Copper Chef 2 QT Black and Copper Air Fryer - Turbo Cyclonic Airfryer With Rapid Air Technology For Less Oil-Less Cooking. Includes Recipe Book (Teal) reviewed by Skillet Director
Copper Chef 2 QT Black and Copper Air Fryer - Turbo Cyclonic Airfryer With Rapid Air Technology For Less Oil-Less Cooking. Includes Recipe Book (Red) reviewed by Skillet Director
Copper Chef 2 QT Air Fryer
Copper Chef 2 QT Turbo Cyclonic Airfryer With Rapid Air Technology
Copper Chef
Copper Chef
Prime Benefits
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Copper Chef 2 QT Black and Copper Air Fryer - Turbo Cyclonic Airfryer With Rapid Air Technology For Less Oil-Less Cooking. Includes Recipe Book (Teal) reviewed by Skillet Director
Copper Chef 2 QT Air Fryer
Copper Chef
Prime Benefits
Copper Chef 2 QT Black and Copper Air Fryer - Turbo Cyclonic Airfryer With Rapid Air Technology For Less Oil-Less Cooking. Includes Recipe Book (Red) reviewed by Skillet Director
Copper Chef 2 QT Turbo Cyclonic Airfryer With Rapid Air Technology
Copper Chef
Prime Benefits
Price not available

Copper Chef Power 2-qt 1000W Digital Air Fryer w/ Touch Screen

Stacy we need to tell everybody that
Stacy’s working on doing other seasonal
aprons for our show for the ladies and
the guys and they’ll be coming up on
future show so keep an eye out
Stacy a rock star all right hey let’s
talk about a brand new item tonight
let’s talk about copper chef let’s talk
about an air fryer that holds 2 quarts
of what you love you’ve told us in
overwhelming numbers that you would love
to have a smaller vessel one that will
cook enough for one or two people maybe
less a little something left over for
you no leftovers so we’ve got it for you
copper chef brings their power to court
1,000 watt digital air fryer yes this
has a touchscreen and I’ve got four
colors for you to choose from now we’re
gonna start here with the black so I
block I have navy this is cinnamon and
this is slate okay what’s that
Navy is the most limited this is on
three easy payments tonight use your cue
card that’s five let’s come over here to
Erik these are still very sad about the
inference I really have you tried hard I
was like quick draw mcgraw and boom all
right that Stacy should not playing all
right so this is what we’re talking
about a great air fryer but Erik we’ve
gotten overwhelming response from our
foodies bring us the great appliances we
love in a smaller size yeah isn’t that
I always think everybody wants
everything bigger but in fact people
really wanted a smaller one so here’s
our copper chef this is the first time
we ever brought to QVC a copper chef’s
airfryer right two quarts you have the
beautiful copper nonstick ceramic
technology this this is only a few
quarts but you want to you want your
freezer and you bought you’ve got a bag
of frozen french fries right yeah bag of
frozen french fries you just spritzee’s
it all with yeah so I use the evo just
two sprays of evo just like this I’ll
show you on these one two that’s it
that’s a yes and a half a teaspoon right
I give it a shake put it in half way
through give it a shake so I season
these about that please do well so they
just have a little extra olive oil on
now which is a good thing right
don’t hurt my feelings look how crispy
those are and they’re that that’s a nice
portion that’s a portion of two or one
David right yeah so look inside we have
our little
fryer discs on the bottom and what that
does is that allow
the airflow to go 360 degrees all the
way around now I used a half a teaspoon
of oil instead of I would be probably
three quarts of oil to do these right so
now I have no cleanup here’s my cleanup
guys yeah dishwasher safe
Wow look like I took it right out of the
box everything I’m gonna show you here
right please do everything I show you
here was cooked right on the stet mmm
Eric are great that’s fantastic right
it’s a crinkle cut right so it should be
crispy on the outside creamy on the
inside and it is this tastes great
awesome thank you you know I think that
having the smaller size Steve and I were
talking about this he’s one of the food
stylist here it’s even more efficient
than the larger air fryers because you
have a smaller space with the right size
of inlays yeah so what I did is I wanted
to show you that you could fit three
filets in the air fryer there are these
filets these are about six ounces each
so it’s like a normal size fillet and
look how perfectly they’re cooked okay
we can’t see that so perfect no yeah
I’ve only been doing this 20 years right
there we go look at that now again in
the air fryer we did it six minutes
aside if you wanted a more done just
call absolutely yeah this would be a
medium rare you could do medium air
maybe you want eight minutes aside but
don’t think just french fries and
remember if you do fry you’re gonna save
up to 70% of calories from fat and
that’s true with all of our air fryers
no Eric 150 of these are already gone if
you want the navy sorry 1200 left most
limited here it is in the block I also
have the slate and I have it for you in
cinnamon let’s take a look at the screen
up top here Eric yeah let’s do it
super easy screen to use isn’t it it
really is if we just pop this in I’ll
show you really quick how easy it is to
use it as soon as you push the drawer in
and plug it in it’s on I hit the button
it sets it automatically to 400 degrees
from there I can take it down to
anything I want all the way down to 180
degrees and the timer goes all the way
from one minute all the way up to 60
minutes so you have the total
control if you want to do french fries
for 400 degrees at 18 minutes you can do
it if you want to take it down to 16
minutes at 370
can’t read them yeah and I like the fact
that I like the blue on here too I don’t
know there’s something about the color
palette I think it looks really good so
what do you have here sir so I did wings
now I just want to show you how many
wings we did and I want to remind
everybody we cooked all of these wings
all of the food here right in front of
the camera so 12 look at that the
baker’s dozen
13 13 and here’s my clean up guys that’s
13 wings my clean up this goes into the
dishwasher call it a day clean ups are
always going to be a joke with copper
chef or even the power air fryer that I
present we have the fantastic technology
in there now air frying works it’s kind
of simple but it’s also very interesting
we have a very large fan for a very
small space right and we have a really
large heating coil that air blows down
on the heating coil goes 360 degrees all
the way around your food so it envelops
your food in air superhot air instead of
oil so in that way it’s very simple
wings don’t need any oil at all because
air fried pots stick yeah look at this
now I’m just gonna pour these out
because there’s no oil in here at all
Mini’s yeah yeah aren’t they adorable
carolallan so we have the mini copper
chef air fryer and we have mini pot
stickers I love it I know they’re so
good I love these you know they’re
bite-sized they’re just perfect hey can
I tell you how many are gone now Sean
300 of these are now gone now one of
God’s most perfect appetizer potato tots
wrapped in bacon skewered with a
toothpick and air fried yeah and when
the bacon renders it goes into the
potato this is just delightful
make sure your your potato tots are just
semi-frozen just so you can get a
toothpick through them right that’s
right we’re all a little piece of bacon
around there and skewer with the
toothpick how long do those cook do you
think about 12 to 14 minutes and
remember the Bacon’s from raw I cooked
these right here on the set in 14
now I want to show you something else
after David
I’m gonna have a little sample of this
yeah because my favorite I think we let
it cool off better free this you know
what you didn’t see me eat one so I’m
gonna get another one just so you see
that mmm
error there perfect crispy potato a
bacony mmm a little ranch stress and and
that I mean that’s a nice little pile of
yeah it’s really nice I mean you could
do two or four people in there and then
guys I want to show you where all the
fat goes because we have that little
fried disc there all of the fat renders
to the bottom and then that fat is not
in your food and I don’t use a single
extra bit of oil on these now 500 of
these are gone I had this for you in the
slate here it is in the block here it is
in the Navy Navy is most limited and
then Eric is showing you here cinnamon
the cinnamon
don’t miss out on these we’re very busy
on our phone lines three easy payments
on any card you use five you’ve used the
cue card no more a browser but we’re
gonna right now I got an apron all right
now we’re checking in with Stacy
alright we’re checking in with Stacy
which gives us just enough time for
another bacon wrap potato Todd alright
so David the apron yes we’ll bring more
in for you I promise in the meantime I
just want to point out that I am wearing
the most comfortable pants because they
gave me my own plate a prize to eat

Copper Chef Air Fryer Buyers’ Guide

What size is a Copper Chef air fryer?

The Copper Chef air fryer has a capacity of 2 quarts, so it can cook approximately 1.5 pounds of food.

How to use a Copper Chef air fryer?

Start by plugging the air fryer into a wall socket. If you want to preheat it turn it on with the power button, and push the temperature increase or decrease buttons to adjust the cooking temperature. Set the preheat time using the time decrease button to 3 mins. When the time is up, pull the basket out of the fryer and place your desired ingredient mix inside. Press the power button and set the time and temperature according to your recipe. When you hear the timer sound, then pull the basket out and use tongs to take out your food. Do not flip the basket over or the excess oil will fall into your plate. If you want to cook the food some more, then put the basket back into the fryer and set a few more minutes to the cooking time. Wash all the air fryer pieces before using those again.

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