Copper Chef Square Fry Pan 5 Pc set reviewed by Skillet Director
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Copper Chef Square Fry Pan 5 Pc set
Copper Chef Multi-Use Grill pan
Copper Chef Stack-able Black Diamond 5-piece Grill Pan Set
Copper Chef Microwave Grill with Grill Press Lid
Copper Chef Non-Stick/Stove-Top Griddle Pan
Copper Chef
Copper Chef
Copper Chef
Copper Chef
Copper Chef
Prime Benefits
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Price not available
Copper Chef Square Fry Pan 5 Pc set reviewed by Skillet Director
Copper Chef Square Fry Pan 5 Pc set
Copper Chef
Prime Benefits
14 In 1 Multi-Use Copper Chef Wonder Cooker with roasting pan and lid, Multi-Use Grill pan (10.5 QT 3 Piece Set) reviewed by Skillet Director
Copper Chef Multi-Use Grill pan
Copper Chef
Prime Benefits
Copper Chef Stack-able Black Diamond 5-piece Non-Stick Fry Pan Set, 9.5 Inch grill pan, 9.5 Inch griddle pan, 4.5 Quart saucepan. Copper Chef Recipes Cookbook Included reviewed by Skillet Director
Copper Chef Stack-able Black Diamond 5-piece Grill Pan Set
Copper Chef
Prime Benefits
Copper Chef Microwave Grill with Grill Press Lid and Accessories reviewed by Skillet Director
Copper Chef Microwave Grill with Grill Press Lid
Copper Chef
Prime Benefits
Price not available
Copper Chef Non-Stick/Stove-Top Griddle Pan, Copper, 12-Inch reviewed by Skillet Director
Copper Chef Non-Stick/Stove-Top Griddle Pan
Copper Chef
Prime Benefits
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Copper Chef 12″ x 12″ Choice of Grill or Griddle with Glass Press

so can you tell how excited I’m gonna be
tomorrow night for that final game I’m
not gonna sleep tonight
Who am I kidding yes I will but I’ll be
excited all right so let’s talk to you
about something brand-new from copper
chef and you’re also pretty excited
about this already 600 of these have
been ordered from our preview okay what
we’re talking about is something
brand-new from copper chef the same
folks that make the copper chef pans
that we have sold my word thousands and
thousands and thousands of on QVC so
we’ve got a choice today of a griddle
pan with a grill press or a grill pan
with a weighted press and you get thirty
three recipes half of those are griddle
recipes half of them are grilling
recipes this can be used on your
induction stovetop electric stovetop gas
stove top in the oven or on the barbecue
this is an extraordinary pan and coated
with the same ceramic nonstick coating
now I will tell you because this is so
brand-new we need a little extra time to
send it to you so we’re shipping this
out on the 15th of May so we’re looking
at about six weeks from now that we’ll
be shipping this out but you’ll be some
of the first to get it because this is
in very limited distribution around the
country we’re really excited to have
this for you we are more limited in the
griddle pan and we have a bit more to go
around in the grill pan but I that that
is not a license to weight or to rest on
your laurels these are going to go very
quickly when I was in Chicago a couple
of weeks ago I visited the copper chef
manufacturer I saw Eric theses picture
everywhere when I was there but I also
saw all the new goodies that are coming
out yeah and these were two of the pans
we looked at and our buyer Dan team said
David these are coming to your show in a
couple weeks I was so excited I knew you
would be – Eric this is really awesome
because it takes copper chef’s to the
next level doesn’t it yeah well you know
customers love the copper chefs so much
they’ve been asking us for more products
so I wanted to come out with something
really special I wanted a grill pan and
a griddle that would really do the job
now I’m gonna put these pork chops down
and then we’re going to come back to
them because I want to show you what you
get when you have extreme
only high grill marks so we’re going to
put those guys down and we’re going to
put some chicken down and then just stay
with me guys because I will show you the
difference and why we wanted to create
this this pen and why it’s really
something special
listen oil sizzle right first of all 12
inches square we could have used one of
the molds that you know we’re already
out there nine and a half or 11 we
wanted it really big 12 inches square
you know we like squares so we’re going
to come back to those in just a little
bit i season those for you yeah please
now let me show you our pan here’s the
griddle this is the grill pan they’re
both extremely thick what we did was
instead of using stamped steel we used
cast aluminum that’s why we can get
extremely thick substrate down here then
take a look at my grill marks guys our
grill mark marks are up to five times
larger than most grill marks out on the
market that’s why we get amazing
beautiful searing results and then we
have a thick channel all the way around
so it’s going to hold the grease so you
don’t have to worry about that getting
onto your stove top of course we have
the ceramic technology that if you’re
familiar with the copper chef brand
people fallen in love with the ceramic
technology with all of our copper chef’s
we always put an induction plate on the
bottom that’s a very costly step we
never skimp on that induction plate the
nonstick is amazing and like David said
the versatility of the grill or the
griddle to be able to go on the stovetop
in the oven on the barbecue is just to
me something that you need to have maybe
something that you had in the past and
it didn’t work that great you’re going
to get great results with the copper
chef the motor we are very very busy in
fact already over 2700 of these are gone
Erik and I’ll tell you also because of
that induction plate that is applied to
the back of each of these pans it will
work on your own cut induction so tops
and induction cooktops I will also tell
you that many of you purchased the
copper chef’s induction cooktop here at
QVC so it’ll definitely work on that as
well would you want me to
I own these for you ya know they’re I
think they’re good I sure I had the
flame all the way up all right so I
didn’t even tell you guys you get the
press look at the size of this press the
press is as big as the pan so what I did
here is I did a they call it a
spatchcock chicken and what you do is
you just kind of debone it a little bit
but it’s a great way to make chicken and
when you cook it with the grill marks
look how beautiful that looks
you see our ceramic tech look at that
yes knots together is it so so doing a
chicken like you get in in a barbecue
but in your house is a great way to go
or you could have barbecued this right
on your barbecue outside some of the
other things that you could do with the
griddle okay where am I here we are
I made potato chip nachos
what so this pan is great because look
it’s nice and flat so it’s easy to serve
now it’s one big piece of metal this is
one chunk of metal these handles
definitely get hot
anything on the stovetop and the oven so
you want to be careful with that but if
you want your grill pan and your griddle
to get hot guys although these are
amazing mr. Eric 4000 of these are gone
when I saw this in Chicago I knew you
guys are going to love them because it
just takes that whole copper chef
situation to the next level now these
are shipping out on the 15th of May so
about six weeks from now you’re some of
the first people in the country to even
be seeing this so we wanted to get it to
you early giving you an opportunity to
lock in your order and as soon as it’s
ready to ship it will ship out to you
now I have fewer the griddle pans to go
around than I do of the grill grill pans
and the grill pan is very popular you
get the weighted press with both and you
get the cookbook with each one the
cookbook will have half riddle recipes
and half grilling recipes now 5,000 are
gone Eric how we doing on grill marks oh
we’re doing good so we can we can flip
these now what I would do now oh look at
that look at that those are pretty now
or what you could do is give them a 1/2
turn like that and do a crosshatch and
do a cross that so we’ll do one
crosshatch this to save time but look
you guys saw me put these down every
third see if they look like carbon
copies of each other because the cast
aluminum is
SiC it spreads the heat throughout the
entire conductor of he does it really is
and you get it’s nice and thick so we
can handle the heat of course our
ceramic technology heat safe up to 850
degrees mr. can we go and show the
griddle pan yeah only because we haven’t
seen it yet and I know time is getting
all right everyone will be able to see
this because this is the other choice
ray can go with the griddle pan and I
think a lot of people are buying both
now you can use this press to make
perfect make it in cash yeah so you
don’t even have to flip the bacon when
you use our press just put the bacon
down put it on the stovetop or throw it
in the oven the bacon will cook right
through you never need to flip it so
this is the kind of thing that you can
do with your griddle pan again there’s
no there’s no grill marks there because
when you use a griddle pan you want
things to be flat so we want our bacon
to be super flat and we’re achieving
that it’s coming out great now if we
come over here to our our eggs
I just I’m turning your chicken here
Eric oh thank you so happy but it’s
beautiful look at those grill marks on
those chicken breasts on an airline
chicken breast yeah they’re gone now
7,000 are gone and 1200 people on the
phone lines hello beautiful eggs look at
this yeah now this is what you want a
grill for I just did my bacon over here
now of course what’s nice is to do the
bacon on the same pan you do the eggs
and then you get to use the bacon grease
to make the eggs and of course
look how bored I love everything and I
know it is but it’s a deliciously bad
thing all right so look at all the eggs
that I was able to get on there now it’s
a griddle right here like my old cake
time right back on we’re going to make
some pancakes I think I’ll go three
across I’ll get like nine little well
these are bigger than dollar size or
pancakes but we’ll put a gal we don’t
sell this product do we now I just
didn’t want to make it a while we should
look into it
well look into it because I’m sure that
marriage again some car yeah hey you
know what they might have them on on
I these are pretty standard for pancake
making all right David let me just show
you one more thing over here and then I
want to go back and show the steaks that
I showed you at the top of our show all
right let me just grab these of course
so now again you’re getting the press
the press works great for everything
like burgers now when we flip our
burgers we’re going to get nice grill
marks again we have these high ridges
without high these are so what it’s
doing is it’s keeping our burgers out of
the grease we don’t want our burgers to
be greasy we just want them to be cooked
right and you know we have a little
video tape because I want you to see the
different ways you can use these pans
because obviously the stovetop is going
to be a big deal here can you imagine
doing barbecue chicken grilled chicken a
big roast look out on your barbecue
grill your steaks are going to be
gorgeous because remember this is copper
chef’s this is super durable you’re able
to cook things like those beautiful
vegetables you can grill pizza outside
which we should totally do the next time
chefs and mostly because I’m hungry and
I love it yeah do you have a pizza
behind you oh there is pizza it’s like
an embarrassment of Brigitte look at
that pizza now look how it slides right
off again the griddle is great for
making pizzas guys but you can also use
the grill to make pizza and I’ll back up
so you can see nice and evenly Brown
look at that pretty on the bottom this
is what makes it so so nice what you
should also know is that you’ve got an
opportunity to be able to enjoy
something like this anywhere you want to
do it I’m just gonna have a little piece
of the crust off the end because it
looks so delicious all right all right
I’ve got a big number for you over ten
thousand are gone and fourteen other
people on the phone lines I I’d love to
know if it’s people that are have the
copper chef right and wanted more or
they just somebody who really wanted a
great griddle pan so I I think the grill
and the grill were made perfectly we
didn’t skin we went with cast aluminum
we went with super-high grill marks the
highest that you can really find and
then here’s my steaks look how gorgeous
things are guys look at the the grill
marks that we got I did a little
crosshatch on them these were the steaks
that I did right from the start of the
show let’s see how they’re looking
inside there look at that
perfectly cooked and now you’re going to
get that added benefit of all that
delicious flavor look at Eric they look
now Eric if you look there on our screen
it says we have 19 seconds left we’re
actually gonna give this a little more
time Wow good alright because our phone
lines are literally on fire
so we’ve sold 11,000 of these and we
have the griddle pan we have the grill
pan now this has low glare on it so let
me hold that up a little bit so you can
see it’s not going to have that
shininess to it because it’s just the
lights hitting it so we have the grill
grill pan and the griddle pan you with a
weighted press with both this press
because it’s clear it’s a little hard to
see so it’s equal to the size almost of
the pan it has to be just a shave a
smaller so it’ll actually come in
contact with the food so you get the
press and the pan and the book the
cookbook and this is full of gorgeous
color photos Eric wrote all these
recipes so you’ve got some great ideas
in there for grill and griddle
please use QVC comm automated ordering
mobile apps smoke signals and carrier
pigeon now if you use your cue card
today I have one in my pocket here
all right if you use your cue card to
buy this today you may put this on three
easy payments because you can use Easy
Bay on-demand anytime when you pay with
your cue card the only exception is gift
cards and if you’re a brand new customer
you can get five dollars off this today
so you’re paying $19.98 for your first
item at QVC and one admittedly one of
the most popular that we’ve had on in a
while so this is K four five eight to
one advance orders shipping on May 15th
I want to be very clear about this we
are early in presenting this because it
is a very limited distribution around
the country what you want to do is place
your order now because you’ll be with
some of the first in the country to be
receiving it this is the huge brand that
everybody at the Chicago housewares show
was was lining up three and four deep so
they could get in just to see the new
products that are coming from commercial
yeah it’s true man we’ve been really
really blessed I think I the people have
really reacted to the ceramic technology
coating and the extra work that we did
to make our products different
this is not the same old same old guys
and when you get it home and feel the
weight and when you see how deep our
grill marks are you’re going to realize
that we really did create something from
the ground up we didn’t use a mold that
was laying around a factory somewhere
now look here’s my chicken look how
beautiful these are done now I’ve got
salmon that I put down I literally only
put it down while David went over and
talked because I took off my my pork
chops okay
15,000 are now gone 1,800 people on the
phone lines so I’ve got a little trivia
question behind I let our phone lines
cool off of it we’re making my pizza
strata pepperoni pizza straw today so on
what day is the most pizza eaten is it
New Year’s Day New Year’s Eve Super Bowl
Sunday or the night before Thanksgiving
Super Bowl Sunday Super Bowl Sunday yeah
according to food reference calm the
number-one day for us pizza consumption
is Super Bowl Sunday as it’s the perfect
party in big gameday food and coming in
second place is the Wednesday before
Wow I wouldn’t if you know what today is
also a very special birthday oh girl
Lynn one of our prep chefs here at QVC
come out here Lynn she’s going to kill
me for this Lynn is one of our very
talented prep chefs Lynn helps us with
our recipes she helps to prep the cells
to get them ready to go on the air and
today is a birthday happy happy birthday
love you we love you Lin makes us all
look good trust Oh make a wish and blow
out your candle on live national
television no pressures I hope it was a
good one well a happy happy birthday
happy birthday lynnie Lin is awesome we
love her I just want to say dad I hope
you feel better my dad’s in the hospital
oh I’m talking about you every minute
and I know you’re watching right and I
thought some prayers with him also thank
absolutely okay um
sixteen thousand of these are now gone
and let me say say also if you are
looking to find my recipe for pepperoni
pizza strata our whole theme for this
new month and Eric is eggs so let April
who am I gonna get to taste that at some
point yeah I think so if you hang around
long enough so we’re going to be talking
about great excellent egg recipes
throughout the entire month of April and
if you want to find my one for today
it’s all about a savory bread pudding
and I call it pepperoni pizza strata so
you can really enjoy something special
and nice and really delicious what you
don’t want to do is wait go ahead and
head over to QVC comm search David’s
recipes you’ll find the photograph there
you can download the recipe and print it
off on your home office printer so
pepperoni pizza strata yes
stir up that right now though it’s a
one-day only priced item from our
friends at Cheryl’s cookies and I must
say that this particular collection I
had a little to do with you did I did
indeed David’s favorite Easter treats
with a brand new cookie that we’ve never
done from Cheryl’s before now you may
have heard weeks and weeks ago you

Copper Chef Grill Buyers’ Guide

How to clean Copper Chef pans?

Copper chef pans should be cleaned after every use by hand, using warm water, mild dish soap, and a soft, nonmetallic scrubber, sponge, or brush. This will keep it clean and make it last longer. For tougher stains that aren’t removed with just soap, there are three options to cleaning them. The first option is to mix coarse or table salt with lemon juice until it is a paste-like mixture. Apply this mixture to the pan surface with a sponge and scrub, then rinse it off and dry the pan. Another option is to use Catsup, which should be applied and left for 10 minutes, then scrubbed with a sponge or a rag. Once the stains are gone, the paste can be rinsed off and dried. The last option is to use Brasso, which is a commercial cleaner for metal surfaces. Soak a clean cloth with Brasso, apply to the pan and use a clean cloth to polish, rinse and let dry.

Can a Copper Chef grill pan be put in the dishwasher?

Copper Chef grill pans can be easily washed by putting them in the dishwasher. But, to maintain the non-stick aspect of the pans, it is recommended that you season the pans after putting them in the dishwasher. To season your pan, start by washing it with soap and warm water. Then put the pan on medium-high heat to warm it for two minutes. Then, put 2-3 tablespoons of vegetable oil on the pan and spread all over the inner surface. Warm up the oil and allow it to heat until you see sizzling. Turn the heat off and let the pan cool, then drain the extra oil and wipe the pan with a napkin. You mustn’t rinse the pan after removing the excess oil, and your pan is seasoned.

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I have graduated The Culinary Institute of America in 2013 and became a chef assistant in one of New York city restaurants. I began to move up the career ladder – just a few years later I've worked as a chef in a 4* restaurant.