Presto 06852 16-Inch Electric Skillet Review

An electric skillet is a versatile and cool little appliance that can make food preparation a whole lot easier. To make good use of an electric skillet, however, it’s important to choose the right appliance.

Presto 06582 is a popular item that has gotten an overwhelmingly big number of positive customer reviews. Several appliance characteristics have determined the reputation of this electric skillet, turning it in a best-seller.

Product Overview

Presto 06582 is a 16-inch electric skillet that’s big enough for party cooking and the preparation of family-sized meals. The high side walls make cooking a clean process and reduce the risk of serious mess, regardless of the ingredients being prepared in the skillet.

The electric skillet features non-stick coating and a glass lid. It’s powered by a 1,500-watt motor and the functioning of the appliance is very energy-efficient. it can be used to cook meals and to keep them warm during parties and other social gatherings.

A few other practical features that Presto 06582 is equipped with include cast aluminum construction, master heat controls, stay cool lid and side handles, fully dishwasher-safe and suitable for a vast range of food preparation methods (roasting, frying, stewing, grilling, baking, casserole preparation, etc.).

This electric skillet measures 23 by 13 by nine inches and its weight is 9.6 pounds.

Biggest Advantages

Opting for Presto 06582 will enable you to enjoy a wide range of benefits. People that have already given the electric skillet a try report the following advantages:

  • Big cooking surface, compact design: the skillet brags a massive cooking surface and it’s great for the preparation of family meals and for cooking food during parties. At the same time, the overall design of the appliance is small enough for countertop placement.
  • High sides: the high sides of the skillet reduce the risk of having food splatters all over the kitchen surface. It’s one of the most convenient and practical design features of this appliance.
  • Nonstick interior: the non-stick interior simplifies the preparation of all kinds of meals. In addition, the skillet is very easy to clean because there will be no stuck or burnt food on the bottom.
  • Even cooking: the entire food preparation surface gets heated evenly. As a result, all of the ingredients are thoroughly cooked and the food will taste delicious.
  • Warm setting: after the food preparation process has been completed, leave the skillet on the warm setting. It will maintain the food warm, which is a great feature for use during parties and celebrations.
  • Heats up quickly: Presto 06582 doesn’t require a lot of time to get thoroughly heated. Making food in the skillet is a quick and easy process.
  • Easy to clean: once the temperature control is removed, the electric skillet becomes 100 percent dishwasher safe. Needless to say, this characteristic simplifies the cleaning process significantly.

A Few Shortcomings

The cons of the electric skillet aren’t numerous and most of them don’t interfere with the functioning of the appliance. Some of the frequently mentioned shortcomings in customer testimonials include:

  • Feet aren’t rubberized: which isn’t a big problem because the electric skillet is pretty stable, especially when it gets filled with a larger amount of food.
  • Leg screw issues: with prolonged use, the leg screws may get loose. Some people that own the electric skillet and use it on a regular basis report that screw tightening is required occasionally.
  • Controls located very close to the skillet: the temperature control knob is found close to the skillet, which means that it gets heated during the heating process. As a result, readjusting the temperature could be a bit of a challenge.


Presto 06852 is a quality, durable appliance that is made to last. It’s body is solid and the skillet is large enough to prepare sufficient quantities of food. The non-stick coating that the appliance is equipped with and the high sides simplify the cooking process even further and make it perfect for everyone, regardless of experience level.

The benefits of Presto 06852 far outweigh the shortcomings. If you find the size of the skillet and its functionalities suitable, you should definitely go ahead and give this product a try.