Cuisinart CDF-200P1 Deep Fryer, 4 Quart, Stainless Steel reviewed by Skillet Director
1.1 Liter Deep Fryer reviewed by Skillet Director
Cuisinart CDF-200 Deep Fryer
Cuisinart Compact Deep Fryer
Prime Benefits
Cuisinart CDF-200P1 Deep Fryer, 4 Quart, Stainless Steel reviewed by Skillet Director
Cuisinart CDF-200 Deep Fryer
Prime Benefits
1.1 Liter Deep Fryer reviewed by Skillet Director
Cuisinart Compact Deep Fryer
Prime Benefits

Cuisinart 4 Quart Deep Fryer Demo (CDF-200)

hi I’m Mary Rogers and this is the
Cuisinart 4 quart deep fryer it’s a nice
generous size so if you’re going to have
a party and you want to do like for a
gameday party you want to do like fried
chicken or chicken wings or a big batch
to french fries you can do donuts so
many great things you can cook in a
fryer today we’re going to do some
buffalo chicken wings which is one of my
favorites so let me show you the product
here’s your lid has a nice generous arch
on the handle it stays cool it has a
window large window in the front also is
vented here so that the moisture comes
out while you’re cooking but the oil is
kept inside because you’re going to keep
the lid on this is your fry basket and
the fry basket you can rest it on the
side of the oil container to drain your
food inside there’s also the heating
element which is immersed in the actual
oil and it’s coiled through the oil very
efficiently so that the temperature
stays to the cooking temperature that
you’re using and it also recovers very
quickly once you put the food in because
when you put your food in the
temperature the oil will drop down but
you want it to come back up to
temperature very quickly that’s
important in making a really good fried
food so the lids back on here is your
control panel you have your power light
and your ready light right on the top
power light lets you know you have power
the ready light lets you know that it’s
up to the temperature that you chose
this fryer goes from 175 all the way up
to 375 and today we’re going to be
frying at 375 on the right on my right
your left this is your timer this timer
you just turn it goes up to 36 30
minutes and it will ring to let you know
it’s done you can just twist it to
disengage it the other thing too is that
it has nice handles on the side so that
when you need to move your fryer around
really stable to use the handles the
other things that’s important to is
never move it while it’s hot always wait
for it to cool off the oil container
inside is also completely removable and
it’s one gallon there’s a little spout
here where you can pour off the oil to
properly filter it and store it for use
at a later time the other thing is this
is 1800 watts of power for the fryer and
it also holds 2.3 pounds of food and
it’s four quart capacity so what we’re
going to do today is we’re going to get
started by making buffalo chicken wings
one of my favorites I did live in
Buffalo for about ten years so I’ve had
the pleasure of having the authentic
buffalo chicken wings so I like to Brian
mine a little a bit ahead of time but
make sure you pat them dry I’m just
adding them to the sauce and we’re just
going to mix them up so that they’re
evenly coated this is really simple and
easy to do it’s a fun thing to make too
when you have company you can also you
know honestly you cook these in 12 to 15
minutes it’s a really fast and easy meal
to make with a beautiful salad and some
side vegetables so what I’m going to do
now is going to get rid of this I’m
actually going to so I have a chance to
put everything out evenly you can jump
them in if you want but I’m just going
to clip it in the basket methodically is
going to use moisture in here so
so obviously those wings were a little
moist so you can try patting them dry
but liquid also is what makes the oil
get quite hot anyway
set this timer to 15 minutes and we’re
going to come back and check on our
chicken wings okay let’s check on our
chicken wings they look really great
so just shake off the excess liquid from
the fry basket you can let it sit on the
side now what I’m going to do you know
we added the the buffalo sauce
beforehand but just a little added
flavor I like to dip them in the sauce
again sometimes what I do is I’ll put
them in a food safe container and give a
little shake around and we’ll get all
nicely distributed but so I’m just going
to toss them you can hear how nice and
crisp they are the other thing I want to
mention too is I I cleaned my tongs and
this is also fresh sauce that never
touched the raw chicken so make sure
that something that you pay attention to
when you’re frying never let the food
raw food touch food that you’ve cooked
so they smell really good they’re so
simple and easy to make you could have
made a lot more than I made today but
they’re really tasty it’s a fun thing to
do when you’re having game day or want
to make a really quick meal during the
week you can have dinner done in 15
minutes but it couldn’t be easier than
that so there you have it the cuisinart
4 quart deep fryer

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Author: Mark Miller

I have graduated The Culinary Institute of America in 2013 and became a chef assistant in one of New York city restaurants. I began to move up the career ladder – just a few years later I've worked as a chef in a 4* restaurant.