Wolfgang Puck WPER0010 Combo Electric Skillet Review

Wolfgang Puck WPER0010 is an electric combination skillet that carries the name of one of the world’s most popular chefs. Does it live up to its popular brand? The following review will help you figure out if this appliance is the right one for your culinary needs.

Product Overview

Wolfgang Puck WPER0010 has a cooking surface of 13 by 16 inches. The product is defined as an electric skillet, fryer and roaster. The cooking surface is covered in non-stick coating that simplifies the food preparation process and the cleanup after you’re done.

The high-domed lid provides a bit of additional convenience, as well. It has a steam vent that’s adjustable to correspond to individual cooking preferences. In addition, the skillet has stay cool handles, an adjustable temperature control probe, a baking rack and a dishwasher-safe design after the probe is taken out.

Because it’s a three in one appliance, the combo skillet is great for smaller kitchens. It reduces the need for having three individual appliances positioned on the countertop and the skillet itself is relatively small. It measures 15.5 by 22.2 by 10.8 inches. The weight of the skillet is 14.8 pounds.

Biggest Advantages

This appliance comes with a number of cool characteristics and reviews are mostly pleased with its functioning. Here are some of the advantages that get mentioned in multiple testimonials:

  • Big and sturdy: the design and the construction impress right from the unboxing of the product. The electric skillet is made from quality materials and it’s meant to remain in an excellent condition for a very long period of time.
  • Cooks evenly: this is the most important characteristic of an electric skillet and Wolfgang Puck WPER0010 performs beautifully. There are no hot or cold spots and all ingredients will be cooked through for a finger-licking meal.
  • Easy to clean: the skillet is very easy to clean, whether you decide to put it in the dishwasher or wash it by hand. The nonstick surface doesn’t allow food to get burnt and stuck. As a result, no scrubbing will be required to get rid of leftover meal prep residue.
  • High dome: many other electric skillets get disapproval because of the low lids that aren’t domed. This appliance has a high-domed lid that’s perfect for the preparation of larger items like a whole turkey, for example.
  • Small enough: the cooking surface is sufficient for the preparation of a family meal but the skillet itself is relatively small. The fact that it’s a combo appliance adds to the convenience even further, making it perfect for placement in a smaller kitchen.
  • Stay cool handles: the side handles aren’t going to get warm during the food preparation process because they’re made of insulating material. This is a convenience that skillets having stainless steel handles are missing.
  • Heats up quickly: you don’t have to dedicate a lot of time to getting the skillet heated. Just a few minutes will be required to reach the desired temperature.

A Few Shortcomings

The disadvantages of the appliance aren’t that many. Here are the ones that get mentioned in multiple buyer reviews:

  • Expensive: the electric skillet is quite expensive in comparison to what the competition has to offer. If you’re looking for an inexpensive appliance that will get the job done, this one isn’t right for you. Still, the quality of the product increases its longevity, which contributes to a higher return on investment.
  • Markings on temperature controls fade away: a couple of reviewers have experienced this issue after a couple of uses. Though far from a big problem, it can get inconvenient.


Wolfgang Pick WPER0010 lives up to its name. The product will satisfy even the pickiest of culinary experts because it cooks evenly, it’s safe and it’s easy to use. Numerous types of ingredients can be prepared in it due the skillet’s adjustable functionalities and versatility.

If you’re prepared to spend more money on the purchase of an electric skillet, you’ll be happy with this item and its performance. The shortcomings are far too minor to discourage you from making a purchase. With a big number of positive customer reviews, Wolfgang Puck WPER0010 is definitely worth considering.