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KitchenAid Flat Stainless Steel Grater, Red reviewed by Skillet Director
KitchenAid Flat Stainless Steel Sheese and Chocolate Grater
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KitchenAid KN300OSOBA Gourmet 4-Sided Stainless Steel Box Grater with Detachable Storage Container, One Size, Black reviewed by Skillet Director
KitchenAid KN300OSOBA Gourmet 4-Sided Stainless Steel Box Cheese Grater
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KitchenAid Classic Grater, Fine, Black reviewed by Skillet Director
KitchenAid Classic Hard Cheese Grater
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KitchenAid KE133OHOBA Classic Cheese Slicer
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KitchenAid KO133OHOBA Gourmet Cheese Slicer, One Size, Black reviewed by Skillet Director
KitchenAid KO133OHOBA Gourmet Cheese Slicer
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KitchenAid Fresh Prep Stand Mixer Attachment with Extra Blade

or KitchenAid stand mixer at home the
next thing that they then want to do are
add accessories that make it even better
and so that’s what we’re going to talk
about with Tina next this is a top find
in the show today and this is the
KitchenAid fresh prep stand mixer
attachment set it will come with an
extra blade which I’ll show you all of
that in just a moment but basically this
is how I’m going to do shredding of
different varieties I’ll be able to do
find Fred at course shred and all of
that simply attaches to the hub of my
stand mixer that’s right it does so you
saw earlier and I had this off there is
a little square that rotates inside that
hub now all your attachments work with
any stand mixer all the way back to 1919
no matter what size no matter what power
okay so this is called a free rep okay
and I want you to think of it like a
motorized box grater okay
so it’s so simple and easy to pull out
and use so I’m going to shred using our
core shred some mozzarella cheese okay
and mozzarella cheese if you’ve ever
tried to shred it it’s a very soft
cheese tricky to shred and I find this
is just the best tool if you like to
shred your own fresh mozzarella of
course you can shred it into a bowl but
Leah and I are having so much fun
reading it right on our pizza and I’m
just applying a tiny bit of pressure and
it just tumbles out or and it’s so super
fun and easy antastic is that and you
know what to the freshest it can be
which means it’s gonna melt the perfect
way that you want it to we’re gonna tell
you more about this accessory and how
you’re going to use it with your
KitchenAid stand mixer that is fantastic
and my goodness because mozzarella
cheese can really be hard to it’s very
tricky to shred Wow that was my first
demo because that was just an eye-opener
for me look how perfect that is this is
a David size pizza yeah let’s check in
because David is standing by at the
international home and housewares show
hi David hi David well I’m pretty
excited about that David sized pizza and
we’re all
so excited that we can give you yet
another perspective on this great
attachment for all of you who already
own a KitchenAid stand mixer joining me
here live in Chicago at the
International Holman housewares show is
alia Dell all she is a health and
wellness chef it’s great you’re always
charged with coming up with great ways
to make smarter choices in eating and
get it done faster is that right exactly
yeah the number one question I get as a
health and wellness chef I teach cooking
classes I work with people one on one is
you know how do I make healthy food on a
weeknight I get home at 7 o’clock how do
I get all these fresh veggies into a
meal well this attachment were from
KitchenAid that we’re showing right now
on QVC to is a really great way to do
that so if you’d like to demonstrate
I’ll give the mic to I’ll just point the
mic to you and you you have at it okay
let’s do it
so this is the fresh prep slicer and
shredder it’s an attachment for any
state KitchenAid stand mixer and it
attaches just like all of them just you
screw it right and it’s right there
right on the power hub and it comes with
three different attachments so I have
the slicing blade right I’ll use first
this is a medium shredder and a large or
coarser shredder for a soft cheese or
something exactly yeah if you want kind
of maybe something coarser for a salad
versus maybe something finely shredded
to really blend into something a little
bit better remember also that power hub
hasn’t changed since KitchenAid made
their first mixer in 1919 so no matter
what age of your KitchenAid stand mixer
it’ll work with this attachment exactly
and this is great because often the
stand mixer is right on your kitchen
counter we don’t have to worry about
pulling out different pieces of
equipment you can just screw this one
right in and get to slicing which we’ll
do right now let’s do it cool so this
fits in really easily into this piece
you can see I can just stick it in with
my hands and you may have heard that
little click I did so that’s how I know
it’s secure so I don’t have to worry
about it shooting out of the machine
perfect then I’m gonna turn the machine
on so once before feel for and for for
anything that you’re shredding so you
don’t have to memorize different
settings all we do it to for
and I’m gonna start off with carrots so
you can see that the tube comes with two
different size inserts so if I have
something really big like I may have
zucchini or potatoes later I can fit the
whole thing in okay this little insert
allows me to put something skinnier in
and make sure that it doesn’t wobble
around basically just so I got really
nice beautiful even pieces here we go
so let’s slide this in here I’m just
gonna shoot out some pretty carrot coins
this would be great for obviously you
know people think about salads and stuff
but even soups you know if you’re gonna
put carrots and celery ah right yeah
exactly it’s a really great base for
anything really nice coins yeah this is
the slicing attachment can we move over
to shredding yeah let me show you some
shredding cheese this is actually some
smoked mozzarella just cuz I felt like
being fancy today all right we like
fancy and so I already have the course
grading insert in here but you can do
this for cheddar for mozzarella and you
recommend that the cheese be chilled
before you shred it that’s a good rule
of thumb always for cheese if it’s soft
it’ll still work but you might get a
little bit more caught you’ll get a
cleaner shrimp exactly same if you were
cutting it with a knife so let’s run the
machine on and I’m just gonna put these
nice big chunks of our smoked mozzarella
and and you can see that it comes it’s
snowing t exactly
I wish it snow cheese I do too I’d like
to know a lot better if it’s no cheese
and the cool thing about this – I know
so many of my students are looking to
not eat as many packaged and processed
foods right but this allows you to
really have the convenience of a
shredded cheese for pizza or tacos but
without having to buy those prepackaged
ingredients now we were just doing the
larger shred here you can do a finer
shred as well right so we’ll move down
and we’ve had some help here from our
styling team who’s loaded this up with
the line shredding attachment exactly so
this one’s gonna be a teeny bit smaller
than the one we just used and you know
what I’m actually gonna use cauliflower
oh you don’t know cauliflower rice
exactly this is so trendy not as
any of those high processed carbs in
your meal you can make a really easy
cauliflower rice so let me just grab a
couple florets and we’re just going to
make rice isn’t that perfect now you can
buy this rice already done in the
grocery store but you’re going to pay
for that privilege if you’ve got this
attachment it’s so much easier to do at
home and you know exactly what’s inside
exactly and you know usually veggies
especially if you’re shopping in season
or at the farmers market they’re not too
expensive if you’re buying them whole so
that’s another great Pro to just get a
little more veggies in your meal and you
know what this is such a nice way to
work in things that are not going to
include as many carbs when you do a
cauliflower rice so as we get ready to
wrap up this presentation we want you to
know that this is what we’re
demonstrating today on QVC – you can
check out more information on this by
checking out but alia we want to
thank you so much for joining us today
this was lots of fun we’re live at the
international home and housewares show
but stick around a little later in the
show we’ll be back Staci Stauffer is
here as well and we’ll give you some
more updates on the things we’ve seen
and some of the goodies we’ll be
bringing back to you for in the kitchen
with David and all of our kitchen shows
at QVC so we’ll check back in with Leah
now back live in studio Park on QVC –
thank you David and alia we’re kind of
tag teaming to share with you why you
were going to love your KitchenAid stand
mixer and the fresh prep accessory and I
love that she was showing some of the
things that you’re able to do with the
various shredders but I’d love to if we
can Tina I want to pop down because
here’s why you shop with QVC we include
an extra blade and that extra blade will
allow you to do fine shredding so that
you saw alia demonstrate that’s this one
right down here on the end you’re gonna
get the medium shredder as well but
we’re including an extra one we’re
including a fine shredder and then
you’re also going to get the slicing
blade now all of that remember will fit
into the hub or fit into the attachment
and this is what connects to your
KitchenAid stand mixer you get the
pusher so that it whether you’re doing
mozzarella cheese whether you’re doing
cauliflower whether you’re doing carrots
that’s how you put your ingredients
through but here’s what I want to show
you this is your box this is how it’s
going to come
inside of the box they’ve actually
designed the box so everything stores
perfectly now it will come with the with
a blade already in the housing so you’re
getting a total of four blades now that
would be a $65 value anywhere else here
at QVC
you get all four blades the slicing
blade and three shredding blades and the
housing for $43.98 that’s why I say this
is why people shop with us because not
only are we going to bring you more of
the things that you want but we’re gonna
bring it to you at an even better value
so let’s talk about that additional
shredding blade and what kinds of things
we can use it for so this is the blade
you’re only gonna get here at QVC
we call them barrel blades they’re
stainless steel and they’re dishwasher
safe so they have these nice little hand
holds on either ends your hands don’t
get near the sharp part of the blade and
to stick it in the housing you just
place it in and rotate until it clicks
in there’s a little lever on the side of
the unit that ejects the blade easily I
usually just keep my hand in the front
because sometimes it can it’ll pop right
out so you always want to use speed for
no matter what mixer so another item
that was exciting to me was that I could
use that fine shredding to put chocolate
in I’m gonna grate that chocolate let’s
lizard my white chocolate just knowing
over those yummy chocolate cupcakes it’s
so much fun like I think David and alia
described the cheese as the perfect no I
would say white chocolate makes the
perfect snow I rescued great and of
course you can shred into a bowl
fun yeah but the kids enjoy decorating
their cupcakes right from the fresh prep
unit oh that’s that is so fun and I love
it again because it’s expression it
could be you know exactly what’s in it
and that’s a nice fine print it is it’s
really nice also great for Parmesan
cheese and a cauliflower rice like they
showed us so it’s so simple and easy to
use the pusher and all the barrel blades
are dishwasher safe the housing you just
want to wash that by hand so this is one
of the top fives that we have in the
show for you today and I will tell you
we presented the tilt head 325 watt
stand mixer a little earlier that’s on
six easy payments if you’d like it let
us know but if you already have your
KitchenAid stand mixer these accessories
are what make you love it even more and
it’s also really about the helping hand
in the kitchen what this does is it
saves you time and effort when it comes
to prep and as we head into springtime
and summer time to Tina when all the
fresh vegetables are in season kind of
nice to be able to enjoy them it’s so
nice and if you have the room I
encourage you to leave your stand mixer
out on your countertop for me it’s art
in my kitchen you know they do have
stand mixers in museums because it is a
piece of Modern Art so I keep mine out
all the time because it’s so beautiful
but it also encourages me to just pull
out those attachments and make quick
work of all that prep in the kitchen who
knew prep work could be so much fun now
which blade are you using here so I am
using the slicing blade and I am just
putting in carrots and cucumbers as easy
as can be using that speed for and just
kind of gently guiding them down over my
salad so sometimes I think salads are
just a hassle to make but this makes it
so much easier and it’s just a great and
easy way to get some more vegetables in
your diet so all you have to do is you
know put your bowl of greens under your
fresh prep add a little dressing add a
little croutons and there you have a
wonderful salad for you to enjoy and you
know it’s interesting because you know
the research says particularly for those
who are wanting to make smarter choices
and that if you can do the preparation
ahead of time you’re more likely to kind
of stick with the things you want to do
have the snacks on hand you want to eat
and we do know that when you go to the
supermarket nowadays you pay quite a
premium for them to slice things for you
and you don’t know how long they’ve been
sitting on the shelf this makes it easy
think about this is just saving time
with your advance prep so here’s what’s
happening this is the kitchenaid fresh
prep stand mixer attachment and i’ll
remind you everything that you’re in
you’re getting included here with the
cabbage this is cabbage oh yeah that’s
great and I’m using that slicing blade
because you know cabbage is already in
layers okay
so I did some green new cabbage so all I
did was kind of cut wedges that are
gonna fit down in that large feed tube
and it’s just so easy you know to get
that perfect texture for your straw
absolutely and because – then you know
that everything is kind of being sliced
and grated uniformly and that makes a
lot of difference – when you’re
preparing and when you’re cooking so
here’s what I want to show you because
everything that you see right here on
our table in front this is what you’re
getting and we’ll start on the very end
that’s the coarse grater you’re getting
that you saw us grating the mozzarella
cheese with that you’re getting the
medium grater that’s included as well
and that’s what you would normally get
with this accessory kit but with QVC
we’ve included an additional grater the
fine grater that’s great for chocolate
and so much more and then here’s the
slicing blade this this is what connects
to your KitchenAid mixer that’s the
housing you get the two pushers so
depending on the size of the things that
you’re slicing or grating and what I
love how smart they are even in terms of
how you’re going to store it so
everything fits in the box and the box
is designed to hold it perfectly so let
us know if you’d like it again it’s a
$65 value that you’re getting for 43 and
change and we do have it on easy pay if
you’re using your credit card today with
you all right we’ve got more coming your
way including a way to get crispy
delicious things from copper ship

KitchenAid Cheese Grater Buyers’ Guide

How to use KitchenAid cheese grater attachment?

Start by securing your cheese grater attachment to the hub of your stand mixer. Choose your cheese grater size and blade, and slide that blade into the housing until it clicks into place. Cut your cheese block small enough so that it fits into the tube. Place a large bowl directly under the attachment to catch the grated cheese. Turn the stand mixer to speed 4, and place your cheese into the feeding tube using the food pusher. When you are finished shredding the cheese, press down on the release lever to remove the blade from the housing. Soft cheese (like mozzarella) should be very cold before you shred it, so place it in the freezer beforehand. Hard cheese (like cheddar) should be at room temperature, soft enough to be able to be pierced using a knife.

How to clean KitchenAid rotary cheese grater?

Start to disassemble your rotary cheese grater by holding the drum with your thumb and cranking the handle backward. You can clean it by using hot water, dish soap, and a sponge. If there are any stubborn stains, a baking soda paste can be made and used to scrub these off. Before you reassemble, make sure it is thoroughly dry. Once it is fully dry, install the drum back to its position and turn the handle forward. Never use any harsh cleaning products such as steel wool or any abrasive materials to avoid damaging your rotary cheese grater. You should clean your cheese grater after each use thoroughly to avoid any buildup of food particles and bacteria. This cheese grater can also be washed in the top rack of the dishwasher.

Is a KitchenAid box cheese grater dishwasher safe?

Yes, the Kitchenaid box cheese grater can be washed using the dishwasher. Before placing it inside the dishwasher, rinse it with water and make sure to remove all remaining food particles in the blades. Take off the rubber foot of the shredder and only place it on the top rack of the dishwasher. Make sure it is in a secure place, so it does not move around during washing to avoid any damaging of the grater. The grater should be washed after every use; otherwise, the buildup of food residue will lead to damage and molding. You can also wash your box grater using hot water, dish detergent, and a sponge. Be careful when hand-washing, as the blades are very sharp and may hurt your hands.

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Author: Emily Howard

I have about 300 different recipes in my collection, and I try to look for new tastes every week. I love to learn dishes from around the world and pamper my big family with a signature Italian cheese pie and my favorite Ukrainian borsch.