Jura Automatic Milk Frother reviewed by Skillet Director
JURA Cool Control, 1 liter, Black reviewed by Skillet Director
Jura Automatic Milk Frother
Jura Cool Control Milk Frother
Prime Benefits
Jura Automatic Milk Frother reviewed by Skillet Director
Jura Automatic Milk Frother
Prime Benefits
JURA Cool Control, 1 liter, Black reviewed by Skillet Director
Jura Cool Control Milk Frother
Prime Benefits

Jura Automatic Milk Frother Review

Terri DeBoer how are you how are you
great um it’s a froth Auto froth time
Auto froth time here at SDG okay yeah so
Jerrica presto there like a combo
company and they have a few other
capresso brand exactly yeah this is kind
of more of this is with the juror label
for you know pairing I guess maybe with
like the micro yes one looks beautiful
beside the micro one you had it side by
side with the micro one for a little
while in our showroom and yeah lots of
love so cool look really nice together
okay so this is the Jura automatic milk
frother mm-hmm and basically like the
other milk frother has a couple of
minimum and maximum lines inside so kc4
you’re more or less foam where you’re at
three frothing disks so we do have one
in there now
okay and then the other two store at the
bottom so these are our other little
storage disks this is your less froth
disc if you like more of a latte okay
and then this is your more froth disc
for a cappuccino and so it’s two of the
same thing okay got it three total but
two of them are that more froth because
everybody loves that we love to and you
know what you might get lost go down the
same accidentally happen okay so you’ve
got a spare so it’s easy to you just pop
them out of there and exactly this
happen yeah so this one we did find that
it’s a little bit more of a struggle you
can’t see my face right now are you
squinting uh I should’ve gotten close
down really a little bit um a little bit
firm in there but okay goose it up a
little bit over time and we want it to
be firm in there anyway because you
don’t want it flying off and not doing
its job down there cool so we’ve got
that more froth disc in there and we’re
gonna see what our capacity is we’ve got
our handy little oxide beaker okay this
is our two out speaker and I’m just
going to start with two ounces because
uh my mouth is not you know something
anybody’s a big fan of except a math
magician exactly so there’s about child
cakes so we’ll see where that leads us
and then we’ll do a couple more of those
there’s two and I don’t think we’re
quite at that minimum
there’s another two there we are at the
minimum around sis minimum so four so
that’s your minimum for either heating
or frothing yes and there are three
different buttons on the front of this
well there’s one button but three
different levels of heat as far as
temperature goes you can do the cold or
the medium frog I’m sorry
medium temperature okay or the hottest
temperature that was six and then here’s
two more so eat okay we had about that’s
I think eights gonna take it to the
MacOS di max for a lot of foam yeah and
so that’s what we’re going to test out
today so I guess that by those markings
I’m guessing then that next one up is
going to be it around twelve maybe yeah
that would be a probably a pretty good
so four more ounces is your max probably
four just ki just feeding okay yeah so
this guy goes on here and then basically
your one little button here and then
bottom icon that’s blue is going to tell
you you’re just frothing that middle
point is me the middle heat basically
and then highest temperature and are we
there one two three there and then we’ll
just start a little timer to see how
long that takes us to get basically
heating and frothing okay temperature
and full froth with this guy so the
bottom blue one was it’ll profit up but
it’s not gonna put any heat basically
stirring it and get a lot of volume
wicking it like crazy yeah if you like
an iced drink and hang a little froth
milk on top which is always fun in the
summer so when you press Start I hear
some gerbils running in there yeah it’s
powered by gerbils a little known fact
got it and glad you knew that so you
don’t have to plug this guy in um a
couple of dribbles to get maybe going on
to mama
alright so we’re gonna let it we’re
gonna time how fast to take that and
then we’ll be right back
hardest-working gerbils in the business
on Terry
they really are Jorah picks them well
they breathe them for this is a three to
uh-oh I was like oh so long well so I
was like why haven’t made a triple give
it up like I don’t want these working
conditions how didn’t you okay so we’re
at just about four minutes yeah
so that’s not too bad hmm temperature is
hmm I can’t read that in a second ed you
gotta turn to the very bottom yes
Klieman it’s that one
53 54 55 it’s killin look let’s get up
to 160 oh come on you can do it
162 well that’s pretty good 160 yeah
right now I run 62 was work talked off
at well that’s good actually I know
really nice um latte art quality foam is
usually frog to about 140 before the
proteins start to break down so that’s
pretty good then yeah um so the other
thing to be aware of this this gets a
little hot down super tight body okay
you touch it by just your little
rubberized grip there all right and then
our are pouring Han whoa look at the
steam coming on that’s pretty nice yeah
whoa wow it’s really pretty good
nothing can you get it all in there is
ability yeah that’s pretty nice
definitely Wow just a foam yeah that’s
awesome like egg whites I guess you
could if you wanted to do latte like a
art you could maybe transfer that or to
a pitcher or something and really like
spin it around to incorporate the foam
and yeah milk on the bottom or but let
me try absolutely experimentation but
this is perfect for like a dry cap yeah
just a couple of spoonfuls of that yeah
all right Oh
gerrae automatic milk frother that’s
right thank you so much Terry thanks Kat
and thank the gerbils but I always do

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Author: Mark Miller

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