’s a vent
inside of there so and a little bit
coming out the back also which isn’t the
worst like I said I’m gonna have spices
above here that’s why I don’t want to
heat those things up but you know the
court is not too long – that’s typical
of things that you know you don’t want
it to be too long
some kind of hazard but let me take this
off the paint looks great
suppose it holds up to 11 by 11 and
maybe a little bit larger pants I will I
think in the specifications it wasn’t
really easy to see exactly what size the
inside is but I told my husband like we
took this off of our old one it was on
the side right all the dials it’d be
about the same width so I don’t know
that we lost any space inside but we
will see so open it up it does have a
nice snap to it it’s just I really like
when it clips in cuz it holds the heat
better than if it just kind of starts
coming out or if this spring kind of
wears out the thing just kinda stays
open I don’t like dealing with that so
it’s gonna be something I think about my
love wolfgang puck have all his pans and
they’re great so and they are not the
kind that are coated with any kind of
coating I like not non-stick pans I use
his stainless steel pans because all you
have to do when you stand still guys
they’ll be nonstick if you heat up the
pan really well and once that pans hot
then add your oil and heat that up
really well and then add in whenever
you’re gonna cook and if you’re not
going to use too much oil well that’s
different story but that part is matter
you really have to just heat up your
pans okay people I think get kind of
like oh no I’ll just use this other
stuff and we know a tough one it’s not
that great especially what starts
tutoring and that’s the tip I actually
got from Wolfgang and it works like my
pens look perfect they look great and
the food is a stick so it comes with one
wrap even though it always has two
things that I wish that would give you
two racks because maybe you can cook two
little things of cookies at a time but
they always give you one rack so one
rack goes in here and you can put it
here you can fill it one lower at the
top looks like I don’t think is anymore
yes so the very top middle for super low
here oopsie alright there is the
rotisserie function which I had in my
other machine I never used it but that
includes this thing here that helps you
bring out your hunk of meat if you have
it in there and apparently the little
yes I’m missing something you might be
in the package there’s only these two
pieces of tying medals which i think is
weird huh I guess so well no make sense
it should be like a stick okay well
maybe it’s somewhere else maybe I didn’t
get let’s see about that like I said use
it anyway but did you guys find out all
the pieces I mean look in the box on my
oh yeah it’s over here just don’t throw
this away for some reason they stuck
that piece to the styrofoam here so be
careful with that this piece right here
is what goes in your meat and then these
other pieces go through it and then we
have our baking tray and they call it
your cookie tray which like I said I’m
gonna make cookies I would never I use
this for like if I’m making tater tots
or chicken for the kids or any other
meat that I could put on here but now we
have the air frying thing somebody I
don’t need well you will need to use
this to catch the grease or anything it
might come off there air fried food but
that’s usually how I use this it’s nice
and heavy this is I probably the best
quality one I’ve gotten so far from them
it feels really nice this is the basket
used for your air frying so it has
little feet and I’m assuming you would
place it on this I haven’t read it
anything about that but you get it in
there you do your air frying in your
basket and you saw tons of demos if you
watch the day that he was on whatsit
today’s special and then we have you
know your little book I usually have
some recipes in it and I always keep
this in my kitchen anyway just to kind
of check it out again so here’s what it
says that stick right you put it through
you’re gonna put it through your meat
and then put those hooks into the meat
so the meat so I’ll just swap it around
and then you hook that piece of rod into
here and it will start spinning for you
once you select that and then use that
tool to help you bring it back out –
they’ll be hot I’ll use your air fryer
garlic wings crunchy chickpeas Italian
Nuggets open-faced Reuben sandwich is
just a several air fried lemon pies
that’s interesting
mixed berry cobbler pork kabobs there’s
just a bunch of stuff in there
oh my fish listen
so we close that up the dials on the
very top are you have your timer which
right now is set to off I guess while
your temperature warm through 250 300
350 400 450 and then toast and boil we
have warm boil as far as the functions
warm broil toast bake airfryer
rotisserie and speed low medium high
that’s the only one I kind of huh speed
but I he did set that when he was
actually just baking things or cooking
things so you have to read about that in
the book because to me this doesn’t do
anything just the same reason I told you
like when you cook anything in here
you know cakes and stuff like that that
doesn’t really change anything
let me start I’m gonna plug this in okay
keep it in the corner I don’t know I
hope that see about that I’m I still
kind of tucked away I don’t want the
kids to touch it so I guess what I’m
gonna do now is whip together some
brownies and by that I mean like
literally just a brownie mix and I
always add extra chocolate chips and
walnuts my brownie mix and then bake
them but I’ll show you that in just a
second so let me see you right now that
it’s off nothing’s on you see it’s on
off I’m gonna change it well let me take
this plastic bag here and it’s just on
right now I don’t see a light but they
say Oh hasn’t oven light it’s cuz you
can switch it on I guess so I just gotta
come on because it’s on so that’s really
nice so my other ones didn’t have that
option unless you open the door then the
light comes on
so you haven’t oven like switch and it
turns on and off right now it’s on warm
but you know you can kick it up to
whatever I do like that this isn’t like
a clicky knob because those are the kind
of brake is supposedly just goes there
it’s on warm boreal toast I hear
different functions going baked
I do want to hear anything on that and
they said it was convection I’m gonna
have to look that up because to be
honest I don’t know that it’s a
conviction let’s see okay I hear some
noise that sounds like a fan so I kicked
on with the hi maybe I didn’t hear it so
much on medium or low
so that’s your bake with the convection
airfryer has more of a an air sound when
I open this it stops not have you hear
that I open it it stops and then
rotisserie I don’t know that I should
turn that on right now me what’s getting
hot okay it’s hot already so I’m gonna
mess with that but with the rotisserie
once you have your little spit in there
and you turn it on you put on rotisserie
I would put it on right history first
then turn it on make sure it’s off it’ll
start spinning so again let me throw
together some brownies and we’ll see how
this thing bakes okay and I just want to
show you real quick so this is just our
basic brownie mix from Duncan Hines and
I Ghirardelli chocolate chip that I use
whenever or any chocolate chips just
like a bag maybe I just want to show you
why do I just add those in and I do have
walnuts but I have to chop them and I
really need to get their going so I am
just gonna use these pecan halves that
all I did was smash the bag from the
outside of the bag I hit it with a glass
so it would kind of break up a little
bit so this is gonna TP cons which I
normally like I said do almonds just as
much as you like I’m just gonna throw a
few inches I had some caramel bits to be
honest no milkmaids cut those up throw
them in there I would do that too
especially with the piece Hans but I
don’t have any right now so I usually
mix this so it’s almost all completely
mixed and then I add in those things and
I have a nine by nine pan that I’m going
to spray with my Baker’s joy which you
don’t have this stuff you need to get it
I love this stuff it’s just basically
flour and oil already kind of mixed in
there together it says fat-free I don’t
know but we might have a little bit seen
better days let me know
this clean and see if it sprays better
it’s been spraying kind of crazy
recently you see that it should be
anymore it’s okay so there’s that again
like I said is like flower and that’s
why it’s all white and thick looking
okay and I’m just gonna spread this out
in here mix it a little better and I’ll
be right back once I dump this into is
just a spatula to try to get every last
bit I do not like leaving any waste in
the bowl that drives me next I think I
mentioned Cheerios before anybody watch
like Food Network or these other shows
and they’re like oh they just leave all
kinds of stuff in the bowl like now
No drives me nuts but anyway I’m even my
fork and everything I try to clean off
as well as I can get everything in there
and also that does have to go down your
drain you know so let’s just get as much
as we can off in there
and just give it a little shake okay how
much I do this with one hand so I ran
over his book and he has a or that
little booklet and you have the recipe
in there for berry cobbler right it does
tell you how to trust a chicken how to
get your meat ready for doing prime rib
so all those things are in there again
I’m just trusting if this thing will
bake and and if it works this is where
I’m at so it does say that when you’re
baking or at least the very collar it
says to have it on low so I am going to
hold this in my hand hopefully not make
a big mess is still in the tripod so I
have it off right now we’re gonna put on
350 we’re setting it to bake all right
just turn to bake and then on low so we
have it on low now the brownie is
especially on nine by nine it says 27 to
30 minutes so I will just set this to 30
and the power button came on you do not
have to preheat this but if you want to
go ahead it only takes a couple minutes
he’s like don’t even worry about
preheating just put it in and I didn’t
even measure oh thank god so there’s a
nine by nine pan but as you can see it
has an extra like inch and a half on
either side but while that let me close
that up I’m gonna go grab my ruler so I
can give you a good number because we
want to know exactly what this thing
will do so let me go grab
my ruler real quick and I’ll measure
that for you guys okay let me try it out
it stops the cooking that’s okay
this is a 12-inch ruler and I would say
your pan has to be about 12 inches
because it has to fit in these grooves
that also fit in here so maybe maybe
twelve and a half even inches side to
side and the depth is pretty darn good
too oh my gosh
about eleven and a half inches deep so
she was saying the loving eleven fits in
there you know a nine by eleven pan
which is normally what I like to use
shift fit in there pretty well the only
things that are those bumps right that
rotisserie bump and the other little
bump over there so you might have to
contend with that where your pan has to
be smaller than know where those little
bumps stick out but they are not huge
they stick out about half an inch and I
so that’s gonna reduce by an inch your
space but again I just measured was
about twelve and a half inches so if
you’re losing an inch you know I know
she said for sure 11 by 11 but she
didn’t say much bigger than that so I
mean 11 by 9 obviously would work so
pretty good unless it has handles right
so I can show you well I’m gonna show
you guys but I have another pan that I
use and I believe it is Nordic Ware it
looks like this one but it’s all metal
so that you can do casseroles or big
things like that or any pretty pan
usually the pretty ones like ceramic
ones and I have a little bit of a handle
but I have a ton of them from home
shopping I guess there are that
temptations and they don’t have handles
you just have smooth on the sides so
that’s pretty good that’s pretty much as
same as the one I just put away and as
you can see it has a much smaller
footprint on my countertop alright so we
will be back in half an hour and see how
these are baking so it’s been about five
or seven minutes I’m smelling brownies
I’ve been smelling them for a few
seconds I want you to see the top I just
notice this nice and shiny the way you
want it where it gets all good and
crispy hopefully it’s looking good
I started bubbling kind of all the sides
after like three or four minutes so I
thought that’s kind of fast but that’s
okay because it’s looking good I mean
the whole top looks really nice like
it’s baking evenly I do like I will say
that I guess you can’t control like the
low medium high and when I first I
thought that was weird but what the
convection that’s why I always like like
my new kitchen aides I don’t want to be
convicting all the time especially with
my bread or like say breads that I make
the way they spread I want it to be
classic low slow fast however it needs
to be but so you make a nice bread right
so I do like you can control that so
right now he said you know whether your
baked goods to put it on low and I think
that’s about right because you don’t
need the heat blowing all over even
though it is still keeping it you know
hopefully it looks like even but just
not that that fan just always blowing
you know to make it faster to cook it
faster which is not really what we want
so I’m really happy with it so far it
looks like I might have obviously 20 or
so minutes left but yeah I’ll come back
when it’s gonna Dean soon so I may open
this up you see the Devon light that’s
where the oven light works when the
doors close when you open it it turns
off so that is odd I did open it about
halfway through and turn them around so
I would do that with baking anyway I was
turning the item just so I get some good
coverage it looks like it’s gonna beep
or painting or whatever it does let me
yes pretty darn good as I’m saying
close-up on that it’s almost clean now
with brownies you don’t want to be super
clean because you want them to be moist
so that’s really good I think we’re
about 27 minutes or so because it’s not
quite 2 off so I’m gonna leave it in
here to cook I’m gonna give it back the
minutes I just pull from it and see the
other light song as I press it on but if
I open the door it turns off which is
odd and you can’t just
stay on so I’m gonna let it go ahead and
Dean and it looks pretty great guys so
i’ma let you know I’ll come back at it
when I take them out just to give you
that one little extra bit and that’s
sizzling you hear hopefully not too loud
is my chori so I am making chili so
tacos and I was weird I put a piece of
metal like a old pan a little chunky
pants in the Dollar Tree did not get on
my backsplash cuz I do fry a lot of
stuff I mean it’s Mexican food that’s
how we do it but if you want to know
really quickly how I do these it’s just
about a pound of chorizo the kind that
comes in the little casings like from
the Mexican market but if you can’t find
that you can buy the cheap stuff it
comes in a plastic tube chhoti salt
usually pork you can use either one
actually I don’t even know most times
pork but you can you beef saute it with
some onion just a little bit of onion
you can salt pepper if you need that’s
usually pretty salty already and while
your that’s going you cut up about 2 or
3 potatoes and chunks and you put them
in a bowl and microwave safe Bowl with
some plastic wrap on top and you could
see little holes in your plastic wrap I
know I’m totally off topic but and then
you’re gonna dump these he says without
the cooking liquid is you they say but
this is never really a cookie liquid I
didn’t know what kind potatoes would
release so much liquid but what happens
is they kind of parboil in the microwave
so they’re almost cooked throw them in
there saute them up and then cooking for
another 10 to 15 minutes and you know
heat up some corn so he has flour if you
like a little fat in your life a little
flour Sophia but usually I do corn
tortillas and put your little yellow mix
it you just made in there and of course
you’re cooking them until the potatoes
are soft is what you’re looking for so
that’s at 10 to 15 minutes I do cover it
cuz I like that to work faster
so item and saute them cover it 10 to 15
minutes and serve them on the net so see
ya and you’ve garnished it with a little
oh what’s that called Ceylon throw maybe
a little piece of avocado a little slice
or two and then you can top with some
mexican cheese like a stinky crumbly
cheese if you don’t like that use
whatever cheese you like don’t use
cheese if you have fit a little trick
don’t tell anybody
use feta cause it’s almost similar to
that Mexican cheese so probably a little
softer but it has a
thing kind of like salty pungent kind of
thing going on and you’re good to go my
kids everyone loves us everyone that’s
even this is like they love it again I
have like I’m high medium high heat
basically I cook it the whole time
anyway Oh for the Dean he doesn’t sign
for me to show you I just mix those in I
just come put the lid on them again
probably ten minutes ago they were
pretty soft going in i’ma turn the heat
down just a little bit and just let
those cook okay so I need my something
to grab this and again I just let it go
the rest of those three minutes or
whatever was there probably needed and
to be honest that’s pretty good they are
a little bit darker on the edges than I
would expect but like I said I started
bubbling within a couple minutes around
the edges and make sure that’s off and
it’s off and everything’s off that’s
great I’m gonna let these cool off for a
little bit
I’ll pie cut them up like I said it
looks like they baked up really nicely
if there’s a problem like I’ll let you
guys know when I come back but I think I
just let them cool cut them with some
pieces I’ll show you kind of what they
look like quite without a team you know
it’s the music over there everything you
need to know is in this little book as
far as like if you need to air fried use
your wire rack always put that black pan
under it right so in the very bottom
section where I have this wreck right
now that’s where you gonna put that you
want to toast the other thing with that
use that middle space for broiling it
says to put it on the top space but you
put your meat on that black rack so
everything’s in here so I just wanted to
see that it actually worked and that
worked well so I’m pretty happy with
what I’m seeing right now like I said
it’s a little darker around there and
then I would like but for a little oven
that I didn’t have to heat up my whole
big oven then I’m happy
Oh since I didn’t mention my KitchenAid
stuff everything when I were remodeled
the kitchen or after we had a remodel
the kitchen is kitchenaid kitchenaid
kitchenaid and that guy i have been
loving it’s been great i love the way
the microwave sounds when it goes off if
i could have had just a hood i would
that but it was not possible to do in
this house in this area so this is a
recirculating hood but it works great so
love my burners lots of options on this
burners crazy options but they all work
um some are small oh I think it’s like
one really small one you know sometimes
they give you this little tiny thing so
it’s all functional you know even though
it’s small it’s not super small that big
one in the middle they all have one
stall or have double burners so you can
use this little tiny inside just the
outside both of them so that’s usually
through here you can have both of them
going this one’s not as large as that
one anyway that’s not what this is about
I will cut up these brownies and it
looks great I love the size of this
thing I like the way it fits right in
that corner the other one went all the
way pretty much to the edges that I
don’t even notice so I do like this is a
smaller profile it did throw out most of
the heat out the back though I did
notice that it didn’t get super hot up
here at mam can touch it it’s not
burning my hand but it does say it’s a
hot surface which is kind of misleading
because I HSN they had a bunch of stuff
on top like a little decorative things
like oh so I thought oh I must stay cool
but no so maybe when they’re doing other
things like maybe the air fryer
something else maybe the heat comes out
these assignments but right now most of
it was coming out the back so just so
you know to not put it up against
anything so it corner kind of works out
because it gives it a little more air
behind there and instead of just being
pushed against the flat wall alright
guys so well if you’re looking for one
of these guys I hope you try it out I
think it’s great and then right now with
HSN and Friends on when you’re watching
this you have until January 31st to
return it so after a holidays and after
everything you put it through the
wringer if you don’t like it send it
back you know so thanks for watching and
I’ll see you the next one bye now

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Author: Emily Howard

I have about 300 different recipes in my collection, and I try to look for new tastes every week. I love to learn dishes from around the world and pamper my big family with a signature Italian cheese pie and my favorite Ukrainian borsch.