Hamilton Beach 12 Cup Electric Percolator Coffee Maker with Cool Touch Handle, Stainless Steel (40614R) reviewed by Skillet Director
Hamilton Beach 12 Cup Electric Percolator Coffee Maker, Stainless Steel, Quick Brew (40616) reviewed by Skillet Director
Hamilton Beach Brands 40614 Coffee Percolator
Hamilton Beach 12 Cup Electric Percolator Coffee Maker
Hamilton Beach
Hamilton Beach
Prime Benefits
Hamilton Beach 12 Cup Electric Percolator Coffee Maker with Cool Touch Handle, Stainless Steel (40614R) reviewed by Skillet Director
Hamilton Beach Brands 40614 Coffee Percolator
Hamilton Beach
Prime Benefits
Hamilton Beach 12 Cup Electric Percolator Coffee Maker, Stainless Steel, Quick Brew (40616) reviewed by Skillet Director
Hamilton Beach 12 Cup Electric Percolator Coffee Maker
Hamilton Beach
Prime Benefits

Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Percolator Review

plus up homies what is good get bustle
listen so I’m back at you with another
haha look what I got this is a Hamilton
Beach stainless steel 12 cup percolator
percolator remember these now most of
you milady ‘it’s have never seen one of
these before but that’s okay I’m about
to school you it says right here that
this is hot flavorable and fast
yo that’s how I’ve been described most
of my life I wonder if I can sue let me
find a kosher all right let’s get this
bad boy open open open open yeah don’t
question my grammar you’re the one who
don’t talk no good English there’s a
manual I wonder if they charged extra
for this oh right
I so here is the unit it comes with a
cord a detachable cord I don’t see any
power button on here so I guess it’s
kind of like the old school ones here
looks like a light I guess it’s like the
old school ones where you turn it on and
off by plugging it in and now so it’s
kind of glass top thing there can you
see how many fingers am i holding up so
you can see the coffee perk that’s a
perk get it see what I did there so the
way that a percolator for those of you
that don’t know you fill the water up
here you put the coffee grinds in this
little basket here it doesn’t use any
paper filters and that’s something that
I think is awesome the reason I bought
this is because this is the water
distributor on top I guess that’s what
it’s called
what happens is the water boils in this
craft here and then it shoots up through
that see that little hole down there
that’s where this little tube thing
comes up it shoots up through there
and picture this being down in the in
the unit there shoots up there and
distributes throughout the coffee grinds
and the coffee comes out the bottom and
fills up the craft with the delicious
Devil’s brew so now these things are
really really old school a lot of people
don’t like them because they are old
school with the advent of the Tripp
coffee maker I don’t know if what
benefits there are between the two of
them I do know that there’s some people
that swear by percolators and I do
believe that percolators do give a
better like a deeper taste flavor of the
coffee it doesn’t matter with a lot of
people that put so much like cream and
and coffee-mate and all that stuff
they basically are drinking mocha
kool-aid I drink my coffee black okay
because once you go blank uh-huh so I’m
putting the unit to get back together a
little stem sing you down there
little thing here so I did rinse it out
with some dish soap all the parts and
stuff but I’m gonna run it a couple
cycles just to make sure that I get out
all the interior like chinky
fingerprints off of it that’s what I
would do with anything
plus it’s gonna give me an idea I’m like
how long it’s gonna take I haven’t
filled up about halfway this is a 12 cup
and remember cups on a coffee maker any
coffee maker it’s not the same as like
12 fluid ounces or you know a cup of an
8 ounce cup I think what a coffee cup in
fluid ounces I think is only 6 ounces
we’re a regular full-size cup is 8
ounces if I lost you that’s because I am
all smart and you know
and you’re probably lacking because
you’re probably went to public school
all right so as I suspected once you
plug it in is when it comes out holy
crap listen to that
make sure that this is twisted on there
because I don’t want it to just you know
explode so while that’s run I’ll explain
to you what I like about these first of
all I love taste of Brewer coffees I’ll
show some time my old fashioned Kenmore
percolator which is giant compared to
this the harvest gold monster what I
call it
I’m gonna use my drip coffeemaker my
Kenmore Elite down here because it’s
still after all these years the number
one rated coffee maker of all coffee
makers in Consumer Reports because of
the temperature and the this and that
and but upstairs in my bathroom I I wake
up every morning and I have a cup of
coffee before I talk or acknowledge or
even grunt at anybody
nobody gets in my way the cat’s the
prince don’t nobody get between me and
the caffeine the first thing I do before
I let loose the bladder I let loose my
k-cup maker up there but it’s been
getting all janky and acting up and
pissing me off
and the little cake cups they do cost a
lot more money and I can’t find any of
the little cake up flavors that are as
good as whatever so this is gonna take
up a small corner of the countertop I
drink a cup as I’m getting into the
shower while I’m in the shower and then
I want another cup directly afterwards I
use filtered water and my my chill luxe
I think it’s called I think I did a
review of it before it works well except
it clogs very easily it shouldn’t do
that with filter water and I’ve seen
that that’s you know then there have
been other complaints online for it I
don’t have enough room on the counter
well you know to take up for
a cure egg or another k-cup thing or
even even my little cooks coffee maker
this cooks from JCPenney I love this
this is what I do for one cup at a time
when I don’t want to make the whole pot
in the Kenmore one but I don’t have
enough room on my counter up there I do
but ok I don’t I don’t want to take up
this much space so it’s hard to find a
k-cup machine that’s compact enough so
whatever I got this percolator now I
can’t wait to use this
it is pretty pretty quick but you could
tell the water is hot and it’s pissed it
wants out all right so when it stopped
brewing it turned the light went from
blue to green cool so I don’t know if it
shows up everything out that’s all right
you can see those are the the cup marks
so you know how much to fill it alright
so I have it filled up to actually eight
instead of six which is not really in
the middle it’s two-thirds of the way
what I’m going for is I want two of
these cups full I love these styrofoam
cups I get these from the Dollar Tree
yes to all the you environmentalists
hippie freaks out there I reuse these if
you could see this one’s been used and
washed out like a couple times it’s
these are not the cardboard paper ones
that you get from but to help glad or
whatever at the supermarket these are
hard the styrofoam and they hold up
really really well they have lives to
them so I’ve run it by the way three
cycles so
and it’s cooled down this thing is hot
as hell and does not like to be messed
right after it’s been washed so with
that in der like that now here’s what
the real reason why I wanted a
percolator or another drip coffeemaker
and I’ve shown these at videos this is
fresh roasted coffee LLC these are
little you know individual use bags I
get a huge box of these off of Amazon
for $24 and there’s like 48 packets
that’s cheaper than any k-cups and this
is absolutely delicious coffee my
favorite one is the Columbian if I can’t
get ahold of the Columbian one then the
breakfast bloody is just fun I don’t
like the French Roast version of it
because it smells like Bo where’s that
French people I think it’s French people
anyway but that is one of my favorite
ground coffees alright this is its
maiden voyage
I’m so excited let’s plug this mofo in I
literally plugged it in 10 seconds ago
and it’s autumn already starting to you
know and it’s cooled down a little bit
because I put cold water in it and it’s
you know calmed calmed calm down a
oh my god if you could smell that’s
another thing with percolating coffee it
smells so good now the show is in the
glass top there you can see it Perkin up
for you
yo this is like caffeine porn now it’s
clear now but once it cycles through
what happens is it shoots up the hot
water it goes down through the basket
and then turns the the water in the
bottom there in the coffee and then
shoots it back up so it’s basically like
shooting the coffee like in a drip
coffee maker recycles it back over and
over again so it actually hits the
grounds a couple times
who’s that trick
Alexa next I don’t want to hear someone
chicken rigatoni
I knew of all that smells so good
yo I’m making your day if you’re
autistic let me tell you so you can see
the waters getting darker and darker and
darker kind of like the neighborhood I
grew up in
I should have set up a timer
I like this percolator – a lot of
percolators they all kind of look the
same and they have that old-fashioned e
design which is cool if you’re shooting
for retro but you know I bet you can
more made an awesome version of this
there’s a ton of oh my I have seen on
like eBay a vintage Kenmore ones maybe
down the line but I think this one was
$34.99 and there’s also the other
popular one is made by presto and I’ve
seen presto Kmart used to sell the
Preston one and I’d seen it before and I
kind of toyed with getting it but I did
obviously the Preston one was I think 44
but its reviews weren’t any better than
this and it kind of had that weird old
fart Archie Bunker kitchen looks
all right I want you to catch when the
light all of a sudden the light just
suddenly goes from blue to green there
go keep an eye on it
somebody tell me you ought to edit your
videos you want to get a real camera
instead of a your old cellphone but why
it’s the charm you’re just like that’s
shaky-cam thing least I’m using a tripod
so you’re welcome any second it’s going
to turn green so keep your eye your eye
on the sparrow let me set the ambience
it’s gonna happen keep your eye on it
take it off you’re really gonna you know
be pissed at yourself
any second now uh-huh
so uh I guess I could make some small
talk here what do you think about that
impeachment you know my doctor actually
asked me that today and I was thinking
this guy has needles how should i how
should I respond turns out he was pro
Trump so I’ll keep him who’s texting me
oh my god did you see that it’s
green it’s now green so if you keep it
plugged in it’s gonna keep it warm keep
it hot but I’m not gonna do that because
this is in danger right now
alright I got Mike one of my favorite
cups already see it’s got a k4 get it
okay for Kawasaki I mean
look at that look how dark and deep and
rich that is take away the deep part and
it could be Will Smith
oh yes yes yeah okay I’m being dramatic
but it is really good it is really good
this is a good purchase all right boom
there you go you guys got to get lost
because my friend and I here won out we
want to be alone so this is a Hamilton
Beach 12-cup stainless steel electric
percolator and the model number is
because I know some asperger’s gonna ask
me for 0-6 one for our did you get that
well it’s not too bad
be good be good at at homies remember we
are all in this together because we
all matter in the eyes of our maker all
lives matter
duh and where we go when we go all purse
and what’s a Hamilton Beach

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Author: Emily Howard

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