Egglettes Egg Cooker - Hard Boiled Eggs without the Shell, 4 Egg Cups reviewed by Skillet Director
Egglettes Egg Cooker - Hard Boiled Eggs without the Shell, 6 Egg Cups reviewed by Skillet Director
Egglettes Egg Cooker, 4 Egg Cups
Egglettes Egg Cooker, 6 Egg Cups
Prime Benefits
Egglettes Egg Cooker - Hard Boiled Eggs without the Shell, 4 Egg Cups reviewed by Skillet Director
Egglettes Egg Cooker, 4 Egg Cups
Prime Benefits
Egglettes Egg Cooker - Hard Boiled Eggs without the Shell, 6 Egg Cups reviewed by Skillet Director
Egglettes Egg Cooker, 6 Egg Cups
Prime Benefits

Egglettes Review: No-Shell Hard Boiled Eggs?

these our egglets these are the silicon
pods that allow you to make hard-boiled
eggs without the shell that’s today’s
review so let’s get started
alright this is actually my last day of
filming for this egg let’s review I
wanted to tell you that the egg let’s do
work but it took me some trial and error
in order to figure that out so I didn’t
want you to start off by thinking it
doesn’t work it does work but there’s
some problems I encountered that I had
to figure out along the way
so you’ll see my progress over several
days and how I encountered each problem
and how I figured I’m all out so one day
one I wanted to make my first batch and
I realized that for soft-boiled medium
boiled eggs the time where they included
the deluxe model by the way that deluxe
model also includes this holder which is
useful but this timer is not accurate
and you need an accurate timer for soft
boiled and medium boiled eggs I also
encountered the problem of residue which
I figured on day 2 but let’s take a look
at day 1 and the problems I had and how
those turned out all right first you’re
supposed to do is wash them in soapy
water and here they are and I’m gonna do
6 different eggs in here I’m gonna have
a hard meat hard boiled medium boiled
soft boiled hard medium soft and on the
bottom I’m going to do it with oil with
spray and with nothing spray nothing oil
so gonna have six different variants and
see how they all turn out I’m gonna use
this holder could kind of keep track of
which one is which first up we’re gonna
try to coat them with olive oil 1/2
now it says roll it around in there coat
the innards I wonder if I should just
use my finger to make sure it’s in it’s
completely coated I’m gonna do that
shake out the excess alright 3 short
bursts alright for these two I’m not
going to use anything and see how they
turn out oh here we go
got my eggless deluxe holder that’s
looking good boom so the instruction so
that soft is 8 to 10 minutes at medium
11 to 13 hard at 13 and 16 so about 8
minutes we’re gonna take out the first
batch I got my egg timer here
jeez that was it
it’s still ticking though it stopped
ticking it just stopped ticking I didn’t
even really go off I’m using my clever
tongs here soft-boiled no oil soft
boiled with oil and while those are
cooling these have another three minutes
three minutes with our medium boiled yes
right this actually no or nothing and
oil okay well they say you’re supposed
to use a spoon if it gets sticky again
there’s no spray in this one okay now
let’s try the one that had oil in it
it’s not really popping out oh that’s
weird the one with oil
C was worse than the one that had
nothing all right I stopped ticking but
it didn’t go off whatever medium boiled
Spray medium boiled no spray not nose
spray but no spray whenever you set this
for two minutes even though it doesn’t
go off for the hard well with these cool
these are the soft-boiled that’s more
medium to me well I guess I might have
to play around the time a little bit
let’s try the mediums now this is with
cooking spray this is with nothing
that looks nice
okay those both seem to come out pretty
well that’s hard-boiled hard-boiled so
you’re really gonna have to just play
with I guess the times on here because
I’m getting medium where I should have
got soft so I’m getting hard where I
should’ve had medium this will be
hard-boiled using oil hard-boiled using
spray oil and spray now since the
mediums came out hard-boiled I’m sure
these will be hard-boiled as well I’m
just disappointed they’re not popping
out like they had that cute sound in the
commercial I’m not getting the sound the
spoon works well though even on the ones
I didn’t spray you can see some of the
other that you see the oil built up in
there not everybody would like that I
wouldn’t think okay we have hard-boiled
eggs probably have to play with the
times on some of these but I think it
certainly works as advertised as far as
that goes this is the first test got a
lot more to do oh I was gonna say that I
didn’t really see a big difference with
the oil the spray or even nothing
because I’d use a spoon no matter what
alright time to cleaning them up see how
well these clean up definitely gave some
stuff stuck in the egg edge there I
thought it would come right out and it’s
not coming right out yeah it’s not these
soak for a little while longer look
inside here I’m having like scrape this
with a spoon okay I’ve been soaking hot
water for a while I’m gonna use this rag
just kind of get some of the egg chunks
out of there it’s cleaned up pretty one
with a rag though so that’s good alright
so I’m not sure if the problem with a
soft-boiled eggs was this timer which
really wasn’t that great or maybe I just
left them in there too long so I’m gonna
try three more I’m gonna go eight nine
and ten minutes with a better timer and
see if I can get better soft-boiled eggs
let’s try it
all right this time no deluxe holder all
right we’re gonna set a real timer for
eight minutes
I used oil in all three of these because
I think the oil may have been easier to
clean and not sure yet so I’m gonna do
eight nine and ten minutes for the
soft-boiled all of them have oil and see
if is easier to clean so we got a couple
different things to try here and
hopefully you have better results
eight minutes nine minutes ten minutes
waiting for that popping sound like the
commercial but I’m not hearing it this
is what I got
now for the nine-minute one once again
oh he didn’t pop it came up myself yay
here is the 10-minute one this looks
awful Boyle already you see that bit of
it oh there it goes that was the nine
minute one here’s the eight minute egg
okay and here is the ten one if my
problem the first time wasn’t so much
the eggs or the cooking as this cheap
timer that came with it I put the same
amount of oil in all three of these this
has residue no residue and residue I
really can’t account for a difference
because I measured out how much oil in
each one and I rolled them around but
instead of using my finger and it seems
like I’m getting a different result each
alright so day two I had the whole
problem a timer figured out then I
wanted to tackle the problem of residue
and I found out that using cooking spray
like this is better than using oil which
they also suggested using and I used it
much more than just the three short
bursts they suggested so once I figured
that out I had no problem but here’s how
the residue problems all panned out
alright I’m a head of the store right
now to get some more eggs now my concern
right now is not how the egglets
produces eggs because I have no doubt
after a couple batches it’s gonna create
hard-boiled eggs without the shell it
seems like it’s working as far as that
goes my concern is the cleaning now
there was a product a few years ago
called egg ease which was another As
Seen on TV product similar to egglets
but it was hard plastic instead of soft
silicone but the main complaint with
eggies is that it was hard to clean and
I’m having the problem cleaning the
egglets as well because I’m getting
residue no matter whether I use oil
spray or I don’t use anything so I’m
gonna call my good friend Kathy with the
$0.02 chicks because they recently
reviewed the egglets as well and I’ll
link that in description below and I
want to compare notes and see what kind
of difference if any they’ve had in
cleaning the egglets and any residue
left behind so let’s see what she has to
say hey Kathy how you doing so I had a
question for you about the cleaning of
the egg list because I’ve used spray oil
and nothing
and I’m in residue left behind no matter
what and the residue is getting kind of
hard for me to clean out so I was
wondering if you and Rachel have done as
far as that goes I think I used a
different brand of spray guess I’ll try
some Pam and see if that makes a
difference right now I’m having no luck
with any of them as far as residue goes
okay well thanks for your help Kathy
alright bye so I’m just now leaving
Vaughn’s I got the egg-cam going I also
picked up some Pam so I’m gonna try that
over the other spray I had and hopefully
that works better than what I use today
alright so my previous test I use this
canola spray I’m gonna try Pam and see
if it makes a difference also I’m gonna
spray one with a three blast that they
say to do it and this one I’m going to
spray that you know what out of and see
if heavily sprain makes a difference
over the spray and they recommend I’ll
use my deluxe holder to keep them
separate so let’s get started alright
Exhibit A three blasts with Pam Exhibit
B the Nitro blast alright probably
overkill but let’s see if overkill what
makes a difference 15 minutes and let’s
see if there’s a difference between the
lightly sprayed and heavily sprayed this
is the lightly sprayed and the heavily
sprayed yummy huh
oh it came out it plopped out and
there’s no residue now for the heavily
sprayed I expect better results from
this one oh look at that so my friend
Kathy was right it’s not just a spray
also but it seems how heavily you spray
it we’re making progress so on day three
I thought it was smooth sailing I wanted
to do some deviled eggs and I still had
problems that’s because this recipe
wants you to cut them this way which
most people cut their legs that way so
once I realized to get rid of their
instructions and cut them the way I
wanted to the deviled eggs came out fine
next up let’s try some deviled eggs now
they show the deviled eggs kind of cut
latitude when most emmalegs to cut
longitude maybe that’s because there’s a
flat bottom but I’m gonna try the fourth
and this recipe calls for and see if I
can figure out how to do them right with
the egglets
now that I get the residue problem
figured I’m gonna spray the blank out of
these with some Pam I’m going to do four
deviled eggs and two other eggs
let’s see we got here come on don’t let
me down now there we go
I think heavily got water in their egg
water that’s a small one okay these are
my two scrambled eggs
aka omelette so whatever they want to
call them basically some a little bit of
milk egg and cheese and then these are
going to be my demo legs first you’re
supposed to slice across the flat side
so it sliced across here and make a
slice across the round out this side so
we can stand up just and slice across
here I’m guessing to expose a yolk and
then slice across here so it can stand
up that’s what I’m reading well that
doesn’t work too well sliced across the
flat side it says and then a small slice
on the round side look at me that was a
little bit better I don’t think I need
to slice that one now we’re supposed to
remove the yolk out of these all see
usually I cut them lengthwise like this
and then it’s easy to get the yolk out
see it comes right out comes right out
here this method it seems very awkward
to me to do it this direction and
they’re kind of falling apart I don’t
think this is gonna work for deviled
eggs I’m sorry I don’t think it will it
worked on it might work on the ones I
cut this way but these I mean look at
that what’s happening here is just to
falling apart
what is that scrambled egg an omelet of
egg bullet mmm it’s not terrible but man
I’ve had so many eggs as part of this
channel if you’ve been watching this
channel for a while there have been so
many eggs I’ve had to eat over the last
year and a half I’m kind of egged out
so you got butter coming up underneath
doing pretty well and lalala alrights
time for the final batch where I put all
the lessons I learned together to make a
perfect batch of eggs let’s do it
step 1 don’t use this timer step 2 spray
heavily no chancing on the on the
cooking spray
step 3 cook your eggs cooking spray
works heavily spray net works even
better now unlike the instructions that
I tried the first time which says to cut
him this way I’m gonna cut him the way I
would expect to cut them which is this
way see look comes right out this is the
only one it’s a little bit iffy
I think that’s acceptable though
so here we go I think that this one came
out maybe a little bit if he the rest of
them I think came out pretty good and
that’s ignoring their instructions and
doing it the way you’d usually do devil
eggs well it’s kind of a long process to
get here by finally arrived so cheers to
egg let’s which I finally got to work
right the big question is whether
eggless works and that answer is yes the
other question is is this better than
putting eggs in a pot and boiling them
I’m not sure about that as far as dental
eggs I still think the original shape
then you get from old-school hard
boiling that’s better than this but I
did get this to work some people are not
real thrilled about the idea of putting
food in silicone or plastic those people
would definitely not want this I’m not
too concerned about it but I understand
it is a concern for some people I think
some people will probably open up the
eaglets they’re not worried about soft
emini boiled eggs or even deviled eggs
spray it with cooking spray and they’ll
have no problem right from the beginning
other people who may have problems like
I did and hopefully this video can help
you figure it out I don’t think the
egglets are in stores just yet they will
be very soon I paid $30 because I wanted
the $10 deluxe upgrade the ducks came
with the egg timer and the holder I
found the egg timer to be kind of
useless and the holder to be somewhat
useful whether it’s worth 10 extra
dollars probably not have you used the
egglets or the old egg ease tell me what
you think in the comments below and
don’t forget to follow my social
profiles a frequenter view so you can
see progress pictures and videos as I go
and please subscribe for more As Seen on
TV product reviews to me James white
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