Keurig K475 Coffee Maker, Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Brewer, Programmable Brewer, Black reviewed by Skillet Director
Keurig K475 Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker with 12oz Brew Size and temperature control with Coffee Roasters Favorites Collection, Single Serve Coffee K-Cup Pod, Variety, 40 reviewed by Skillet Director
Keurig K475 Coffee Maker
Keurig K475 Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker with Coffee Roasters Favorites Collection
Prime Benefits
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Keurig K475 Coffee Maker, Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Brewer, Programmable Brewer, Black reviewed by Skillet Director
Keurig K475 Coffee Maker
Prime Benefits
Keurig K475 Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker with 12oz Brew Size and temperature control with Coffee Roasters Favorites Collection, Single Serve Coffee K-Cup Pod, Variety, 40 reviewed by Skillet Director
Keurig K475 Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker with Coffee Roasters Favorites Collection
Prime Benefits
Price not available

Keurig K475 Unboxing and Review

either so today I have a little bit of a
different video I have here accurate k
475 it’s a model that most people don’t
know about because they don’t sell it in
their stores they’re like I know I
haven’t seen mr. Issa so that online
it’s the same thing as the Cary okay
four to five I think that’s the model
number they saw in the stores the same
thing just comes with extras so let’s
so now I’ve just gotta open up the box
I’m going to take a key to do it
now as you can see this is a Keurig 2.0
and the box has it makes a cup from 6 to
12 for 12 ounces and then 12 to 16
through the mug then brews a carafe 22
to 30 now has a bunch of customization
and includes six k-cup pods ridy packs
water filter handle and two filters and
then it shows all that in this and then
it does the same thing throughout the
whole box now we’re just gonna get
inside the first thing that I look at
here is just the user manual and I think
the top thing is an envelope for
registration you see a fancy drip tray
fancy you see this this is too long for
a maintenance success Brewer maintenance
accessory you see the cake ups that are
included with the six six pack variety
sampler you get your two water filter
starter kit
and then you could be Keurig oh gosh
this looks a lot more beautiful ask Eric
I’ve owned their comes with this in here
move before use has a different style
than my last one has a collar screen
press that button here how’s the light
in there I’m gonna take off some of the
tape here there we go pull off the most
tape to this top piece now this whole
reservoir thing is a 70 ounce reservoir
now when you get that on successfully
you can take it off or you can just go
like this has clips up and you can for
water in here without taking off the
whole top and then there’s that thing
down here’s the light it will like this
put this on and the whole thing goes
soft through a tab there there’s a bunch
of stupid little um tape all around for
stuff that doesn’t even need to be taped
and then in the back there there’s a
quart storage
it’s a nice Keurig so I’m gonna have to
fill it up with water so I’ll just jump
card it to there swim back I have a
Brita not a sponsor for filling this
thing up so you clean up this part and
you just pour it I don’t I don’t know if
that’ll be enough water we’ll see in a
second and wherever I see this thing if
you want water filtration you can select
the time that it gets replaced like
replace install like three third month
and replace the fifth month you can
twist that fourth six fourth second I
don’t need to install that since I have
this Brita well let’s plug it in and see
what happens okay so I haven’t filled it
up so what happens is take that off
I’m what they call this is drip tray
water you can lift this off and this is
where all the water the trips down front
top to here goes
so this is that thing stainless steel it
goes on like this and then that’s really
that part of it once its first plugged
in you see this with the power button
you press it and it says welcome before
we begin lift handling move shipping
disk I did that before that was that
orange disc and ever for it you click
continue and I believe it says please
add more water so I mean I’ve got to
fill it up some more
I’ll be back with it filled okay so I’ve
added a bunch more water announces
filling hits showing the cool loading
it’s just gonna take a while to do this
part I hope it’s not too long
now it’s preheating itself now it’s also
taking its time to preheat because
that’s just what it does but I really
have just got to put this out there that
once it’s originally preheated once like
it originally does what it needs to do
here it takes 30 seconds or less to
preheat now it’s taking the coldest
water in the reservoir and it’s been
it’s cooling it down
that means heating it up so we really
just have to wait okay so now now it’s
on standby mode so I’m just gonna show
you how to do it it says either lift to
begin the power button blinking time or
info now I’m going to go to language
there’s English Spanish or French you go
back you go to clock no no I don’t want
off you go to clock you can do the time
so right now what does my phone say so
my phone right now says 12:01 p.m.
this one says a.m. I’m just gonna click
the PM button and change it back down to
a 1 I’m gonna save it now you can do
displayed either analog digital 12 or 24
hour I’m gonna go out of that now I
don’t want off so I like this feature
whoops you click it you do the Autobahn
let’s say you wake up at 7 o’clock and
the first thing you do is walk over you
can do auto off I don’t even need to
enable that because I do energy saver
enabled so after 15 minutes of being
idle it’ll turn off I’m gonna save that
I can go to auto on legatus that’s
what’s already saved and then the next
thing you can do is prefer a brew
settings so let’s say you have the k-cup
you like it strong and you drink it out
of a
16-ounce mug contigo not a sponsor so
you can select or let’s say like hot
cocoa or other you can select that but
we’re just gonna set it to 12 now you
can do multiple things you can have a
bunch of different brew settings so
let’s see you like for your to you like
14 ounces of strong so then you could do
that so we have two settings there you
can have a wallpaper of different colors
and yes as you can see it is the color
screen you do a temperature it’s
automatically on high high altitude it’s
like let’s say you’re in Colorado or
something it takes less to get this
thing to act like it’s brewed completely
so in high altitude you enable it and
then it changes the temperature to hot a
little higher so that it takes so that
it gets the exact same temperature cuz
in higher altitude the water boils at a
weaker temperature so you can do either
that water filter reminder if you have
the water filter in or you can do every
store factory settings so now we’re just
gonna go out and now it says 12:03 p.m.
it’s power off or you can just lift to
begin so now we’re not even going to do
this now we’re just gonna jump into the
sample box so here’s the sample box
comes a six this is what it includes and
includes Breakfast Blend Coffee and
telling them roast hazelnut artificially
so we have two coffee English breakfast
tea I’m just actually isn’t that bad
Pike Place coffee roast in regular
coffee with donut shop which I like I
use that all the time
that’s my main coffee so pop it open
hmm so you pop it open and throw all
that on the floor so here’s one of them
it’s Italian roast dark roast coffee
which I haven’t had which is why I’m
excited I’m gonna probably do it on this
or there’s hazel not artificial flavor
craft which is spill tastes good
breakfast blend is a light roast now let
roasts have more caffeine but they don’t
taste like they have more caffeine it
happens by when you take coffee beans
and you roast them the confidence get
bigger and bigger meaning you get less
coffee inside you get less beans inside
of one grinding so you get more beans
and a light roast you have Starbucks
Pike Place roast you have English
breakfast tea and you have the donut
shop regular which I’m just going to
save I’m happy to come with that one now
the one I’m going to use is this
so I’m gonna pop this in so when I lift
up the tray this is what it shows on the
screen it shows that to tell you
something’s happening so you place it
down inside you go like this and then
this is what happens now it’s already on
12 ounces and I don’t know how to switch
it to anything to the different rule
it’s basically what happens is now it’s
already selected strong and 12 ounces so
what I can do is I can go like this I
can do 4 6 8 10 12 I could change it and
then that’s for ready
there’s no way to press that meaning
it’s already selected it’s ready to go
and the button blinks so what I could do
is to get this coffee cup to fit take
out this trip tray which is didn’t even
know said this hand wash only you place
it underneath and you don’t even need to
lift it again you lift it and then you
press it
okay remember that this usually doesn’t
take this long just a little bit faster
so now what this is going to say is it
says please wait ha do not like that the
blood Brewer takes a couple seconds then
it says your brew is complete enjoy I
really like that feature and then it
now we got ourselves 12 ounces of te now
there’s not much more to this
so that was an unboxing of the Keurig k4
set of five which is exactly like the
k42 five so if you like this video
please rate comment subscribe and have a
great great rest of your watching

Keurig K475 Buyers’ Guide

Which pods to use for Keurig K475?

The Keurig K475 should only be used with pods that have the Keurig® logo. But, some Keurig brand pods that were manufactured before January 2014 may not work with the Keurig K475. Using non-Keurig pods may lead to damage or malfunctioning that will not be covered by your warranty. If you are using the K-Cup Pods, the K475 can be used with brew sizes 4,6,8,10, and 12 oz. With the K-Mug Pods, you can use the all brew sizes from 12oz to 16oz. The 22-30oz brewing sizes can be used if you are planning to use K-Carafe Pods. Make sure to always double-check if the pod you want to use works with the K475 in order to avoid any defects or damage to the coffee maker.

How to clean a Keurig K475?

To keep your Keurig K5475 looking perfect, clean the exterior with a soapy, lint-free and non-abrasive cloth from time to time. Never immerse the whole coffee maker in water as it will cause damage to it. The drip tray should be frequently cleaned, simply slide it out, dispose of the contents and clean it with a soapy, lint-free and non-abrasive cloth. The water reservoir and flip-top lid should also be cleaned using a damp and soapy cloth and rinsed thoroughly. Do not use a cloth to dry inside the reservoir because lint can stick to it. Disassemble the pod holder, the pod housing and base and clean them all with a damp soapy cloth and rinse with water. Let them air dry before reassembling into the coffee maker.

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