Breville Precision Brewer Thermal Coffee Machine with Pour Over Adapter Kit reviewed by Skillet Director
Breville BDC450 Precision Brewer Coffee Maker with Thermal Carafe reviewed by Skillet Director
Breville BDC400 Precision Brewer Coffee Maker with Glass Carafe reviewed by Skillet Director
Breville Precision Brewer Thermal Coffee Machine with Pour Over Adapter Kit
Breville BDC450 Precision Brewer Coffee Maker with Thermal Carafe
Breville BDC400 Precision Brewer Coffee Maker with Glass Carafe
Prime Benefits
Breville Precision Brewer Thermal Coffee Machine with Pour Over Adapter Kit reviewed by Skillet Director
Breville Precision Brewer Thermal Coffee Machine with Pour Over Adapter Kit
Prime Benefits
Breville BDC450 Precision Brewer Coffee Maker with Thermal Carafe reviewed by Skillet Director
Breville BDC450 Precision Brewer Coffee Maker with Thermal Carafe
Prime Benefits
Breville BDC400 Precision Brewer Coffee Maker with Glass Carafe reviewed by Skillet Director
Breville BDC400 Precision Brewer Coffee Maker with Glass Carafe
Prime Benefits

Breville Precision Brewer Review

what’s cracking everybody hope
everybody’s having an awesome day today
we’re gonna do a review of the Breville
precision brewer and trying to answer
the question why would anyone spend $300
on a coffee brewer so I’ve had the
brewer for a few months now and I’ve
been using it almost every day so I
wanted to kick you some of my favorite
and least favorite things about it
I’ll give the same disclaimer that I
gave at the beginning of my Breville
Oracle Touch review which is I did not
pay for this brewer I have done work
with Breville in the past so just wanted
to get that on a nice even playing field
and also I have no financial interest in
selling more of these Brewers and
selling any of these Brewers I don’t
care if anybody buys a brewer now there
are a few reviews out there already to
go over all the specs and technical
doodads so I’m gonna shy away from that
and I’m just gonna tell you my favorite
things about this brewer and things that
I think could be better so let’s start
from the top one of my favorite things
about the brewer is the filter basket
you can put multiple different kinds of
filters in here and I think that’s
really awesome so you can run this thing
wide open and put a normal flat bottom
paper filter in there it also comes with
this gold filter so you can drop the
gold filter in there as well for
reusable filtration and if you want to
brew smaller batches it comes with this
little cone adapter cone adapter snaps
in there and then you can use a cone
now the reason you don’t want to brew
small batches in the big flat bottom
filter like this is you don’t have
enough bed depth that’s a whole nother
conversation we’ll get into that another
day so I like the flexibility and filter
options if I’m making coffee for the
house I’ll generally use the gold filter
because it’s always there and if I’m
making coffee for myself just one or two
cups I’ll use a little Malita filter
going down from the filter the carafe is
really awesome it looks nice but the
thing I like the most about it is that
it brews into it with the top on so the
coffee brews through this little hole
right here the brewer that I came from
was the Bonavita Brewer where the carafe
would have to have its top off you would
brew into that and I was always afraid
of a little bit of heat loss so I really
liked the closed system because if your
brew coffee start to do some stuff
around the house maybe it’s a weekend
you’re cleaning up and you’re
to put the top on it doesn’t matter it’s
already there you have no heat lost your
coffee is still warm the menu and the
tweaked ability that this Brewer has or
what really make it stand out and the
two biggest ones for me are one you can
adjust you brew water temperature out
this is awesome because the darker
roasted coffee you have the more soluble
it is the lighter roasted coffee you
have the less easily soluble it is so if
you’re a real coffee nerd and you’re
really in tune with your coffee brewing
and you’d like to try a range of
different coffees you can tweak it you
can use a lower brew water temperature
for your darker roasted coffee so that
it doesn’t over extract really easily
and you can bump up the temperature when
you’re using your lighter roasted
coffees to get that extraction that you
need so brew water temperature
flexibility is a big win for people who
are in the know my second favorite
feature in the customization menu is
that you can adjust the brew flow rate
so you can set it to slow medium or fast
depending on how much coffee you’re
brewing and how long you want it to take
my biggest problem with other Brewers is
that if I wanted to just brew one cup of
coffee for myself the water would
dispense much too quickly the brew it
happened much too quickly and I
generally get under extraction so if
it’s if I want to brew just one cup of
coffee I can set the flow rate too slow
and I don’t have a problem with this and
that brings in another thing this does
that’s really cool is it allows you to
adjust the bloom time and again when I
was brewing smaller batches of coffee I
would want a little bit more bloom than
most coffee machines had to offer which
is generally none you get water dumping
on the coffee and it goes really really
quickly in my old Bonavita I used to
turn the Bonavita on allow a little bit
of water to drip off and turn it off and
manually do the bloom and hold it there
for 30 or 45 seconds but with this I can
dial in a bloom time and just set it and
let it ride because as fun as it was to
do the Bonavita hacks I kind of just
want a brew coffee in the morning and I
don’t want to have to play with the
Machine if you’ve gotten to this point
interview and you have no idea what I’m
talking about and you’re like dude I
just want a coffee brewer that’s chill
too you can set it to the gold cup
setting which brews to sa gold cup
standards and that’s where I’ve had the
most luck and like a set
and forget it say Brewer also does a few
things that I don’t ever really use so
it’s got this pour-over mode and it’s
got this pour-over adapter which is this
little ring that sets above the carafe
which I promptly lost because I knew I
never was gonna use it and I get the
idea of wanting to be able to use the
brewer as a showerhead put a Kalita wave
or a v60 there honestly I would never do
that for me pour-over is more of a
process and more of a kind of like the
feeling and the experience I get with
making the coffee and doing it with an
automated Brewer just doesn’t seem as
magical so I’ve never used it but you
want it to you totally could aesthetics
and build quality wise it’s a really
good-looking well-built Brewer it’s
quite a bit bigger than the Bonavena
that I had before and it’s definitely
more imposing but in a good way and it
feels much more robust
overall the Bonavena although I never
had any problems with it I just felt a
little bit flimsy some of the plastic
parts would wobble around a lot and this
doesn’t feel like that at all
it feels really solid there are a couple
things I don’t like about it I mentioned
they really like the carafe and because
it’s closed it keeps big batches hot
really well because it’s so huge and so
well built basically then it kind of
acts like a really big heat sink for
smaller batches so I’ve had to preheat
the carafe before I brew like one cup of
coffee into it and if I don’t do this
the copy gets really really cold really
quickly or is kind of lukewarm right out
of the game the second and only real big
gripe I have with the brewer is its loud
it actually uses a boiler and pump
system that’s out of one of Rebels
espresso machines and it sounds like an
espresso machine with a pump on while
it’s brewing this doesn’t really bother
me because when I’m up I’m up but it’s
definitely loud enough to wake someone
up in close quarters so if you live in a
small studio apartment or have a really
light sleeper in the house it could be
something to consider the only other
thing that I would
and I don’t have any compare and
contrast evidence to prove this theory
and this is something that I think
pretty much every Brewer on the market
suffers from is it could have a little
bit better showerhead shower it looks
okay but I could see being a little bit
more spread out with a few more holes I
know when you get into more holes and
you kind of spread out that water flow
you’re in danger of losing too much
temperature but I would like to see
someone kind of dive into that area and
trying to make a really epic showerhead
for a home brewer so whose is Brewer for
and do I recommend it I think this
Brewers for two types of people one type
of person this Brewers for as someone
who makes a decent amount of money has a
little bit of disposable income and
wants a really good looking coffee
brewer in there a really good looking
fancy kitchen the brewer comes in at
about $300 so it’s definitely not cheap
and that’s a major consideration for
most people the other kind of person who
would want this Brewer is the more
coffee geek nerdy person who understands
how brew water temperature affects
brewing who wants to play with bluem who
wants to kind of nerd out with coffee a
little bit but also wants the
convenience of a batch brewer when they
need it now this sounds like a really
niche market but I think it’s really
useful because if you’re a coffee nerd
and all you have is pour overs and
kettles it makes it really hard if you
have people over to your house and you
want to prove five coffees at want if
you have a dinner party or if you’re
hosting breakfast so having the
flexibility of a really awesome batch
brewer is pretty rare
all in all I think this is a really
great Brewer I’ve enjoyed using it every
day and I think the biggest obstacle to
getting into one of these four people in
my tax bracket will be its three hundred
dollar cost but if you’re in the market
for a new Brewer and you’ve got a little
bit of disposable income it’s definitely
worth a look this is the Breville
precision brewer review thank you so
much for coming along for the ride if
you’re feeling the vibes hit it with a
like hit it with the subscribe it would
mean the world to me
stay down and I will catch you on the

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