Oster 6-Cup Rice Cooker with Steamer, Red (004722-000-000) reviewed by Skillet Director
Oster Titanium Infused DuraCeramic 6-Cup Rice & Grain Cooker with Steam Tray, Silver/Black (CKSTRC61K-TECO) reviewed by Skillet Director
Oster 20-Cup Digital Rice Cooker, Black/Stainless Steel (003071-000-000) reviewed by Skillet Director
Oster 20-Cup Rice Cooker, White (004715-000-000) reviewed by Skillet Director
Oster 6-Cup Rice Cooker with Steamer
Oster CKSTRC61K-TECO Titanium Infused DuraCeramic 6-Cup Rice & Grain Cooker
Oster 20-Cup Digital Rice Cooker
Oster 20-Cup Rice Cooker
Prime Benefits
Oster 6-Cup Rice Cooker with Steamer, Red (004722-000-000) reviewed by Skillet Director
Oster 6-Cup Rice Cooker with Steamer
Prime Benefits
Oster Titanium Infused DuraCeramic 6-Cup Rice & Grain Cooker with Steam Tray, Silver/Black (CKSTRC61K-TECO) reviewed by Skillet Director
Oster CKSTRC61K-TECO Titanium Infused DuraCeramic 6-Cup Rice & Grain Cooker
Prime Benefits
Oster 20-Cup Digital Rice Cooker, Black/Stainless Steel (003071-000-000) reviewed by Skillet Director
Oster 20-Cup Digital Rice Cooker
Prime Benefits
Oster 20-Cup Rice Cooker, White (004715-000-000) reviewed by Skillet Director
Oster 20-Cup Rice Cooker
Prime Benefits

My Oster DuraCeramic 6-Cup Rice Cooker: Review & Cooking Demo

hi there I am back and today I want to
do another rice cooker review I do have
several the only one I’ve reviewed so
far is my small Panasonic that cooks
three cups of rice that would be one and
a half cups of uncooked rice it makes
three cups and that’s the rice cooker
cup not a standard measuring cup it’s a
very small model it’s great for one or
two people really tiny dorm rooms where
there isn’t a kitchen or room to to
really cook anything but today I’m doing
the the size I use the most often which
is my 6 cup now that’s six cups cooked
rice three cups raw okay that’s an issue
I do want to address as well so but I’ll
get into that in a little bit as far as
the measurements go because there’s
always kind of confusing you can see I
have two Oh stir models here this is the
old one and this is my new one they’re
the exact same size the unit itself is
exactly the same other than the color
they do the same thing they’re the same
350 watts the exact same size and
capacity they have the same glass lid
other than you know grey plastic versus
black plastic here it’s the same the
reason I wanted a new one is the cooking
vessel itself the cooking pot this one
is just straight-up aluminum I bought
this one at a thrift store for like I
think four dollars a couple of years ago
but everything sticks especially to the
bottom because that’s you know where
they were they heating element is it
works pretty well it makes really nice
rice and oatmeal and things like that
but the sticking problem was driving me
nuts and if this is just bare aluminum I
really don’t want to cook on bare
aluminum any more I don’t know that it
is but I’m not sure because they the the
owner’s manual wasn’t included with it
so I honestly don’t know and if I go to
the Austria website it’s a little vague
as to what if any coating is on this one
they both come with the same this is
I’m here steamer basket and the glass
lid that has a vent hole in it to let
out some steam while it’s cooking okay
this is the new one I have now and I
will tell you I’m used it a few times
and I absolutely love it
I wish I had plotted sooner originally
what I wanted to do is because Oh stir
is so good at selling replacement parts
for most of their appliances I thought
well I’ll just do the clever thing I
already have this one right so I’ll just
buy the the ceramic path that I want and
put it in here and that seemed like a
great idea right
well they don’t sell any of the spare
parts for for the rice cooker so I think
you have to call them with a special
problem like you moved and lost your lid
or it broke or you scratched up the pot
you know something like that and then
they’ll sell you the part but you can’t
just go to their website and buy it like
you can with their blenders whether it
be gaskets or a new lid or a new glass
blending jar or something like that for
some reason with something like this
they they don’t just have the parts
listed freely where you can just buy
them by the piece unfortunately but on
the other hand this wasn’t all that
expensive it was $20 for the set and it
also same thing comes with the exact
same steamer basket the same glass lid
has the vent hole it also comes with
your instruction manual and the rice
measuring cup this I want to get into
I’m just gonna go on a rant here for a
I’ve watched unboxing videos I’ve
watched review videos now this is could
be any brand it doesn’t matter if it’s
electronic as fuzzy logic if it’s just
one of these with the flip switch or
somewhere in between not all but many
people disregard this cup or they’re
under the false impression that you can
just use a standard measuring cup with
it which you can and you can’t and I’ll
get into that real quickly here this cup
was designed specifically with this for
this unit okay this is nice
and eight ounce measuring cup if you use
a standard eight ounce measuring cup
with this when it says six cups you’re
gonna end up with a lot more in here
you’re gonna end up with like maybe six
and a half or seven and this it’s not in
six Cup as a max it’s gonna end up
boiling over you’re gonna end up with
either soggy rice undercooked rice all
kinds of problems don’t throw this out
please don’t throw this out you need it
and I’m gonna prove it this looks like
hey that good I’ll bet you that’s one
cup so let’s test that out and then tell
you right now it’s not but I’m gonna
show you in case you need proof I’ve got
my jasmine rice here I’m going to fill
this cup to its maximum capacity which
is right to the top okay full alright
and here is our standard measuring cup
just level that off well here’s the one
cup line this is more like two thirds
maybe slightly over two thirds of a cup
so you want to hang on you want to hang
on to the cup that they give you with it
and hang on to the instruction manual I
can’t tell I don’t even watch unboxing
videos anymore because it drives me
crazy when people see the booklet and
they throw it across the room or throw
it in the trash and then they crab later
and give it a one-star review because
it’s not performing the way they think
it should this isn’t rocket science as
my husband says RTFM and I’ll let you
figure that out so anyway when all else
fails RG FM so this is the reason I
wanted to upgrade right here is this
cooking vessel you can see it’s much
shinier this has what Oster calls their
dura ceramic natural ceramic nonstick
coating it is titanium infused normally
I am NOT a proponent of ceramic cookware
and that might surprise any of you that
subscribe to my channel because I’m all
about healthier cooking getting rid of
plastic and bare aluminum and stuff like
the reason I’m not so such a big fan of
it is I’ve tried ceramic cookware in the
form of skillets and frying pans and
such they’re the non-stick properties
are not nearly as perfected as Teflon
and also they stain up and get really
sticky and gummy and and get scratched
just like anything else and they’re more
expensive because they’re ceramic so I
kind of kind of got burned on them a few
years ago and thought I love the idea I
love the concept I just wish that it
performed better
I will wait and tell us perfected like
with anything else the first model that
comes out isn’t so great but somebody
had a great idea and someone else comes
along and perfects it so I’m kind of
been spinning around waiting for that to
happen this is the exception to the
ceramic problem at least for me anyway
nothing sticks to this absolutely
I’ve even the very first thing I cooked
in here wasn’t even rice it was oatmeal
and oat meal as much as I love it is
like making paper mache glue it sticks
to everything even nonstick and I have
to end up having to give whether it’s a
pot from the stove my stainless steel or
the aluminum one back here or even the
little one I have in my Panasonic which
is nonstick it’s not ceramic but it’s
nonstick even that one I have to soak it
overnight and then while the water is
still in there the next morning go in
there with a plastic spatula or the the
rice paddle that comes with the unit and
scrape all that out so I can wash it
it’s kind of inconvenient and how much
food you waste that’s stuck in the pot
but you don’t get to eat it does it with
rice to at least on the bottom when the
rice will stick really badly especially
did this one in the bottom of it this
one everything slid right out it was
beautiful it was absolutely beautiful
and cooked perfectly I am really
impressed with this model I really
really like it normally out if I buy
something new I want to use it for at
least a couple of months before I decide
to do a review I’ve only had this a few
weeks I think yeah I bought it right
after Thanksgiving and I’ve only used it
a few times but
work so perfectly every time I just had
to tell you guys about it so I’m gonna
do a quick batch of rice just to show
you how wonderful this pot is so hang on
I’m gonna get to an outlet I do want to
add one more thing before I start the
rice I forgot to add this part let me
take this off because I’m not going to
be using that anyway the one can I have
found with this pot and this is counts
for both this one and the red version
the cord first of all comes out of the
side of the pot rather than the back my
outlet is to the right so this has to
wrap around the pot to get to it and
it’s also the worst part is it’s really
short it is less than 2 feet long I
think it’s maybe 14 inches at most and
now because it has to wrap around the
pot in order to reach the outlet I mean
in short I have to turn the pot sideways
so I I can’t even have it facing forward
to use it that’s kind of annoying so
just kind of keep that short cordon line
but for me so far that’s the only con so
I’m gonna get this rice started okay I’m
gonna make two cups of rice so this is
two rice cup rice cooker cups I already
have my first one in there now one other
tip I’m gonna give you and this one is
gold and I am certainly not the first
person to tell you this this has been
rice cooking advice handed down for
centuries wash your rice first
especially if you’re gonna use a rice
cooker that’s one of the other mistakes
people make is they won’t wash it
they’ll keep they’ll just dump it in
here dry put the water and put the lid
on turn it on and then they’re crabbing
later because it boiled over and made a
huge mess it will it will come out the
steam hole and you have all this sticky
starchy water that will actually bubble
up from under the lid and down the side
of the pot leaving us the sticky mess
all over your countertop the reason for
that is because rice has a lot of starch
it is a starch it’s a carbohydrate but
there’s a lot of like a powdery a very
fine powdery fill
starch on the outside of the rice grains
themselves you want to wash that off if
you don’t that’s the first thing to cook
it’s gonna come off into the water right
away and it will bloom into this pasty
substance it’s very gooey and thick and
that will bubble up and that’s what
boils over if you wash that off first
you don’t have anything in the water
that’s gonna bloom and expand and make
this mess and the water will stay where
it’s supposed to be and cook the rice so
let me get this washed and I’ll be right
back all right so what I did was I just
rinsed my rice three times and you’d
want to do it until the water is mostly
clear so I just put a couple inches in
there get my hand in there and really
you know agitate it around to get as
much of that starch loosened up and off
of the rice so I did that three times
and then after draining that last bit of
water I filled it to the number two line
inside the pot because I put two cups in
here I’m also going to give it just a
little pinch of salt for flavor my
Himalayan salt I’m going to put the lid
on I can turn this a little bit flip
that down to cook and we’ll be back when
it’s done
okay we’re back and the cooker just
flipped to the keep warm cycle that took
13 minutes so really not very long at
all for two cups of uncooked which is
now four cups of cooked rice I’m gonna
set this over here on my stove happen
I’m laying on my counter so here is our
rice as you can see I’m gonna try to
hold that up nice and fluffy and
perfectly cooked let’s make sure I don’t
drop any on the floor here perfectly
cooked rice nice and fluffy
it separates nicely it’s not all stuck
together and let me get a hot pad real
quick a potholder rather my mother
called him hot pan so that kind of stuff
pull it away all the way to the bottom
can you see that nothing is stuck does
not stick the non stick works exactly as
it claims to in this rice cooker I love
this thing I absolutely love it this is
actually my third rice cooker first one
I have have ever purchased I didn’t know
anything about it I just knew I wanted
one and bought this one it was the
smallest one target had at the time it’s
this aroma model I’m not even sure what
the model number is because I don’t
think they make this particular one
but it’s 500 Watts versus 350 for this
one this one’s also bigger I think it
cooks up to like eight cups 8 or 10 cups
of rice I want to say 8 it’s very big
and clunky because it’s it’s like
completely enclosed kind of similar to
like one of those hot pot or insta pot
kind of things only it’s not nearly as
useful this one has it has a brain it’s
not fuzzy logic but it has a brain it
has an on/off switch you can delay time
for when it turns itself on to start
cooking it has settings for white rice
brown rice and steamed and then the keep
warm will be switched to automatically
once one of these other cooking cycles
is finished this thing took forever this
2 cups of rice just now took 12 to 13
minutes from beginning to end from the
time I hit the button and put the lid on
this one which is completely enclosed
takes 35 to 40 minutes for the same
amount of white rice brown rice takes it
anywhere from an hour to an hour and a
half who has that kind of time I mean
and it’s heavy the other thing is this
has a Teflon pot and it’s stuck and
burned to the bottom every time
rice on top was cooked good but it took
forever it literally took all day so I
will also say and with that being said
about the other cooker bring the box in
real quick here sorry way down here in
the fine print with that focus here
cooks there now they’re claiming that
this nonstick coating this Duras aramet
cooks up to
% faster than any other nonstick coating
when I saw that I thought my first
thought was what is the coating have to
do with the cooking time it either gets
hot enough or it doesn’t
you know what’s the wattage stuff like
that but I will say after using it now
this is the fourth time using it and it
came out perfect it it is true it cooks
it even cooks faster than the old
austere model I have with the aluminum
pot it probably cuts shaved anywhere
from eight to ten minutes off the
cooking time so I would get up as early
as I could in the morning and get
oatmeal started in that for breakfast
for my husband in the morning and we
have smoothies every single day but
Friday he wants a bowl of cereal so we I
I tried to made try to make oatmeal in
it one morning after 20 minutes it still
wasn’t done so he ended up just leaving
those with an empty stomach which which
wasn’t a good day but yeah but this one
I could do that in and it’s it’s done in
plenty of time so again this is the Oh
stir your a ceramic titanium infused
natural ceramic nonstick coating six cup
rice cooker good grief what a name and
I’m too close to the camera here we go I
found it at Target again for about $20
$19.99 if you have any coupons you can
probably use that especially now during
the holidays you might be able to to to
get a good deal even better than that
it’s available on multiple websites
including the O ster website of course
which is it’s $20 there as well if you
find it somewhere else for more than
I would I would buy it for you know
somewhere else
from somewhere else rather where you can
get that deal so sorry this ran a little
longer than I wanted it to but I wanted
to show you what this thing was capable
of it’s a wonderful cooker the keep warm
cycle also does not dry out and burn the
rice on the bottom if you leave it on a
little you know longer than 20 minutes
so that’s also a huge plus so again if
you like my videos please give me a
thumbs up subscribe so you don’t miss
any new uploads I hope you have a great
day and happy rice cooking bye bye

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Author: Emily Howard

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